Millions leave Venezuela to keep their families alive: Part 1

As economic crisis worsens in Venezuela, families are caught in a dire situation: forced to skip meals, work extra jobs and more to survive.
6:34 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for Millions leave Venezuela to keep their families alive: Part 1
This is the moment that Karen work tunnel. Has long been dreading packing to leave her home country Venezuela. Knowing she might never return. It is OK yes Eliot at all more than do that they have a right and I gained envoy insulating the active. Stealing herself to shake it fine. To the husband she's loved for over twenty years. Every glance every touch treasure. You know classic game. Bonuses blessed him with money coming. Karen's family is being torn apart. Of one of the worst economic crises in the world. The family is heard that women are more likely to find it Johnson a different country. Still just over 200 dollars in her pocket. Karen has made the painful decision to go for. It was to Louisiana Texas economy he. Karen eight registered nurse. He's one of over three million people who have fled Venezuela in the last three years. It's the largest displacement in the history of the Western Hemisphere. Journey often find foot. Crossing rivers hiking through mountain passes most you know you're. This breach this stream of humanity. Floods out of Venezuela. Washes into Colombia here on this side. They carry just the things that they can those that are most precious like their children some food some blankets. Once a rich country awash in or you'll money down the economy easy free fall. Decades of corruption in their country have led to. Chaos. The fingers of blame are pointed directly. And Venezuela's leaders starting with Google chilled as it were sitting in for his successor Nicholas would do world. It came decisions he's been confined. The country's leader unleashing his security forces on anyone who news. What protesters done. Clashes last year. Want to end up any minute. Yeah that would have got another. Much needed medicine. Growing increasingly scarce. And for food people wait for hours and government lines. Plating over whatever morsels like. And as the people suffer the leaders denying there's even a crisis yeah. These days most venezuelans are now too tired to hungry too sick to plague the government. Some even forced to eat out of the trash. Here starvation. Doesn't discriminate. Vanessa was Sodom and her husband bill folk were once solidly middle clients. Had a car went on Caribbean vacations. Now the clothes they once wart in pride to work bear witness to the merciless hunger we're hearing. Riordan. When we first met them in the fall of 2016. B were already making sacrifices. To survive. Both teachers they could no longer afford their car. Hitch hiking hours just to get to work. Vanessa told the simmer for students. They date from hunger. No plumbing and put isn't it without putting gay city is about an imminent that was my only one after most of bonds in an 800 CNN's. Guess up or down may have fun eat yeah. And when the food began to vanish. So deep Vanessa students the upturn shares on the desks. In unofficial role call. But it's not chills to students. I'm not Tim apathetic and it doesn't say that's. He and season opening I don't know. At home Vanessa and her husband would alternate eating dinner when different nights to make sure their son ate every day. It's critical of cheese brought a smile to his finger. If they didn't negative. Beautiful compliment Santa Monica took with them. Now two years later this tells us they simply can't afford to fly that cheese and. Doesn't get it but it. Who put gays and a half a particular program from that particular democratic insisting he sepia let me say that but I. She now works two full time jobs and takes weekend work to help feed her family. With inflation expected to reach one point three 1000000%. This year from itself is often is the best form of payment he. Yeah I asked many campus beginning at CNET hopefully proper. Christine cooking missile crap if if they took couldn't net the middle class like she once knew now a distant memory. Give him every. They don't have prefaced your nanny get moving up from Fordham. Again if we don't know. For so many mothers the burden of building a future elsewhere now rests on their shoulders. You can't. I know I know it's okay. Sensible and when we come back. I searched for that one mother and her journey to find a better life. Died and and we traveled to eat purgatory where we meet other women sacrificing everything just to keep their children line and stay with us. Eight. I mean this seems. It was it happens. Do you.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"As economic crisis worsens in Venezuela, families are caught in a dire situation: forced to skip meals, work extra jobs and more to survive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59617975","title":"Millions leave Venezuela to keep their families alive: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/millions-leave-venezuela-families-alive-part-59617975"}