Julia Michaels, from Bieber's songwriter to breakout star

The 23-year-old Iowa native's single "Issues" was one of 2017's biggest hits, and her songs "Sorry" for Justin Bieber and "Slumber Party" for Britney Spears proved her hit-making chops.
7:01 | 10/18/17

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Transcript for Julia Michaels, from Bieber's songwriter to breakout star
??? she is Julia Michaels. Her song issues is one of 2017's biggest hits. Straight from the heart revelations, it is craving for emotional and physical he intimacy that got her performing career off to a sizzling start. What is it like to be standing in front of people you don't know and sharing with them so many intimate things about your life? It can be pretty vulnerable but I'm an open book. If I didn't want people to know these things about me, I wouldn't write them and I wouldn't sing them. Reading from frank sexual desire to depth and back again on her album nervous system. That you for this 23-year-old, born in Iowa, homeschooled, stardom -- ??? her lyrics push pop's top talent to and poess their naked needs. Justin he Bieber's "Sorry." Britney spears's slumber party. I grew up on Britney. Being in the studio was really magical. ??? With Serena, there is not a lot of pride. She is a super open book. What I try to do is make people feel comfortable enough to tell me things. I think the best he songs are the honest ones. Few can get someone you don't really know to connect with you and you can get that person to connect with tons and tons of people. ??? Michaels listened as the no doubt singer read out loud to her some diary-like thoughts about her marriage. She had kind of these notes that she had written down on her computer. I don't know why I cried but I think it was because I remembered for the first time that I loved you, that I hated you. We have to write that. That's incredible. And she was like, okay. Fit that into a melody. ??? You can see her creative process at work. Julia let us look if at her public record studios where she joined in. Together they collaborated with Justin to write friends for Justin Bieber. Today they're back in the control booth on the spot. Top lining lyrics and melody. And are you thinking first in terms of a word or a line that will match the muc? It just depends on the chords, really, for me. It is weird. I can't really explain it. I need a certain feel and then I sing it. It is a far cry from her first song writing collaboration when as a team she wrote the theme song. I was 17 at the time. And I was like, what? Freaking out. What does the moment feel like when your future opens up for you? Right before that, my dad was like, maybe you should go to college. Andhen when that happened I never heard a people about it. Such candor used by Joni Mitchell. ??? Wasn't until I was 13 or 14 when I heard Fiona apple. How she could write things so the poetally but it still made perfect sense. Writing about personal experiences but still felt like she was speaking to you. As a performer, this was only the second time she had sung before a live audience. At the Rio olympics in 2016. I think I blacked out. I woke up eating pizza. She teamed one the guitarist to perform herself the songs she's written for others. These vonsongs are just as much a part of me as those. ??? The day sorry became her biggest hit is the same day she wrote issues after a disagreement with a boyfriend. Oint of view that it felt uncomfortable making it somebody else's. It was a turning point when I realized it was mine. ??? I've got issues ??? Setting the stage for her performing career and her bond with fans who hear their inner lives in her words and voice. This young girl had followed me around France trying to find me. Once she found me, she cried. And just threw herself into my arms. I love that somebody feels comfortable enough to not even know me but feel like they know me because I sing something that they feel connected to. He ??? They feel so connected to me they can drop in my arms and feel safe. And that's a really special, beautiful thing. It really is. And after doing this, just for a year, sorry, that really got me. I wouldn't give that up. ??? I've got issues ??? ??? and one of them is how bad I need you ??? In Los Angeles. Thanks. That was great. Our thanks. We'll be right back.

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{"id":50553109,"title":"Julia Michaels, from Bieber's songwriter to breakout star","duration":"7:01","description":"The 23-year-old Iowa native's single \"Issues\" was one of 2017's biggest hits, and her songs \"Sorry\" for Justin Bieber and \"Slumber Party\" for Britney Spears proved her hit-making chops.","url":"/Nightline/video/julia-michaels-biebers-songwriter-breakout-star-50553109","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}