Mark Geragos, Bad Boy Defender

Mark Geragos has represented Hollywood's elite from Mike Tyson to Chris Brown.
3:00 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Mark Geragos, Bad Boy Defender
-- news stories captivate the public more than reports that stars may have done something wrong. Michael Jackson accused of child molestation Chris Brown charged with abuse headlines like these. Are as memorable as they are polarizing largely because in the courtroom outcomes. They ultimately spawned outcomes orchestrated in many cases. I and the man named Mark Geragos tonight ABC's David Wright sits down with the lawyer to the stars. He's a celebrity lawyer not just as his client roster includes so many famous names -- Chris Brown for instance. -- -- first. Still on probation for beating his girlfriend Rihanna making -- very very. No Mark Geragos is a celebrity lawyer in the sense that he's one of the best known trial lawyers in the country. Famous for defending the instruments including Scott Peterson do you really believe Scott Peterson was in -- okay as really look. I will tell you I'm not even sure in that case that there was a murder committed. Geragos famously lost that case his client now on death row for killing his pregnant wife lacy Peterson. A crime so vile it cost geragos his most famous Klein Michael Jackson. Do you regret. Choosing Scott Peterson over Michael Jackson but I was already so heavily invested in Peterson it was the death penalty case I did not want to drop the client is said to -- choose. Right and I think Ruth -- Michael at that I understood my whole new look -- not going to. -- one client for another if you're not comfortable you've gotta do what you gotta do. Jackson went on to win -- sexual molestation case. Jackson trial had more twists and turns than a three ring circus beginning with the arraignment handled by geragos. Everybody remembers that moment when he jumped on the hood of the car. Where we think you know the person with a woman -- -- that know this guy. At this age they're able to jump the fact that geragos shares anecdotes from these and other cases in his new book -- trial. The book makes the case that there's something deeply wrong with the fact that the US prison population has quadrupled since 1980. No other country in the world has imprisoned so many of its citizens your book is the case for legal reform. From if you forgive me. The scumbag lawyers point where we got a lot of email it was ever thus for defense lawyers what's your favorite legal. Probably kill a mockingbird -- have a really understand -- -- until you consider things from his -- of view but My Cousin Vinny is a close second and my favorite legal -- but. But something has definitely changed as the era of Gregory fact given way to the -- of Joseph Pesci cure -- here. I am -- -- the notion that criminal defense is somehow a noble calling disappeared. Sometime around Johnnie Cochran if it doesn't fit. You must acquit today at the LA criminal court building that OJ Simpson beat a murder. I think any reasonable person looking at our judicial system can tell that it's broken. And a lot of people would as you do point back to the OJ case as an example. But as a defense lawyer. Would you say that justice was done. Yes I think the first case the criminal case I think the jury got it right and yet you say in the book. You believed that OJ was guilty guy but they didn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt and I think the civil jury heard from him and had the additional evidence I think they got it right. We the jury in the above entitled action find defendant Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. Geragos wasn't part of the dream team that -- section. But like those lawyers to present a live down years of criticism in the likes of Nancy Grace the jury's not gonna buy any event one is trying to sell -- the best. His job is to help people get away with murder -- there's that scene from Alpa chino. And justice for all. -- and beyond I'll only days. Remained. Silent film. Government attempted to do that for different reasons. That -- Insist there's no one he would refuse to represented on moral grounds. But his success has given in the luxury of being able to be choose you're not just their lawyers that they confess things to you. You're somebody that they come to for guidance and counseling so becomes a very close. And -- and -- relationship. Rumors -- your favorite. I won't tell you right now it's between Mike Tyson or Chris Brown both clients. Who have. Kind of been knocked down. Vilified. Who've knocked other people -- -- both cases -- is in dire need of that and when you're facing the worst. Clearly geragos. And as a good man to have in your -- I'm David Wright for Nightline in -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Geragos has represented Hollywood's elite from Mike Tyson to Chris Brown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18929151","title":"Mark Geragos, Bad Boy Defender","url":"/Nightline/video/mark-geragos-bad-boy-defender-18929151"}