This organization is helping people pay off their medical debt

After two visits to the intensive care unit and two deaths in her family, one woman found herself overwhelmed with medical bills. Then, RIP Medical Debt stepped in to help.
5:21 | 12/22/20

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Transcript for This organization is helping people pay off their medical debt
medical bills and seeing a light in the darkness. This pastor in Maryland, has long believed our nation's health care system is broken. Years ago, when his infant daughter fell off of her changing table, he andhis wife faced a decision that still haunts him. We drove around the hospital for a few hours in a circle, watching her. Their daughter ended up being fine, but the pastor said the fear of going in to debt for medical treatment kept him from going in to the hospital. To not be able to take care of ourselves out of fear of what it's going to cost and whether we can afford the long-term consequence has stuck with me. And that is why the pastor has dedicated his efforts to help wiping out the medical debt of others. It's an obstacle so many Americans face. Donna has been dealing with it for years. If you have something like an icu bill that's, you know, crazy money. Diabetes related issues landed her in the icu twice, it was a tough time, her sister died, her father died, she lost her job. My health is messed up. My job is gone, my sister's gone. My dad is gone. And the crushing medical bills were one more burden. You paid them when you could, or paid on them when you could or prayed that it did not affect you extremely negatively. But then, out of the blue, Donna got a letter informing her that the debt was forgiven. We looked at it and thought, it was a scam thing. But it was real. Donna's debt was paid off. It's a nonprofit organization that uses donation to buy up medical debt at a deep discount and then forgives it. The beauty of it for us is that it's blind. So, there's no judgment here on our part. Allison said the organization has forgiven $3 billion of medical debt. We are not helping people who are well off. We are helping people who need the help the most. On the debt collection market, those so-called hardship debts owed by low income people are the least valuable because they are the least likely to be paid off. This man, once a debt collect is in the business of debt forgiveness. It's like you went to the other side, right? The industry itself, it felt like I was a traitor. They would not talk to me for two or three years like I was a monster. Until they realized that you know, we have to help the people that can't pay and will never pay. And they had the idea of buying the debts in bulk for a fraction of the value and then forgive them. Once we started helping and abolishing medical debt, we realized how big of a problem we were helping fix as opposed to collecting. They say that every donated absolves100,000 of medical debt. It was this thing, this blessing that appeared in the it confirmed that I know there's good people out there. Are you ready to do this? You are about to watch me give away $15 million. The donors have included TV host John Oliver who joined the debt forgiveness cause. It's done! But it's not only celebrities. Regular American ins are rallying their communities to help contribute like this pastor's congregation in Maryland along with 400 others large andsmall across the country. They have stepped ind this in the bible, medical debt? I think giving people a taste of freedom and forgiveness is the mission of the church. Pastor Kenny said his congregation has wiped out the debt portfolio for 14 Maryland counties and they are trying raise enough money to wipe out rip's portfolio for the state. We are not a wealthy congregation or large, but we are committed, I think, ask a group to trying to help our neighbors. Clearing the medical debt is of so many is a ran done act of kindness. I dreamed, when will I be able to give away a million dollars. If I had it that way, I would, but this is how I have it. I have a company that can give away billions of dollars. And that makes me the happiestity man in the world. But while he is grateful for an opportunity to give back, rip's efforts shed light on a system that leaves so many hoping for a miracle. As great work, why is it up to you guys? It's a hard question to answer. I want it to be different. My prayer is still that something will change. Until the high cost to survive in the country is addressed, pastor Kenny is making sure that those in need, don't have to carry that cross alone. For nightline, in Maryland. Our thanks to Terry.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"After two visits to the intensive care unit and two deaths in her family, one woman found herself overwhelmed with medical bills. Then, RIP Medical Debt stepped in to help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74856354","title":"This organization is helping people pay off their medical debt","url":"/Nightline/video/organization-helping-people-pay-off-medical-debt-74856354"}