'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Witnesses

Episode 2: The principal witness points the finger at Forrest who is about to be arrested and head to jail for a crime he didn't commit.
18:11 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Witnesses
And a. I just. Had no idea what me and it's really confusing process confusing to try to be Washington times. You know companies. Shock and just emotions really having having me completely and sound I knew that the work that we are doing you know with the police this incredibly important so. Was trying everything I had tears. Tune in to stand up and ran resting occasion. It's hard. This is what's. Gittens. After several hours you can come see most of them that the witnesses that within a nice and atlases goalies look over their eyes so. Today component run want to go speak to in my kind of diplomat of that. And get them back into. The hero known in what we need from them until. It's landing questions. Busy shirt and hours after they come back police have to explain that please forgive our. Or it assists she's witnessed and audience in front of our. When you go when you speak you can't help but feel. The pain and the trauma that she's going through as much you wanna pull information out of because it's important that the case you still also a viewing with a degree filming them. You have to empathize and and understand that. And by the time that I left that was like three for the afternoon. And and slapped. Have been been. You know the mostly cool thing. That I could possibly ever imagined. My family came. As soon as they transition after around us 10 in the morning. So about six hours later. That was really devoted to her family. My son was murdered. Some. My daughter Laurie call me from the hospital and said. Denver is dead. Yeah yeah. Or retired. Yeah that he wants each I don't let him. By somebody else somebody like oh yeah you blah something quote by different commanders that are crucial I don't know no something. Usually that's one of persons that comes out. Andrea description. Believe right now the only one has not been spoke to. I wanted to cremation ceremonies witnesses tell that to you didn't give us information. Ammunition. Take a running chaos and try and this morning not get his story. One of the first things the cop said to me at every single conversation I ever had with any of them. Was that people always lie to them. We wanted that is now. My role was to really develop. A report this guy. When you interact with people. I was pushing for being accused of something more times than not a real life. And the police are used to that they don't expect anyone to really answer their questions truthfully it right from the beginning. Lou something Faris who want to tell me. What he says the truth its own views and different look to witness. He says to get ratings so. Six catches to decide. Turns around and extinguished go to space and he clearly says it's. Most people when they get robbed especially at gunpoint. The the focus on the gone but don't focus on on the type of garden they'll focus on the caliber regards. His Faris who give you description of the till description of the weapon he knows what Calvert is you can tell you what looked like Britain he could barely tell you what the guy was where. In fact he said when he when he reached into his pocket to get the money he does he just weeks into his pocket just gonna held his hand out like this. But he does think not about let's talk. Now they have attacked. Innocent human mystery. It's why would he so apparently. Donations putting. Lot of the times you have detectives who get really into telling a story that loved telling stories. We'll job kind of story telling and figuring out how the story works several detectives found for a story. Difficult to believe that someone who was robbing him at gunpoint wouldn't take that after second to take his. Expensive watch. Get this big. We call them it's not up some experts. Can you leave. You know that's. Don't fit as he's been. Under stated that there. That he said that if they're very distinctive. Had some. The only of that street there and I was one of its latest leak about how he killed his his friend tipped at school which is code on. The code and Schultz things showed some kind of conservative who has been put it cold or. The passion like that in the end. Don't sticking to this manufacture stories we actually needs to be thinking about how isn't going to explain. From what I was watching in the precinct. I completely believed that force was guilty. I. They have told us things about four hours but having. They're pretty sure you know and they were they had thousands of things to sport that witnesses. Her this kind of he had there. Yeah there really can. I mean I believe. They're not I haven't been yelling at him. I still continue to go out of most we'll continue. We'll try to get down to the bottom of. Jimmy is a very specific detective technique which was to tell. Faris did Burke was still alive so that Forrest would freak out and think oh now Burke is alive he's gonna tell them the truth which is that I stood there and I killed them. He was sort of become a little bit combative and saying well you what when where and when Burke wakes up he's gonna tell you his story's going to be the same as Laurie truck and change. This sort of tell your exactly what I've been saying this and that's where I began to think that this guys is not lying he's not being deceitful. He was helping us out earlier today. When things that part of there was reach out there Faris has fallen. Hahn is in our custody essentially and but the real serious allegation but I got a hold of an assistant or secretary. That's it is no way for I know who's going to celebrate tonight what is with a spurt that. And he's with some other family members and we have some other information that we won. Clarify for us and it's kind of a Ford that would get tortured and do you understand that somebody dollars. Best night. Is this not important. It's 477. When it. Two. Paul Stanley got shot and killed stuff she wants to do everything we can't went to defamatory is too important integral to check. I don't know. Oh. Ever. It I got record. The or. British. I've heard shouting woman not you think it's it's viewed him. Somebody put Jack and the guy or we'll back this afternoon. The witness when he came in told the police that he had called on 11. And then many many hours later did they actually receive actual cassette tape. Once they listened to the tape they realize that it did not match. What. Witness have been telling them all to. All he says he saw guys as he's walking up and it just. And attracted to him won't hasn't forgotten a block but that's oasis this. Which is the truth. Oh won't get on the blog ever. You could I got a court that is a bad. In his own words he says I was coming up to the corner. And I heard the shot. This new section. Is he continuing to walk out of luck to you had gotten a shot watch that as I approached the corner I see is currently one. Please. Or as you say I'm here I'm on the street now the shootings taking place with an edge although he's. Ortiz and right I'm here to shop. Or anything it was looking at me yeah. Oh Chicago's blog ever. Yeah like apple corps that is a bad. I think that point about a quarter. Somebody sits on the patty evaluated for a light. It's now he makes a term he's on what's the whole way and he says I'm on the block. From the minute the shock Ozal he looks he's got to see something. Take so south it is and then at some time has elapsed that he sees the what is sort of orchards. As he unlucky streak on what solidity of the sacred history though that's enough all right that's the. He's he's he's been over the phone call up to the present dependent he's going to be able to. But you can't really sing Mosul it's gonna short and doing. Or aren't. Right. And that's it only this might be fully. The first witness. We find out that he has. And rest districts fought the good. Their stand on. Warm. From the peninsula. Temperature yeah. Suspending life. Was mindful that. Conceivable record company. Listen here you can. There's a brokerage Grunow was only. Tell us and he comes back to funnel that it's the truth speak because if you community. Student attacked the media like he's listening to much. Of what went. The fact that the first witness had an arrest history but doesn't necessarily make a bad guy does make a bad witness. It's like. It's the brightest spot along. We put ourselves and in the shoes of the witness that we walk that same that he would war. At the scene that he would have done it for the lighting is the scene and to see what he says he saw this pretty really seen that it. These. If people behind me while fellow idol. Fuel that was Eagles another fifteen humans. And then came on the others sheet music us. We brought him back out early and gave him back. His mind you can picture we have people aren't. What you can see from certain as us. Paul would. This explains possible what we thought could have been discrepancy between Annan and finance and his original statement. He explained it's convince. We don't think he's lying to us in an eyewitness. But it has got happening. Nothing absolutely nothing. Spa. We don't support. Place while. Donovan. If it is them. That's I don't think it's been exactly a want to write. Hasn't flinched. When radio. The stories in the state since I was forceful but it closed more. Yeah these are straightforward loose human. I want to explore other possibilities. Maybe force is actually telling the truth. That certainly within the realm of possibilities at this point we have nothing else. You think it's really good. Or. Or what these things truth. About 10 o'clock. Actually desk downstairs if Stan attorney represents just can't smoke coming. It's certainly get much run things. Can't talk to him now that'll. Earth does that. These stories will. An effect. Collectively there was a decision that there was just enough to. Lock up forests and charging with bomb site. You know the assistant DA Marines exact words for instance you know. Story stone mansion. And your friend bird instead. And who consumes. You guys a while ago. And we will be charging you risk murder. And. Night. My team. Prep that's a decision that that this return. The evidence we need to lock somebody up. It's a lot less than. What they need for conviction. That they never really sunk in was affected he admitted with the jacket on the Vick. And that's our office the eyewitness that whoever shot but the jacket and relax. Console anxious that an arrest has been in right now apparatus which means something a little bit more. One media. When I when I go home like to feel a lot more. And he's. Probably back in the morning it's an apple. Soon. What they're good. I've made hundreds of arrests before. And in this case because the deal right. You. A in the. Me. Any.

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{"id":50237197,"title":"'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Witnesses","duration":"18:11","description":"Episode 2: The principal witness points the finger at Forrest who is about to be arrested and head to jail for a crime he didn't commit.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-orchard-street-witnesses-50237197","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}