Protect Yourself During A Mold Inspection

Part 2: Find out what seven mold inspectors are prescribing and what the experts have to say about it.
7:50 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for Protect Yourself During A Mold Inspection
Again as a homeowner did you asked to call in seven different mold inspector. We've seen some radically different approaches now it's time for the estimates. First remember the flash he carried out inspection in just five minutes. Amazingly his company says that quick inspection detected mold problems. They're doing a lot of work for battered -- about all of which is unnecessary. Remember our experts say this house. Has no mole problem. And yeah the company proposes using a controversial procedure called -- where chemical substances sprayed. -- supposedly -- the -- it is. Discouraged to protect the occupants who remember used in -- a -- kills women insults. Government agencies discouraged blogging as its mold killing spray can create -- and leave a harmful residue. And by flaunting their recommended. Sure -- best to create a health problem that's the key -- taken him. A situation where there's no problem and in fact he may be creating very significant health problem for the occupants and. Under blue -- first their -- their solution to a nonexistent mold problem was even costlier. 2400. Dollar remediation. That included taking on walls and removing sheet rock and they insist that's the only way. Now system on -- -- our only option. Is -- take down the law. We can't not there's -- weather. Do no know why there is zero -- you know -- what and where we're -- -- Remove. Did he say only way. Remember there are openings into the wall which -- pointed out to them. You can have a hand held mirror and a flashlight and you see all the way to the top upon the wall here you you can examine the entire wall cavity. So without taking this wall down. With a -- and a flashlight you can tell there's no -- -- -- to -- mediated here. Pretty high tech -- how they've reach what our experts say is this faulty and expensive conclusion. -- I -- right now. When -- -- them back I'm Cynthia McFadden we're waiting for some answers. So Michael here's the deal. Experts tell us you're dead -- experts to the economy was burned down books the company's -- drop. The resources. So when you stand by it I felt like I told Melissa -- whether his coroner is less effusive. And that mold supposedly growing out of control behind the wall -- not another cop who wanted to wanna take a look at that. Let's take a look at the videos seems they've got. And it's -- continue to grow. Tell us to be back tears in his book which you have this huge problem and we'll keep our and -- well. That's pretty scary proposition you stand by that. -- -- -- -- Wichita is but he likes what he seats. And the ability to really very little inside the Pentagon -- good great -- -- -- later admits that the wall will not bursts insists that the moisture reading he -- showed the living room wall was -- so mold could grow can you. Show me when did you have the most do you have the I don't know -- -- -- I don't know what appears through news let's take a lot. And see what it says -- okay. Well you're -- knows he's -- in different time so obviously this is more suited them to do was glad he refuses to take another beating. Well I mean if -- was what if it was whether a week ago -- -- still wet night not now not. Possibly not -- -- experts say they checked the wall numerous times including the day this there was there this wall -- try. And it -- -- would. Made several visits Europe and each each visit and has been bone dry. Take a look at him look no won't still these contractors maintained their diagnosis and -- expensive proposals for. Our sound. Thank you have yet we'll let you know is -- -- -- -- Lebanon okay thanks very much so -- so proud of their work I wonder why they leave the door open. So -- into the name of their company as they drive off. Behind this wall and remembers the sampler who ran several -- -- an expensive 350 dollars a pop. If -- thought the test was expenses. -- -- -- -- Wait -- she hears the results. We have -- oh my god where. Here born out of first and second floor so I think it's in the duct system also comes afraid to ask what does that cost. 55. Wow was right. It our experts at eleven samples -- the house one sat right after this man left and none showed a problem. It's either incompetence -- stop whatever the case for Dell servers to the homeowner. And 5500 dollars is in addition to the 11100 -- thirty -- for his initial visit. -- we call the sampler to another house in New Jersey to try and get some answers. We were there to greet him. I asked him how real eyes I'm Cynthia McFadden from ABC news -- -- quiet night here today he is one answer questions on camera and actually beats a path out the door. You don't want -- Your questions. -- -- -- -- Well we just wonder since we are experts tested the house as soon as she laughed and told us that was no mold problem and you charge 5500 dollars. Our proposed that. An all show you cut your bills for a false receipt. Excuse me. You don't want -- answer our questions are why is that -- sure looks like you're ripping people off he refuses to give an explanation. -- -- I wonder why doesn't want to answer. All told us. Seven companies we called for agree with our experts that we didn't have a -- But you wanted to do mold removal that are experts say was totally not needed. And at what cost an unsuspecting consumer -- -- 5500. Dollars. -- and it's. Then persuaded to have the work done what do you think -- what I'll find out about how would you absolutely you know I certainly wouldn't want all the -- house. And who would she had gone food and the sampler. But she would have gone with the diet -- the most expensive. Because he's seen Hamas not -- most honorable exit the show. Before you hire -- into banter. He will have three inspections. A thorough visual one can cost several hundred dollars and -- quick quick inspections of full house can take several hours. But it wasn't like some people may advertise themselves as certified mold inspectors but also applications are nonbinding need won't. Just take a look at this. I read this talk. -- an online course for two hours and 83 dollars later. I am -- -- guide this won't specialist. But trust me you don't want me inspector. Yeah.

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{"id":19284578,"title":"Protect Yourself During A Mold Inspection ","duration":"7:50","description":"Part 2: Find out what seven mold inspectors are prescribing and what the experts have to say about it. ","url":"/Nightline/video/part-protect-mold-inspection-19284578","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}