'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Suspect

Episode 3: NYPD Det. Kenny Silvia is looking for a motive and thinks he's found one, but Forrest's interrogation leaves him with doubts.
14:42 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Suspect
If we hadn't moved more by. I said this from the very beginning I'm not the story. I didn't shoot birds and. My first impression for forest is that you as a privileged. White guy who had just shot his friend and was acting offended that he was being arrested. Appropriate jacket. It wasn't until much much later than actually learned he was a much more complicated figure. The heart partisan. Burton. Aside from being nationally he's not there with you on your story. Now mullah. And not only violent but they're also. Charge means we're something that I think. Put me in this and I never have any idea what time it is. So tired. It just kept getting crowded more crowded. Everybody. Laying down possible exciting and Ingraham. It's forums. Caused. I'm just you know guide to work every day he. Went out. Sudden. Eyes mugging on here. What is the reason. Why in me. Burg sister was in town. So we were not that night. And sol friends and and then went to another of our own staying on any news. As normal in the evenings. And mean Burke hit the cats so they're more on the way to my apartment we stop I'm glad. It was back on the corner of what the eighteen and then take twenty dollars and I came back. And you know pay the carrying a cross a street went to my door and before I. And having chest while he is actually opened the door thanks there's. So most of got a note to his customers as. I have trouble wherever exactly what the dialogue is that I can clearly remember him saying take everything in their pockets. I gave him the change from my taxes. I think our members sayings like you know we really don't have anything else we don't have mean more money you really don't. I'm not staring at him intently and strongly which is something that I regret I didn't do. My mind the last said. No less movement the last anything less eye contact. The last threat. Berkett. Slightly taken his jacket off and just played on the side that are helpful left. Virtually listen you don't need to do us. And then they got us now saying back to right now you don't need to do. Burke had taken at the smallest. They got lifted his gun fire the weapon. This is a shells fired they were off. They were done. You he's got having a hard time breathing. And. Sire and it's on you know. It's way here 12 be right back in April could grab his current programs shoulders. And I ran into the house. That's of course came dashing through. He apartments are. In the news found. Police all the age fourteen all right I want haven't known. Part of we're it bought him. I don't know I don't know why did I put it I'm done the better. By that time you know my roommate. Is outside and conservatives purchaser. Work roller. It Hillary. We'll. Forced kept saying had been shot him in China has taken its teacher turned news. See where where but I couldn't see you can there was no blood there is no poll even that I could find in any of his close. Obama has been dull and look good did you see any blood anywhere I don't look before looking. I'd like. I didn't. Okay but he ducked dodged a good. I found I haven't gotten those rules for newsroom. Kind of scared because that's it was a Brenner a lasting harm competition. Courier I had no I'm checking checking but I know they don't have I would over. I actually conclude that I love how do you get things up. Although it didn't. We sweet there they're green they come down that come with us and then I kind of started says. Reason they can. The group's history. Loosen the entrances to seek more. And that I was going to be going in the Indians. They said normally stay here we need your help on identification and illness during their first. Mastery and clean and it's. What he looked like and the Houston sidewalk you know. The just. You know helpless really. Point program and shot that you notice that that right. Kids in Europe to what is footprint on it. Ed Oakley. To face with the wasn't about to Sony for abortion rate. Right. By the did a search and today they're doing a search. It is. Are you like ours. Let's every detective squad mission you know. It was a world don't mind at Phillips was abusive. It's not politically motivated as I've been on the phone with everybody else does the Saudi peninsula these I've spoken to about five times already. Seven squad took the Soviet. I would much rather handle homicide we wonder drug dealers those of the book deal closed. The rest of the world noninterest. And then on the handling 500 phone calls a day from all kinds big bourses. In the media. Counsel people every us what's going on what's going on what's going on all want to know what's going on right away. And then unspent and hold any office and from phone to tell a story if I want to arms when I got into this investigation. But that. I'd rather than that she's looked. Silence. Once it's been kind. Just trying to find where you know where this gun possibly could go. All Italian foods. They door. Completely leave this. Yeah graduate college. An Australian me his son was killed. The expectation is that the person who was killed was involved in all kinds of drugs hasn't had a long arrest history. And then when you have a situation where the guys young. You know that he's not a minority and he had a college education. He's just breaking around the world no criminal background. I think when they have something like that the newspaper makes a big deal out of it only because it's something nestled more than usual it's going to be people. I don't want to buy that paper. Grieving family. Sells papers is after they look for. There's a lot less random crime in new York and people think. Almost all the homicides I was on it was a long time and somebody news somebody somehow. Doesn't and there are always friends. It could be gang related thing but they knew them. A week or so before burka Brian's death deed to his homicide team had just caught a case in which there was a lot tracked down. State that all work. And I do if he's been getting all this time that. You might. You little annoyed that now is this guy's still want this guy's taking his arrow indicates this is alive. It's millions of legitimate home exactly at this stage at my age simple as saying let's it will. There were two guys who were drunk fighting over this girl. Late at night. One of them shove the other into an open manhole and back I was spoiled to death. It was it was certainly fresh from that of the cases perhaps. Forest and Burkle fighting girl. She must live. Love running loose was in pleasing as well Kenny had told me that if there was something you and tell us now as the town tell us and I told them. Over and over that's when I certainly see okay has some crazy idea that that I think it's. Kinney keeps things. You know now do you tend to Sicily this crazy. There's you know nothing that. I'm Heidi this is nothing to hide here I'm telling you everything's going on. I think they deal a lot of people that are. Is that people criminals and that might come out. And Rick question. These are people that are all college educated and other armed criminals and they haven't dealt with adversity. Like this in their lives. They kind of pull back a liquid and that you can talk to me like that I think that anybody in my situation. Their job is through a pulled what's right and to protect you and all the senate changes to attacking gays. What it times during the interview that that I got really close well up in space yet. In. It's just hard to deal with dramatic situation. And then yell that and then tell that you're a liar. I certainly didn't speak to me that very polite manner absolutely it was all about trying to. Figure him out. Via phone essentially died here what we're trying to we're trying to get to the bottom of this regardless of where you come for what you do our job to do. Is a victim. And I work for the victim. Right OK I mean I don't think it's necessary but if it's difficult that you guys had to trouble with Burke then. You don't IOC to you know what it will be a problem. I spoke from local Brian the father of this victim for the very first time he had a lot of questions. Right now the only thing that you guys as a family to do is somebody can can go to the medical Examiner's office and make an identification. I was upstairs autopsy. And an autopsy is not a pretty thing to sit. And I'm look at this guy now. As a happy go lucky you know young handsome guy wouldn't hold the whole world ahead of them and now about the in his office and he's. He's deals look anything like a human at all. I want try to prepare you for the identification process it's not like it's in the movies that you not going to be walking into you know what the law refrigeration room and they can open up the steel draw. And you know pull back a sheet. You just been walking to going to be inside an office and eager to show you but Polaroid photograph. OK and it's just of of his face. And that's how you make identification. Okay. Factor we are on the phone it's in really impersonal and wanted to wait to sit down with him and go some things with him and integrated he fell face to face. Mister Friday and again you know my sympathy and and then my condolences and sorrow we X. You know we each other's way but. Hopefully you know when Olson done any of us closer yet we'll. It made a huge impression on me when Kenny spoke to it right as he did my room and I notice it made a huge impression. On the O'Brien's. Bit today has been an arrest. And there is scheduled grand jury for winds said we could have a much stronger case by Wednesday. On or we could find some additional evidence that sort of supports what the defendant says an economy puts him in the battle. So so that's that's the case you're just because it is an arrest. Doesn't necessarily mean dead you know this person ultimately is going to be convicted we still try to gather additional evidence. Results were located additional witnesses. And if there's any other forensic or what physical evidence that we can locate but just because an arrest is made that doesn't and the investigation. Yeah. A I.

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{"id":50239034,"title":"'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Suspect","duration":"14:42","description":"Episode 3: NYPD Det. Kenny Silvia is looking for a motive and thinks he's found one, but Forrest's interrogation leaves him with doubts.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-orchard-street-suspect-50239034","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}