'Parisian Diet:' Just Savor Food, Author Says

Can the key to being French skinny simply be portion control and enjoying your food?
5:07 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for 'Parisian Diet:' Just Savor Food, Author Says
From good -- to cuisine it does take an afternoon along the sounds elysees to see that live French means living well. And living then so what is it about the French diet that maybe helping them stay far slimmer than Americans. And if you think they're cutting out wine and cheese -- contract for the French even dieting is done in style. The friends are relentlessly chic even their terms attractions are -- There could tourist -- -- and their cuisine. -- But despite their love affair with creamy cheese and fine -- and pastries French women are still -- seniors and Americans sad but true. French obesity rates have doubled in the past fifteen years but they're still. Three times lower than ours and this new book the Parisian diet reveals all -- the French secrets to staying slim. -- assume anything. Possibilities. For Rachel -- high is an American eating like a Frenchman but I wasn't always. Currently I've done Nutrisystem slim fast -- -- -- Jenny crank. Diet center. Medical asked what you successfully lost weight on those Dai hung over the years I've lost. Twenty pounds you know about 25 lost thirty pounds but I think five so what makes this -- -- different. Because the main. Thrust of this diet is enjoying your -- And really paying attention but it's working she says she's lost eleven pounds and five weeks everything -- better everything looks matter. You know which is really important to -- portion control has been the secret to Rachel six. But this is an American portion -- have Whittle it down. -- frank. And only sat down for lunch that single serving filled with only sizable. The supersize. -- -- people the enjoy it every -- that they take you on this is one -- it's secret keys of the French food them. Doctor John yourself -- -- the nutrition expert and mastermind behind the French guide to skin eating. He's also a famous TV talk show host and friends. Doctor Cohen says it's not so much a diet but in new attitude towards food he showed me love defrost at his favorite French restaurant in New York City and all -- those front of him. So this is a difference between an American size portion and a French -- Moscow. -- -- -- -- -- The first week is that when the then they ought to look very young that DOE's -- -- And in Paris for example we prefer quality and this is the -- -- -- -- -- -- food. His first -- smaller portions mean fewer calories and nothing is forbidden even Costa. The French -- had a tiny amount of -- but lots of flavor from pressured since salty olives. The American -- was drenched in creamy socks and it's three times the size. Tip to savor your food and of mindless eating. Trouble with this one half the time and grabbing a quick lunch at my desk. And it's -- it's time and good. No wonder I don't remember when -- had for lunch. Doctor Cohen says those are classic American mistakes all my goodness -- Instead he says we need to enjoy the entire experience and linger over -- legal adult that you know that you need ten minutes to realize if you are under -- kept on not. But when -- -- was a pledge like that you cannot come today because you have dual clip and you need to clean you don't -- His third -- never deprive yourself. He says it's better to have a smaller portion of something flavorful. -- having a boring salad that gives you no pleasure at all. There's nothing more American than fast food but doctor Cohen says no food no matter how rich his effort totally forbidden. This seems like diet sacrilege but you actually think a big Mac is okay for -- -- -- but the problem is in reality that threat companions he's with French Fries and -- soda. But you have to think -- Simon you have to enjoy -- But just remember -- the burger -- salad on the -- not Fries and certainly not every day. But honestly you must be the only nutritionist and diet expert who would say a big Mac is felons -- annoyance but that idea no proof that these the value of -- the for the night. It's about five and that got orders -- is just ditched the -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor -- says the French tend to cook more as well which contributes to healthier eating but has time to go moment -- Turns out Americans -- 10% longer every week and the -- who averaged 38 hours a week Americans 42. Perhaps that's why Americans rely more on prepackaged processed food. It's no wonder we're a nation that gobbles down lunch and picks up fast food for the family. This isn't contentment and been bitten and maybe we could all use a little more -- -- -- to --

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Can the key to being French skinny simply be portion control and enjoying your food?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18691074","title":"'Parisian Diet:' Just Savor Food, Author Says","url":"/Nightline/video/parisian-diet-savor-food-author-18691074"}