Know Your Klout: Users Can Score Big

"Nightline" goes inside the company that puts a number to your face, and it can earn you perks.
3:00 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Know Your Klout: Users Can Score Big
Likes to read tweets favorite -- the key ingredients in the recipe for 21 century popularity but does social media influence have any purpose. Other than making us feel good or bad about ourselves. But the founder of clout dot com thinks so and he says it all comes down to a new qualifier of cool. One crucial number my co anchor bill Weir's. An 82. The scale of 120. Most influential people in the well -- -- Frequently shirtless Russian president Vladimir Putin is at 86 not bad until you consider that frequently shirtless rapper Lil Wayne is a 94. Warren Buffett isn't ninety's but still lower than -- Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. And FaceBook executive Sheryl Sandberg most powerful woman and so valley is an 83 but also -- in with that same score. Swimsuit model Kate Upton yes welcome to the world according to clout. If you use Twitter or have opted in on FaceBook you -- have a club score a number that represents what your two cents -- really work. A number largely determined. By this guy. What's your club score so my -- was a -- -- it now I'm an 82. How could be more powerful. More influential than you -- -- compounds -- of the engineers. Joseph Fernandez had jaw surgery -- few years back couldn't talk for three months and had to rely on social media to communicate. It was then we realize it when it came to say picking a Mexican restaurant. Some people on Twitter deserve more credit than others and so he had the lightbulb moment to create a social media -- system. -- any witnesses a kid growing up in Vegas watching his dad manage the high rollers at Caesars palace. These guys have gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars in weekend. As I really saw how they were treated to perks they had. And -- people get benefits for how much money they -- somewhere but never for their ability to share that information with the world and social media is what makes that possible. What is -- -- -- -- Cisco is a company that uses complicated algorithms to measure how many lights read tweets we all get every day. And then tries to connect the most influential with companies that will let them try other products three. And hopefully spread the word. Basically I just wanted to see you how high could raise the -- talk about bacon. That's basically bacon. And Godzilla I'm waiting for -- bacon Kirk. Bonnie Burton is a Bay Area blogger with a -- -- 85 so her dream not so far fetched. -- -- range from free desserts they'll be giving out free ice cream. To an all expense paid trip to Seattle to free use of -- Chevy -- the funnel cloud influence there. And I check out a Chevy Volt for the weekend because score am I obligated there -- -- that everybody in in my stream. -- absolutely not you can say you love the -- -- Nancy hated you could say nothing. We're giving you the -- because here influential about cars and we trust units have a story like it is. -- manages a day when you're not score will automatically prompt the publisher -- the -- to -- pull you out of line. Taking to the VIP here for a hotel to automatically up. -- -- So a fact Joseph and his team -- created a new form of currency. Which only works if we all agree on what that currency is worth does Snooki really deserve an 87 while Doris Kearns Goodwin is a sixty. -- depends if you're looking for a trusted source on Abraham Lincoln or jello shots. And even though we're both in the eighties and I really -- influential as Pope France's. Since known -- kiss my ring the dam and assume it's because he's only set out 41 tweets to my 4000. But regardless of expertise. Shouldn't President Obama have a higher scored in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Today he doesn't. Morrow who knows. You say you're changing the algorithm all the time which is subtly changing. The value of currency -- the nation. Mechanisms behind credit scores -- what is their reaction -- time you. Freak we put a lot of work it. Communicating why this question to him and social and general it's changing every month the -- -- -- really quickly we need to. -- had a back. Given the ebb and flow of our online lives though this all seems so random and arbitrary so maybe the shrewd as part of Joe's business is a fact that we put a number. Next to a person. -- takes hold what do you say the person who thinks that she's really katic creepy. This is a -- and other. Treadmill I have to go on I can't I have to tweet while I'm on vacation -- I'm gonna lose my status and now can't we all just co exist in this universe without. Scoring each other to a deal with. Cloud is really to help -- -- and understand their lands alliance and to be recognized for people can obsess about it as much as little as is appropriate to them. So if you want to obsess and even cheat to get your -- school a little higher. Barney has agreed to if you tweet a video of lake curricula baby monkey riding -- dog. Are you get any kind of cute animal doing anything out there. Modern lives thanks to bill we're for that by the way Nightline's -- court. 84.

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{"id":19190186,"title":"Know Your Klout: Users Can Score Big","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" goes inside the company that puts a number to your face, and it can earn you perks.","url":"/Nightline/video/klout-users-score-big-19190186","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}