Life After Abduction: Painful Lessons Learned

Woman who was forced into prostitution as a teen reflects on Cleveland rescue.
4:20 | 05/11/13

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Transcript for Life After Abduction: Painful Lessons Learned
The second week ago that Amanda -- Gina dejesus and Michelle night were freed from their abductors prison Cleveland. Had reason is celebrating that moment those -- lives saved hope for their future and their families was restored but. At the same time in Toledo to more kidnapping victims were reminded of a nightmare. From which they're still fighting to recover and my co worker Cynthia McFadden spoke to the -- This issue and Richard at age 23. She is a survivor I can imagine. Going through what I went through for ten years I mean that's just. Torture. Sharon knows well what happens when the homecoming cheers die down in the harsh reality of life after begins. I you know -- cool. I don't. Let me go down she -- -- -- they haven't yet. In two -- -- five she and her first cousin were rescued from their abduction and the dramatic 911 call. And I want it. And -- the cousins back in 2008. And disguise them in wigs for their own protection. Their story began when they took a walk to the corner for milk shake and a man and woman offered them a ride. I thought I knew that I felt I stupidly did -- -- and they -- women who like -- -- -- get some Chinese. -- -- -- -- -- -- There would be no Chinese food. No milk shakes the cousins were taken against their will to this -- and held prisoner. Terrified the girls are separated by two women who call themselves and -- in Kashmir and gave. Takes me downstairs. To Kazmir takes my cousin -- stickers she explained to me. No -- I had do make that I had. -- with men for -- money and this is -- were prostitutes who. Seems like. -- -- -- -- -- Daddy what she caught him into they -- you have to call home daddy you know. -- -- with district. He also goes by the name Machiavelli. After the legendary master of manipulation. His real name Derek -- This was just the first of many nights of terror to cousins were forced into a world where sex was bought. And -- how long you. A captive before you have to. Sleep with someone -- -- it -- the next day that. Four of us went to a hotel. And the guy was going to pick one of us and he picked me oral sex. Sales. After nearly two weeks of being trafficked around the midwest including at a truck stop back in Toledo comes that 911 call. -- you know I don't look at the -- me. Down -- The nightmare over the memories remain. Sharon has been years recovering. There have been troubles with the law shoplifting and jail time. And depression. Post traumatic stress Sunday as I just don't know how many it through it. And I just pray and say just get -- -- and stay because I can't I can't do it myself. She has two children now and tonight she has some harder and words of wisdom for the survivors in Cleveland just beginning their long road to recovery. -- know they don't want talk about it. You know because it's embarrassing. What -- done but it's not your fault. I just wanna say that no matter what happened in -- if you were brainwashed to think that you wanted to do -- you didn't want to do it it's not your fault. But you need you need counseling -- hoping there's nothing wrong that you just support system your family. It gets battered -- for Nightline I'm Cynthia McFadden in New York.

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{"id":19157454,"title":"Life After Abduction: Painful Lessons Learned","duration":"4:20","description":"Woman who was forced into prostitution as a teen reflects on Cleveland rescue.","url":"/Nightline/video/life-abduction-painful-lessons-learned-19157454","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}