'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Victim

Episode 4: The district attorney decides there is not enough evidence to prosecute Forrest, and a surprise call to the precinct upturns everything.
12:09 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Victim
First scheduled Brian. What are also accountable to personalize this thing. Through investigation and find out who he is not find out about his family has been found in mom. Then he becomes normal to me because all of these person and have a normal life the first I mean I have ever met he's that. Being. A. Burke was really very vibrant person. They devoted to family. You is. Really outgoing and fun loving. He was kind of collective soul or you know he'd like to do a lot of things. From the city that loved though was who was the shorts actually read has cast a lot of personality. So I'll let. People. Let's first and as such and I turned. Strengthening and I'll let me since the inning alive and bright charismatic and it's the one that. The Berlin man thought. Would do well helps results caused. Inevitable that there are people that it's perfectly intact. Publicity. He's ago. They sit right here. The bullet travels from left to right on it unlike a downward angle. It lodges. But this kid in the back what runs the virtual blade. It goes into that the problems left law that travels schools through these. Larry artery travels one goes through the New York. There's no blood. The bullet never exited Burks body so there's no exit wound for the blood to drain and so all of this what has us collecting in his chest. And you know making it difficult to breathe. You're going to be that pretty quickly. You know I ask doctor when he and repeatedly telling them percent from Santa hats the end then. And he's. Second if I moved I would've done you know. I don't like to sit there are some you know which by the way should. And that nothing that would have helped anything but. These what is the herbs bad cold over could you explain that there. You could would you put a call over want to do everything put Karl Rove I think help. I'd be screaming at Colorado post vote dead people can't ignore person coat things. Well we left last night. The DA. Amnesty to all who was we had enough to chew on and that's how left list and it's a question cues warning the DA. At this point. Mike declined to prosecute which just means. You put everything will. The DA says it's TP. The truth is he himself went on for much right. Right now the district tourney feels it is certainly enough. Unrest and arrest was made which is just not enough evidence to continue with the prosecution case. Going to be for you go. It could get arrested tomorrow could be Everest is it just politeness and what time that's right through it did it really fall has been. Is that I spoke to famine of the sport and they elect respectively up and down. Thank you so what you get and it's great you'll gentlemen. Can't they would just means towards this of that. At all long absent myself you know I don't want it guys hope so what. In reality this guy's never gonna get prosecuted for this. And it's gonna leave us basically that's where one would know arrest. Winds of detectives found out that the it was not gonna prosecute the game sales lost for a moment because they felt like they had wrapped this case out and they haven't heard and they were done. At seventy. On creating an alliance. Florie. Seven is vacant. I'm gonna go wandered. It was done you let him know exit twelve there was no plans. The real back over to block in the campus apartments and if we can find any new witnesses. Shouldn't question the child and commercializing hurting thing. Note Liu a better than Saturday night. Speaking this ago. I. Any. But the block that is filled with. First generation immigrants that are hardworking people they go into the buildings that night that took them two wasn't so that winds and everything generally required. They don't. The area. If you go back up to this one is older Chinese. On the 28 it's June 5 through some tough. Here. Lol okay. So we can go all digital music. A lot of people don't realize the lawyers from. Respectively on the right sort of influence of that sort Hollywood not that important. I showed off. That's why it's important for the police to go out and do everything they can't find most people. And that one person that has just that small little snippet of information should be in the have one thing is useless. Really did a linchpin. I found the president of this building. Who. Com's home just brought it city. Shooting. In his upon which faces what street he sees two males standing in front of the building. And he says I don't I don't think that the fighting arguing. But they're out there and other around them because and I get undressed and Elaine bad I think it's about and no way to is shot. But he does and at that point as get up on the definitely. States and. We were coming up and the everywhere we're going we weren't finding any way that they give us any credibility that that we can use as a witness. It seemed very quickly that this case is coming to a screeching halt. He should be out by now I've got a copy of the Viet. What what's the Tito paid. Code was fertile. They crawled fifteen people look at three hour intervals. Never and they called up. If they think when and that's been. The very last one home we can connect. In the east it's going to be somebody who's going to be a lawyer. Or you know. A hostile that. I just walked straight to the courtroom. And back. Now Malone. Me. They hand him this. Fifteen nation. That's what that is to be the others vehemently right eyewitness. And you got the president personally he's saying he did do it witness that he did. Not only that the witness they had to credible witness it was in the back. Needs which can. I'd try to get to know the homicide victim. Are they confrontational. They need you know are they are very diplomatic and they talk the way out of a lot of different things. So when you are investigating. The last moments of a life all of that begins to make sense when you deconstruct the homicide scene. Burke based on the actions that Faris explains he's telling them give my friend is money that he's not even asking. Between you only have about twelve dollars and they were took so why you have to farm is not a whole lot of money I don't know what it's for excellence. Whether Birk was challenging them and I don't know. I don't know if you is trying to concentration. But forgotten and the for the ticket is as a challenge. Most people wouldn't do that we have no Burk was at that time we don't know is personality. So when farce was telling us that that they make sense but by all accounts but speaking to his family speaking to his friends. Burke was a type of guys gonna stand up for somebody. And he wasn't the type of guy that that would easily get bullied. Burke was. I think always are. Our biggest. Protector and the Osce. He's always a huge really huge presence in the world. Wendy's Fries and they were intimidated. Two big guy they don't know where he's coming from Bouvier has. Its own. They're proud threatened. And they got scared the shot. And that night as I was given chest tested for couldn't wait to do what he Donovan and home. That experience of getting and just how scared I think I didn't register have a another. Wounded another for letting him in station. Are we counting this happened. I happen to you do believe it you know. If the boss having these missile from. At all. Seven squad took the Soviet. And suddenly and from nowhere a phone call comes in. Know how close we do me right. Right now so when you ran you ran northbound. A good. What I would let you all went up. All right is anywhere from two jobs beat him. What. A. Any.

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{"id":50239882,"title":"'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Victim","duration":"12:09","description":"Episode 4: The district attorney decides there is not enough evidence to prosecute Forrest, and a surprise call to the precinct upturns everything.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-orchard-street-victim-50239882","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}