Ex-NFL player kills himself after killing 5, injuring 1 in South Carolina, police say

A prominent doctor, his wife, two of their grandchildren and a technician working at their home were killed. Suspect Phillip Adams, formerly a defensive back in the NFL, was found dead in his home.
9:04 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Ex-NFL player kills himself after killing 5, injuring 1 in South Carolina, police say
We have a .45 caliber shooting. One of the victims is advising that there's women and kids in the house. We have got forced entry in the residence, possibly victims inside. Reporter: A suburban southern town, engulfed by a grizzly We have four down inside the house. Reporter: A prominent doctor known ask a pillar in his community, shot dead. Robert was a physician but with his medical practice of as many years as he it, he looked at it as a ministry. He looked at it as a way he could reach out and reach people. Reporter: His wife and grandchildren shot and killed and a contractor working on the home and one other injured and - the former NFL player shot them all and then himself, leaving many wondering why. We don't feel there's a doctor/patient relationship. If you think about who he killed, the doctor, his wife and two relatively young grandchildren. This is a guy who just doesn't care who he kills. Reporter: As the country grapples with the 133rd mass shooting this year, another occurring today in Brian, Texas, a reported workplaces shooting that left one dead and others injured, it's a sobering reality and the president is vowing to take action. It's an epidemic for god's sake and it has to stop. Reporter: Rock hill, south Carolina is, a quiet town of just over 75,000. Dr. Robert Leslie is a well known and well respected physician here. Running two emergency medical clinics. They took you as you are. They loved you as you came to them. They loved everyone that they met. Reporter: It's a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Leslie, his wife and two of their grandchildren, Ada and Noah are all home. Hvac technicians are outside working. 9-1-1. Yes, ma'am, I think we have had some trouble at 4456 marshal road. What's going on marshal road? I think there's been a bad shooting. Reporter: A concerned neighbor out cutting grass hears shots and sees someone in the distance. The guy walked on out of the house. I'm quite sure I seen him from a distance. It looked like a black guy. Reporter: By 4:45 P.M., sheriff's deputies are called to the Leslie's home. Deputies arrived eight minutes after the two 9-1-1 calls and then we began to put together a team to clear the house of Dr. Robert Leslie. Reporter: The doctor, his wife and two grandchildren are found dead on the scene. As well as the hvac contractor James Lewis, his colleague Robert shook is critically injured. Once we cleared the home, we found Dr. Robert Leslie and his wife and two grandchildren in a room in the back of the house all deceased with gunshot Did he find them in that room or did he make his way in the house, and force them all in to a room at gunpoint. Perhaps, we will see. Reporter: Neighbors nearby are evacuated as the search for the suspect begins. Once the investigation began, we were able to develop Philip Adams as a suspect. Reporter: 32-year-old former NFL flare Philip Adams who's parents live minutes away from the leslies becomes the center of the investigation. He holes up in his family's home and a tense standoff ensues where they try to negotiate his surrender. So, for a period of it sounds like hours, they try to communicate with somebody that didn't respond. So, at some point, they decide to send a robot in to the house to do an analysis and look for people. Reporter: Just before 3:00 A.M., after clearing the home, police discover Adams dead. After an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. Neighbors and loved ones stunned and left searching for answers. Adam's father speaking this morning. I can say that he is a good he was a good kid. And he, you I had think the football messed him up. All I can tell you, we pray for the family and I -- used to be my doctor, doctor a long time ago. Reporter: The motive remains urn clear. There's nothing about this right now that makes sense to any of us. Reporter: As the sheriff looks for the motivations more this mass shooting, was Adams a patient of the doctor. Did he have concussions from playing football that could have had an adverse potential affect on his behavior? All of the things they are going to have to look at. For the most part, a lot of people know everyone. So it's a small town. Reporter: He calls rock hill home, he played football with Adams in South Carolina state. He was a person that everyone on the team looked up to. Reporter: Some call this place football town usa. It is known for churning out elite athletic talent. Kids dream of playing high school football and college football, and the NFL. It's a big football team town. Reporter: Adams played defensive back and making it to the top of his sport. The NFL. They are not usually the guys making the tackles on the field, but they can definitely sustain hard hits. Here is why. One of the main duties is to guard receivers. When that receiver catches that ball. They have to try to bring them down. That can create impact. Adams played in the leaguer to five years. Starting his career with the 49ers in 2010. While playing Adams sustained multiple injuries. Great leaping interception by Philip Adams. Reporter: Including two concussions in three games in 2012. Experts have not linked Adams concussions to the shooting. Everyone takes it differently, that is one of the toughest things of diagnosising and understanding concussions as it relates to playing football and contact sports. It can have behavior changes. But certainly with concussions or even repetitive impacts, that you have in contact sports, cognitive, emotional and later on, other problems can occur in a minority of people. Reporter: New regulations in recent years have tried to quell the tide of head injuries to rules on hits and upgrades on helmets. It's heart to ascribe human behavior to an area of the brain. It's a tragic sad story for the victims and their families and for Mr. Adams and his family. Reporter: I think you would find a lot of players out there that said is, football messed them up. Did it mess him up to the extent that he committed a crime where it had a cause in him committing a crime? That is impossible to know. Did it impair his judgment had in a way that made him vulnerable to commit a crime. Again, that is impossible to know at this point. I think you will find a lot of players out there that said, as a rut of playing the game of football, my life has never been the same. These rock hill murders come on the heels of an already bloody year of gun violence, including the back on back shootings of Atlanta spa shootings and a grocery store. Enough prayers, time for action. Reporter: The president announced limited executive action on gun control and called on the congress to act. I think they should pass three house bills to close loop poles that allow gun purchasers to by-pass the background checks. Would any of it have an affect on the shooter? South Carolina, it's hard to say. If he had no felony convictions he was eligible to buy a firearm. There's no easy fix through regulation to make the numbers go down. Reporter: Now, a town left in grief. Grappling with this incomprehensible loss. You cannot go on Facebook now, you cannot be in town now. You cannot do anything in town now without realizing what an impact that each of them have had on so many people. And that'ses something that will survive them. Reporter: Dr. Leslie was a published author who chronicled 25 years of experience as an er doctor in his book, angels in the er, a life spent healing others. Reflected in his own words. I know without a doubt had that life is fragile.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"A prominent doctor, his wife, two of their grandchildren and a technician working at their home were killed. Suspect Phillip Adams, formerly a defensive back in the NFL, was found dead in his home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76965955","title":"Ex-NFL player kills himself after killing 5, injuring 1 in South Carolina, police say","url":"/Nightline/video/nfl-player-kills-killing-injuring-south-carolina-police-76965955"}