Kamiyah Mobley shares about learning from her mother she was stolen as a baby

Now 21, Mobley opens up in a new documentary “Stolen By My Mother” about being caught between the family who raised her and her biological family.
9:06 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Kamiyah Mobley shares about learning from her mother she was stolen as a baby
A baby snatched from the hospital. Please, bring me back my child. Reporter: It was the kidnapping of a newborn baby that rattled a nation. In 1998, kamiyah Mobley was stolen from her mother shanara Mobley at a Jacksonville, Florida hospital. She was only eight hours old. Please, it's really hurting me inside that I cannot sit and hold her. Will you please, please bring me back my child. Reporter: Eighteen years later, she was miraculously found alive living as Alexis Manigo. In South Carolina we found an 18-year-old young woman with the same date of birth, but a different name. Reporter: The heart-wrenching reality was that the kidnapper, Gloria Williams, had raised kamiyah as her own daughter. You're not mine. Your mother and father are sitting right here. Reporter: Three years after learning that her life was built on a lie, kamiyah is sitting down to talk about how life has changed. Gloria, what type of mother was she? Very easy going, down to Earth, kind of lenient. I feel like I had a regular good childhood. Honestly I don't have nothing bad to say. Reporter: Now, 21 years old, she is balancing the relationship with her biological family and the woman she called mom. I actually put work in to try to make these two families happy. Reporter: And do you want to see Gloria? I do. You know, I just want to let her know I'm okay. Reporter: Kamiyah's kidnapping and the emotional trauma that followed, is now a lifetime documentary. I am your mother, kamiyah! I am your mother! Reporter: And a feature film, "Stolen by my mother: The kamiyah Mobley story." I've got something I need to tell you. Mom, what's going on? I did something. I did something bad. You might think its unforgiveable. Reporter: Both made by rockin' robin productions, my production company. In 1997, shanara was only 15 years old when she found out she was having a baby with her boyfriend Craig Aiken. We was excited like being in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship, we started planning as being a family to raise our daughter. On July 10th, 1998, shanara Mobley gave birth to little kamiyah just before 7:00 A.M. You know I'm looking like this baby, like this is really my baby like so big and beautiful. On this day a woman was driving down from Charleston, South Carolina. Her name is Gloria Williams. She's still dressed in her work uniform, her green scrubs and a floral top. She ended up in Jacksonville in this hospital. We saw on the surveillance video, Gloria Williams pacing the halls. Some time around 11:00, Gloria Williams walked into room 328. Shanara Mobley is all by herself. There is no reason that shanara didn't think that she was a nurse. And she tells shanara, hey, I need to take your baby to get its shots, I'll bring your child back. And that was the last time shanara saw kamiyah. Reporter: That moment, vividly portrayed in the lifetime movie. I'll be gone 15 minutes and then im going to bring her right back and y'all can keep getting to know each other. Kay? Reporter: Authorities began a manhunt for Gloria and the baby. We're currently tracking over 75 leads. $50,000 reward for the safe return of the infant. Reporter: At the time of the kidnapping, Gloria Williams was in a tumultuous relationship with a man named Charles Manigo. She says says got pregnant and hoped the baby would make things better. I remember on the phone with her he was fighting with her. And I told him one time I said, when someone pregnant with your child, you're supposed to be the lovingness person in the world. Reporter: Gloria claimed she suffered a miscarriage but never told anyone she lost the baby. One day Gloria, went to work and she came home, I go to the door and she had the baby. I said, what is this? So when she arrives with this baby, she tells her mother that she went into labor while she was at work near Charleston. There was no reason for anyone to suspect that Gloria had taken this child. Reporter: She renamed kamiyah "Alexis" and raised her as her own. Generally, women who abduct babies are either in the midst of a really rocky romance and or they've lost a child. So here she kind of has both risk factors. Reporter: But the truth came out when Alexis, as she was called, became a teenager and applied for a job at a restaurant. Gloria did not want you to get a job because to get a job you'd have to probably not probably need a social security number. The social, the birth certificate -- it was a lot. Reporter: She said Gloria confessed to her on their front steps. How were you able to keep it a secret once Gloria told you the truth, that she was not your biological mother? You know, you're just like, having another out of body experience. People make it seem like I was protecting her but you also gotta understand, you're telling one, like, a 16-year-old this. So what do I do? Reporter: Not knowing what to do, she tried to go on with her life. But just a few months later police in Jacksonville started investigating two anonymous tips claiming the teenager everyone knew as Alexis was kidnapped. Police pull up her birth certificate at her high school in South Carolina and discover it's a fake. The Jacksonville police drive up to South Carolina. They bring in Gloria wilams to talk. It's a missing person's case. The missing person is kamiyah. Are you willing to talk to me about this investigation? And do you have a warrant for my arrest. Reporter: Court ordered DNA tests revealed Alexis Manigo was in fact kamiyah Mobley. Oh god. I was so close to her and I wonder sometime whether Gloria feels that she might've ruined her life. And Alexis' life. Reporter: Gloria was arrested and charged with kidnapping. They allowed Alexis to go in and have a few words before they did take her away. That was a low point for me. That was my lowest point right there. I love you. Reporter: Gloria plead guilty to the charges. The anguish of both families on full display during her sentencing. Welcome everyone. We are here for a sentencing hearing. I'm still hurting when you just, you reaching O to my child. That's my child. I am your mother kamiyah. I am your mother! Reporter: On the stand, Gloria asked for forgiveness. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to hurt you, I just loved that child so. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Reporter: Caught between these two mothers is kamiyah. Have you forgiven Gloria for kidnapping you? Yes. I've never really felt no malice. Can you understand why some people find it hard to grasp that you still have such a close relationship with Gloria. The reason why people kind of have a hard time because they haven't been in this situation. That's just how I feel with that. They can't tell me anything to really help me. Your biological mother, what is your relationship with her. It's a roller coaster with us. Reporter: Is there a reason why you think that is? I feel like she just thinks everything with me has Gloria maybe that's it. I don't know. Shanara wants to be able to now step into this role of being the mother that she's so deeply longed for, for 18 years. But it's a bond that occurs and can only occur naturally over time. And we asked shanara to sit down and do an interview and she respectfully declined. Why do you think that is? She's having a hard time getting over kamiyah calling Gloria mother. Reporter: Kamiyah is getting to know know her biological family in Florida, including her father, Craig Aiken. What was that first meeting like when you saw kamiyah for the first time? She looked like me! I was so happy, she came right off like daddy. What did you all say to one another? We just kind of hugged each other. We could have been in a quiet room and felt peace, just looking at each other, you know. Reporter: Kamiyah says she's ready to move on. Start a new life in a new city ultimately knowing she has two families out there that love her. Because of my experiences in the last couple of years, it's kind of forced me to have an open mind. I think I'm a pretty good aunt. I think I'm a pretty good sister. I think I'm a pretty good person though.

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{"duration":"9:06","description":"Now 21, Mobley opens up in a new documentary “Stolen By My Mother” about being caught between the family who raised her and her biological family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"68368292","title":"Kamiyah Mobley shares about learning from her mother she was stolen as a baby","url":"/Nightline/video/kamiyah-mobley-shares-learning-mother-stolen-baby-68368292"}