Man won't face charges in fatal Florida 'Stand Your Ground' shooting

Police say they won't press charges against Michael Drejka, who shot and killed Markeis McGlockton after a parking dispute.
7:15 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for Man won't face charges in fatal Florida 'Stand Your Ground' shooting
That was my high school ee D it Hur so bad.r: For Brittany Jacobs the no words that will ease her pain after logs the love of LI father of herldren side this Florida convenience St her boyfriend 28r-old markeis Mcglockton swaz Waz shot andled by Tsan who said fed his gun in self-defense. What we want justice! The shooting has lit U T streets. A shooting. Testing the snd your ground law. Reporter: Aoured gas on the fiery debat over controversial stand you ground laws. Now! It was around3:. So you know that's a busy time, peopleting off oworks work. Orter: Jacobs says she heroyfriend needed something the convenientore Thursday afternoon. The ore'surityameras were recording it all. Gnd theirst parking space at this time whi is a hdicapped parking spot. My manned markeis gets out and my sarkeis Jr. Get out and a 3-year-old and a 4-moold. Reporter: After about 20 minuteshe says S sees a silver jeep pularound and then this Michael Drejka, steps out a her car. You know, ingred around this time because I don't tn. He goes to the fntf my car. He seen that I'm parkedn a handicapped spot,ch I'm clearly very aware . Ror start exchanging words. It gets gr Thi is now yelling at me and tele T move my in car. Markeis comes out, push the N and tells him to get away from H gi rkeis STE back because now rkeis is in danger. Reporter: The M he just pushed pulls a G from pocket, and in a flash he pulls the trigger. Rybody by te is panicking. Reporter: H boynd stumbles back into the store.r 5-year-o son is watching his far die. Markeis mglockton is pronounced de at thehospit. It's a memory that's as gog within withy 5-year-o. My three kids will be without a Repor she says what happened the next day blew MI the pinellas count sheriff's departmeounced it was not char arresnghael Drejka Under these circumsta we cannot make an arrest. Reporter: Police say he was ding his ground. T law onnd your gro is r,nd Florida gislatureas spoken on this. The law is extremely suective. If theyeleanat they are in harmway, they can use force a even deadly force torotectthemselves. Orter: Brian Jacobs says her boyfriend was defend her. Who as a Rea Wil S another man arguinghis girl? Like who wouldn't stand up and defend their lady? Rter: Therere reports that this isn't drirst me gettingnto an argument over a parking space. Just to ar just to find someone to argue with. Reporter: The owner oe coenience stores he had to call the police a monthago after Drejka got into a shoing match with this man. E said he'llhoot me, called nd stuff LI that. I think it's a racial Su Repter: Butolice say the history doesn' matter. Ws relevtt whether ts guy's a good guy, nice guy, orhether he's a jerk.what's revant, was he in fear furth bodilyharm? I think stand your ground laws he become coversial. If police believe that there is probable causehat some used the stand your gro law, they can't make anarrest. Reporter: In 2005 fas the first state to put stand ground ls oe books. And since then more than 33 statave passear laws. People who support them they allow homeownersex to protecthemselves from robbers and other criminals. Just been broken into. Three men. Happened in broken arrow, oaht year. Are they bleeding? Yes. I belve one's -- e'down, one's still talking to G here now. Reporter:hat'sach Peters locked inside his bedrfter shoot at the three teenagers who broke into his home. What did you shoot themwith? My ar-1 Rter: All three of the teens not ced with a crime. It the opinion of this office that zry Peters acted justifiably in accordance with his rights as an citizen when these rce toefend his home. Reporter: Attorne Gerald Griggs says in hiserience race matters in who can use the self-dense laws. White defendants yes. Bl defendas not so ch, he says. Do you think law's useful I think in certain ces it's useful. I thinkcertain Che effect is dimi So should ie on the books? You know, I've always been a proponent of self-defense. I believe in self-defen I believe that self-defense sh iommunities regardless of rac or ethnic brournckound, sexual Orio He feels lice shouldn't be making the call, that eachhooter should initially be arrested sxwlp a rge major of th cases against african-america are notolved appropriately. Reporteut saying you were standing your groundsn't automatica mean the shooter avoids prution. Juskurtis eves. What did you do with that pistol? I shot him. Reporte in 2014 the 75-year-olretired pice officer shot and killed 43-year-old Chad O during an argunt at ts Florida movie theater. Why did shoot him? At that point it was life or . Reporter: The two were arguing be Olsen was using his cell phone durine prev of the VI inourt reeves said he fired in self-defense and said he felt threat for H life because Olsen was younger and tar. E was getting ready to punch me, and ied a some point, and that's when the stout. Reporter: But at a pret hearing thege wn't bg itsaves was anything but afraid. Se Nicole, wsing next to him, says herusband was U T phone to reach their babysitter Can nobody in the world stand N T without have to fear thaty are in the hand by the bullet ttled her husband. Reeves goes O trial for second degree murderhis February. In pinellas county Florida T state attorney will now ve the case. Rs and law enforcementfficers don'te stand your ground laws. Itas rally cle inrida when it was psed in 2002, prosecutors came up and sai they F that they took away their chaingdecion. And it really does effect. There's no way this M should be out free walking around armed. Reporter: Britany Jacobs ow couan bring bk E father or chut she's hoping it willri them justice. I just want justice. Somethi to be de because this is not right. Inghould have been done about this a long time ago. It shouldn't have to happen, know, for aan to, you know, pass innt of his child. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm Steve osunsami in Atlanta.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Police say they won't press charges against Michael Drejka, who shot and killed Markeis McGlockton after a parking dispute.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56774033","title":"Man won't face charges in fatal Florida 'Stand Your Ground' shooting","url":"/Nightline/video/man-face-charges-fatal-florida-stand-ground-shooting-56774033"}