Office Lotto Winners Share Wealth With Coworker Who Opted Out

Employee thought coworkers were joking they said their office-wide lotto pool won $1 million.
5:18 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Office Lotto Winners Share Wealth With Coworker Who Opted Out
You've heard the stories about co workers who go to court to fight over lottery winnings or how hell hath no fury like the guy left out of the lucky office pool. Well this this is not one of those stories and fact this is the kind of story that could make you reevaluate the common decency. Of your cubicle mates and whether it's a job worth going back to after a big lottery win. Or even a crushing loss here's ABC's Steve -- -- Well -- of instant wealth. Blasting. Dream of holding one of those larger than life tax. Even with the lottery odds against us millions of people can't stop dreamy that impossible dream. You're an -- -- -- -- aren't worth thinking they might actually better their chances by banding together and playing in an office lottery pool. That's what these happy co workers didn't Keller Williams real -- Plantation, Florida. I hope you've got -- tickets good luck they struck it rich over the weekend winning big and powerful. The powerball winner. Here's where the ultimate dream come true quickly turned into a potential nightmare. Office coordinator Jennifer Maldonado was all a lot of cash that day and decided to sit this one out. I felt like you know maybe it wasn't the smartest thing for a deal to spend my money on -- -- I have a lot of things that need to be. Accounted for. She was the new face in the office just -- hadn't even gotten her first paycheck as my third week. Laurie Finkelstein reader who organized the pool even offered to spot Jennifer the cash and she still said now. And her quote -- If you don't play we're going to -- -- -- -- -- But when the numbers rolled by on Saturday night one of the tickets everyone else pitched in on match five numbers and around -- tonight with the number 31. Enough to win the group a million dollars. It looked like it was tough -- for Jennifer I was upset with myself. That already I was nil and now this would put me on the outside even further. And if recent history is a guide when you -- office politics and a winning ticket things can get messy. Back in February 7 Indianapolis hair stylist took their coworker to court after they said she claimed a nine billion dollar winning ticket for herself. Then there's the case of a miracle Lopez a construction worker from New Jersey a couple years back he bought the tickets force fellow construction workers. But when he stopped showing up at work the other soon found out they had actually won a 38 million dollar jackpot. Lopez claimed he bought the winning ticket on his own. But his coworker sue for their fair share and one -- overnight riches can spoil office friendships and flash like Jennifer -- -- California hospital pool. Nicknamed the lucky seven. They took -- one of the biggest jackpots in US history twenty million apiece. The aftermath -- nothing like those happy lot of laughs some hospital colleagues who joined the pool in the past thought they should have shared the cash and took their coworkers to court. That consol off guard for awhile in our office. It was a standing joke okay who sued the lucky seven today because people kept coming out of the woodwork. They successfully fought off the challenges but all those hard feelings made for some ugly days at work. It's another set of problems bigger than what you may have been -- life before I think people that work together and are friendly. Just don't think may be ahead of time of what could go -- Thankfully for Jennifer Maldonado the new -- Eric Keller Williams things never got uncomfortable. Even though she decided to pass on the office -- she was lucky enough to have these generous colleagues willing to count her -- Twelve of them will take home 83000 dollars apiece after taxes. And they've all decided to give Maldonado a portion of their winnings but wouldn't say exactly how much a gracious amount. But Carroll head -- of the New Jersey lottery has some advice for anyone else joining a similar office pool. Sign a basic contract outlining the rules and find a trustworthy well organized leader. If you have in writing who are the members of the pool and how much money they've put in. If you have copies of the tickets before the draw if you know where the tickets were purchased and -- You've got an ironclad case. That leader has to promise not to buy any personal tickets outside the pool unless they let others know first set a deadline for collecting cash. Figure out who holds the tickets and Wear and decide in advance what to do if a coworker can't contribute that week. Good advice for future model pools at the real estate office in Florida where they've already decided how they'll spend the money. I'm here on home -- my husband and I can donate some to charity tiny car I'm -- Disney World and. And -- Maldonado says next time she's definitely and from the start. With the kind of like they have here so I'm -- I'm gonna be your next pool. Here's my twenties and I'm leaving you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18828211,"title":"Office Lotto Winners Share Wealth With Coworker Who Opted Out","duration":"5:18","description":"Employee thought coworkers were joking they said their office-wide lotto pool won $1 million.","url":"/Nightline/video/office-lotto-winners-share-wealth-coworker-opted-18828211","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}