Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart's captor Wanda Barzee to be released from prison

Smart was 14 years old when she was kidnapped in 2002 from her Salt Lake City home and held as a prisoner by Barzee and her husband Brian David Mitchell.
7:22 | 09/19/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart's captor Wanda Barzee to be released from prison
O I believe that she I dangous? S. Bunot Justo me. I believe that ss a danger elizabe speaking out, sang her for captor, wandy . Is a woman who had six dren andet could kidp a 14-yr-old girl. Reporter: Barzee, who was convic of helping kidp smart, is being released Ison five years earlihan smartexpected. Outrage growing aft release, T unexpected ase om prison one O Elizabeth smart's captors. And one ofthmart's kipe hours away from dor: Smart W knapped by barzee and hersband, Brian David Mitchell 1years O, tan at kni point from her bedroom ialt lake cittah. The dispaerns of the then 14-year-old captured the atte of the thous of volunte tharch. Hefamily made sevel ional pleaor herafe return. I would do anything to have her BAC in my arms. We have givennyou, Elizabeth. We're going to find,elizabeth. Reporter: But there would be S smart for nths. She was ld in captivity, physally and psychologically abused. Zee saw me as her slav she called mdden and she never hesitato ldiureit be known. There werees wh, yes, , she was mipulated by mill, buthe in her own right abed me just ach as with dth she tried toscape. En on March 12, 20 ne months aft her disappearance, smaras rescue by police on a public St. Rld have brought elizabetme. Ror at E time smart dd -- It feels like you're losing control Ong, youust feel like the world Ising to an end. Reporter: The FBI was also antically searching for another missing kidnapped on her W her will fo18 years in ts shed. She would havwo Childrey her captor. The mind manipulation hy abuse id I thebeginning,here was N leaving. Orpoke with ABC's Diane sawyer about those dark years in ptivity. Id you stay sane? I D I wastill alive I was still -- there was still hope. Eporter: Beyond the similarities in the trauma, both jc andlizabeth became known their sgth and perseverance. Boreo now staunch advoca today, jc spoke O I suppf Elizabeth smart's protes of Wanda barzes release,er own abductio as a cautionary tal N. Thi etatement to C duggd id, feel deeply for what Elizabeth is going through, knowing this dangerousson is fe twauk streets. She says she as that Wanda barzees aotal threat to so adding tried toid and a hf elizabets cousin a month after ey kidnapped elizabethn learned fro M casehen Phillip was reed from pri early in his first rape and kidnappingconvicti. He te to take me with hiwife's help. Barz P guilty to kidnapping and un a mino iber of tars prison E later pled guilty mently ill in connection with a plot to kidnapsmart'sco, to state P until 2024. After beingrele wh time se from federaln in December of 2015, barzee was transferred T a Utah state serve out H STA barzee's husband, ban David mitchell,ains behinbars, seg tence. Elizab smart's courage was on displa to the wld during his trl he deliv emotional testimon reng Ta arly 8 yea after her releas I told Brian David Mitchell today inrt that whether receivis just sentence here on Earth or after this life that one day heil to B respole for his ac Reporteince the trial, smart has tried to put the past behind her as she has moved getting married and starting a dation. Today is ending of a very long chapter and the beginning of very beautiful chapter for me. Reporter: Barze wast one time expect behind bars in that Utah STA son until january024, but a new by the U parole board found she wasled to credit fo the yes T in Feder custody. Smart is nowloringoardheirdecision. That bng said, would urg the powers te andnyone who works them to real situat took at all facts, L at H mental if they ry and hontl truly she is nor a you have someone that clearly has been diagnosedh suing from mental illness butn't bee seeking the health help that she that kind of defenr parol on parole, I think this is of -- this should be O grave C the com at rg reporter: T Utah bod of pardons addressed those concernayt cannot ldny nger, saying, in a atement, ths not an early release. Ms. Barzee will have S years custody,hi the ximum amount of time allowed by her STA convictio sentence morning, smart spoke with cbews about barzee's G ree.hen you sa you thinkhat she's a danger, do by that? Dangerous now? Well, I knowhat she was capable of beforeas incarcerated. So what do you think she would do? I't know. And aps that' W worries me because I know just had she really can be she would encourage him tpe me. She would sit right next to me, like the sid of hy would be touching me. Reporter: Bar lease no doubt reopenol but as the world has seen time and again it is smart's resilienceines through. Ie tried T move on with my LI and have trio have a family Ng that wa important the nere Thi that am concerned about? Felt en I was kidnapped. Brav

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Smart was 14 years old when she was kidnapped in 2002 from her Salt Lake City home and held as a prisoner by Barzee and her husband Brian David Mitchell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57927288","title":"Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart's captor Wanda Barzee to be released from prison","url":"/Nightline/video/kidnapping-survivor-elizabeth-smarts-captor-wanda-barzee-released-57927288"}