Paramedics respond to home of Demi Lovato, transport female patient to hospital

In the past, Demi Lovato has been upfront with her fans about her battles with substance abuse, addiction and bipolar disorder.
7:10 | 07/25/18

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Transcript for Paramedics respond to home of Demi Lovato, transport female patient to hospital
des to wis her well. ??? I got excuses ??? Repor it was a wrenching and very public confession from pop Sr demi Lovato.??? wake when the skies are gone ??? ??? and the cold S disappear??? Reporter: In her latest song caed "Sober," Lovato admitted she is, in fact,o longer sober. A setback in ars-long struggle. ??? Mama io Sor I'm not sober anymore ??? reporter: The video released just last D today we learn the Ave, real-life consequencef Lovato's apparent relapse. Ems engine 97, already on scene, female unconscious. Reporter: 11:00 this morni ambulances rushed toemi Lovato's homeloangeles. Overdose S carsinai hospital in stable ition. Elose to the situation say sheasattled depression andnxiety fore time and has Conti to suffe in a lot of pain. Reporter: A representat released a statement reading in part, DEM aw with her family, who want express thanks to everyone for the love, ers, and support. When someone calls 911 because someone I unspsive and unable toe aroused, you know,t's T medal emergency. Reporter: News of loto's relapse rberated tough hold. Many of the biggest stars who knew her well, lik Ellen degeneris, Brad paiey, and Kesha, took to twittero oer their support. Demi lovateloved not only by her fans but by other people in the musiccommunity. Theye support herlg through this and want to see her turn ov a neweaf and cck from this situation. Reporter: 25-year-old vato, hits as "sorry/not sorry" and "Cool F the summer" has struggled with I used bch of coke and I popped a few xanax bars and I started to choke a LE bit. And my heart sed racing. And remember thinkingh my god, I might B erdosing right now. Reporter: She openep her demons in this YouTube red documentary last year called "Sply complicated." I was at tel. And I invited two random people. And basicalus with them. I got really, really drunk. Until it E to get on a flight. And I was so drunk that I threw up in the of T car service on way to the airport to perform. Ladies D demi vato!??? when your ls ??? She's been very open about battle and actually doing a goodob of fighting that and mataining her sobriety, which makes this whole situation even more agic. Reporter: Until recently it seemed asf Lovato had a handle on heraddiction. This past March on Twitter she celebratedix yeerms of so In many ways addiction is no differenthan a chronic medical ndition LI diabetes, highpressure,rncer. It's always there. Orter: Lovo was just a tt fallas when she got her start on thw "Barney and friends." ??? I loveou ??? Reporter: She went on T beco one of Disney's biggest St she was cast alongside the Jonas hers in T wildly successful "Camp rock." To be??? Reporter: She went on to tour with Troup and was even ting Joe Jonas, but offstage she was using alcohol and cocae. Sneaking it on planes.snt in bathrooms. Sneaking it throughout the Ni nobody knew. Reporter:ovo also struggling with an eg disoer and wasutself O, as she told ab rob Roberts in 2011. Do re first mecut yourself? I was11. What did you feelm it? It was a way ofexpressing M own shame of myself on M own body.and TRE sometimes where my emotions were just so built up, I didn't knowhat do. Thenly way that I could get instan gratification was through an immediate release O myself. Reporter: In 20, Lovato family and management tea HD an intervention while S W tour witthothers. I was performingon an empty stomach. I was losing my voicom ring. And I literally was so emotionally whacked out that I took it on someone that meant a lot to . They sat me down and said you N't live like this, you need to get help. And that'actly what I did. Reporter: She W into rehab where she received a diagnosis that shocked he bipolar DI. Idea that I even bipolar until I went into treatment. When I was 7 years old itarted having suil th. Look BAC I'm like okay, that make sense. Like, I was bipolar. I was actua man a L of the times that iould take on workloads I wld say,yes, I can do this, I Cano th I would come crashing down and ild be mor depressed than ever. Rr: She spent three Mo in rehab and in the followinaroted herself to soty, becoming an vocate forehab and recovery. What I hopeple learn from my story, I make my lifeoal to inspire other people. I ink it'smpor that I use my voice for that singing. D just how important it is to use my platform to help others and to share my ston hopes that it I peoe to either get intecovery or er themsees.whatever it is, I just want pe to know Ty're not alone and I'm H for them. Reporter:nd her singing career also reachedew heights with hits such as"give your art a break." ??? To give your heart a break I knoou're scaredt's wrong ??? Reporter: Andnfident." ??? What's wronth feeling conft ??? Reporr: Light of today's news,at canced her upcoming appearances and concert in atlanticcity its important note that a part of recovery. This is about waxing and waning course for many, M ople. It's usually not a flat line. It's important temember for every d-famous celebrit there are millions and millions of day peoe who are dealing with T same issues in sobriety and in dealing with addiction. And they do deal W relapse. I T has to be the message T comes fromhe medical community, that is treatment and there is hope. And wn't giv up O a patient because they have relae. Reporter: And as S sings in her new song he's only home human.

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{"id":56802580,"title":"Paramedics respond to home of Demi Lovato, transport female patient to hospital","duration":"7:10","description":"In the past, Demi Lovato has been upfront with her fans about her battles with substance abuse, addiction and bipolar disorder.","url":"/Nightline/video/paramedics-respond-home-demi-lovato-transport-female-patient-56802580","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}