Japan's Micro Apartment Boom

Limited space and tight budgets have caused a boom in building tiny, cramped living spaces.
3:01 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Japan's Micro Apartment Boom
How much space you need to live comfortably. 2000 square feet is the norm across much of America but how about 200 square feet. This population rockets -- become more dense in new kind of architecture is coming in to vote. And tonight ABC's the Keiko for Gina brings us a teeny tiny look inside the micro apartments Tokyo. They are sliced and diced ends -- students have hindsight patches of Bryant. Space and time that bathrooms are tucked away. -- -- -- bedroom requires so much kneeling in ducking. It feels like that's been out of the job now to pitch for the elevator stopped -- half forwards. But in one of the world's most crowded CDs Tokyo couples are cramming into 250. Square foot homes. Take this house crammed into space this size of one parking spot that -- between the walls just inches. You can see and decide as -- was very close to begin with. On the right and left sides and even closer -- basically touching the houses and -- you. Architect as -- brown says that Japanese have redefined the meaning of micro. Using creative design to transform shoe boxes into works of art. This under floor storage ideas very traditional storage spaces are tucked under floors. Large windows create the illusion of space you don't -- right -- act there you see the war here I mean you're almost kissing it right. It at totally -- to -- 250 square foot unit that counter tops -- dealt with this steps double as a -- -- The bathtub is part of the reading room. The house is big anybody can make it -- But it's really tiny and -- that something special so. An entire trend started in people sort of began to expect. Good desire. And architects have taken that design challenge to extremes crafting logic defying sculptures on slivers of Lance. This 330 square foot penguin house features a percussion room below -- -- topped kitchen. Felt lucky dropped just ten feet across looks more like a spacious than a -- a vote. This concrete wonder is so twisted it feels like a meets. -- -- -- mobile. -- Ellis says life is easier and small spaces because everything's within reach. Her tiny slice of heaven is just 16 the size of the average home in the US. Americans are taking note last year brown was tapped to -- city planners building New York's Michael apartments. Incorporating lessons from Japan. Can make much more homes they won't be more dangerous they won't be more comfortable will be equally livable and -- better. I don't think it then -- a matter of no small debate. For Nightline I'm Makiko Machida in Tokyo.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Limited space and tight budgets have caused a boom in building tiny, cramped living spaces.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18653607","title":"Japan's Micro Apartment Boom","url":"/Nightline/video/japans-micro-apartment-boom-18653607"}