Jodi Arias Trial: Explosive Recordings Played in Court

Woman is charged with shooting, stabbing and slashing her one-time boyfriend.
3:00 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Explosive Recordings Played in Court
The shocking story of love gone deadly wrong. The latest twist in the murder trial of 32 year old woman charged with shooting stabbing and slashing her one time boyfriend. Well she's admitted to police that she did indeed tell him. She's it was self defense but today explosive new tapes reminded the jury that that was not all the -- her story here's ABC's Ryan -- China's heating utility didn't -- it -- her web of lies yeah. On tangles before our very eyes. The man himself -- Kill every excruciating. Second caught on tape and shown against his days to riveted jurors who will decide -- -- areas. Who now admits killing ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. Should die for her crime. If I -- Travis. Behind him Travis and being -- -- he. For the last three days the prosecutor has played interrogation videos of areas from July of 2008. She's just been arrested for the brutal murder of Alexander and. I'm very either. At least. I wish that I had hands. He was found butchered in the shower of his Mesa, Arizona home just a month earlier -- trying to. The thirty year old businessman and develop Mormon. Had been stabbed 27 times his throat slit so deep he was almost decapitated. And he was shot in the head. This is over. This is absolutely over. -- On the tape areas repeatedly denied she was that Alexander's -- the day of the crime. Even after the ever patient detective confronts her with racy pictures -- her in his bed that day. Some -- and even after he tells areas her palm print was found at the bloody crime scene. -- one point the detective leaves the room area stretches in her chair then she stretches the truth even more. The admitted killer really turns on the tears. -- -- -- -- having to lose billions mesa. Lengthy. -- -- loan and Sheridan and we didn't. Alexander sisters watched as their Brothers admitted killer lied over and over. They have been in the front row of the courtroom every day of this trial. This week the jury also saw a second interrogation from the next day areas is back with a new outfit a jail jumpsuit. And very new storage and she didn't see it -- it. Now she admits she was at his house that day but says two masked intruders broke again. She even acts out how -- Howard in the corner as the -- slaughtered Alexander. And threatened her family mafia style -- season come as a areas again tells the detective if she were going to kill Alexander she would definitely do it differently. -- Keeping the Internet she. It's going into the news. -- Only years later did areas finally admit she was the killer. Her attorneys are trying to convince this jury she did -- in self defense. After the couple fought. It just those -- minutes. -- had any choice. She would either live. Or she would -- But prosecutors allege areas is a stalker who brutally attacked her -- in a jealous rage when she found out he was seeing other women. Areas his defense which is expected to start next week. We'll have to overcome a mountain of forensic evidence including pictures taken on this camera found in Alexander's washing machine. Prosecutors say areas literally tried to watch that evidence away. But on its memory card detectives discovered not just those racy photos from the couple's sexual encounter the day of the murder. But a series of twenty shots of Alexander. Posing in the shower minutes before his death prosecutors say areas put down the camera and picked up -- night. Stabbing her unsuspecting victim. The most damning picture comes after the camera was dropped its too graphic for us to show but the jury saw a shot of what appears to be areas. Actually moving the bloody body prosecutors say she was especially cold blooded. After the crime. And they played -- voice mail areas left on Alexander's phone a few hours after she killed them morbidly enough she invited a man she knew was dead. To come visit her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- areas has broken down in tears nearly every day of this trial. And in the weeks to come most expect she will take the stand that she almost half a student convince the jury she killed in self defense. I -- Her pass by then the prosecutor hopes the jury will have heard so many of her lies they won't believe a word out of our mouth. And sentenced her to death. Something she boldly predicted would never happen in an interview with the show inside edition. Nigeria's going to convict me. One because I'm innocent and you can mark my current and -- -- -- -- convict me I'm -- Owens for Nightline in Phoenix.

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{"id":18234468,"title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Explosive Recordings Played in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Woman is charged with shooting, stabbing and slashing her one-time boyfriend.","url":"/Nightline/video/jodi-arias-trial-explosive-recordings-played-court-18234468","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}