Pennsylvania special election so far too close to project

It was a tight race between Trump-backed Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb in the 18th Congressional District special election.
6:55 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Pennsylvania special election so far too close to project
Today another surprise exit from the trump administration. My commission as secretary of state will terminate midnight March 31st. Secretary of state fired in a tweet. President posting -- posting -- tillerson becomes one of several dozen who have left the cabinet only adding to the perception of a white house in chaos. Are you sure about your answers on those? And critics pointing to this interview with secretary of education Betsy Devos on 60 minutes. I've not intentionally individualited skoolts that are under performing. Maybe you should. Yes. With the president on shaky ground tonight more chaos as a congressional race in a deep red Pennsylvania district is too close to call. The outcome is in doubt but what is clear is democratic has consistently strongly outperformed Hillary Clinton in a district Donald Trump won by 20 points. Trump backed Rick S still straling by a margin. It's a fight we will fight to the end. Democratic team holding out hope. We like where we are. Really want to express his gratitude on behalf of all of us. It was a special elections but race couldn't be higher. You saw the democratic getting way closer than it should be. That says there's people who change their minds, democratic in the past stayed home and maybe trump voters thought it wasn't worth their time. Under state law can request a recount. Standard is half percentage and we're well within that to a couple hundred votes so the expectation is to finish up tonight but may not last pending reic recount and provisional ballots to be counted. This after Tim Murphy resigned in the wake of a sex scandal. The party brought out several big names to hold on to a seat he held for 15 years. Saturday put Rick on ntsz. I hate to put this pressure on you. They are all watching because I won this district by 22 points, that's a lot. That's why I am here. Look at all those red hats Rick. The president was also here in January. A real friend and spectacular man Rick saccon E. We need people in there like Rick Saccone. Saccone said all those names could filet stadium. I want people to see the president. But white house president couldn't over power dissatisfaction with the frez. I hate trump. Anyway we can get back at him I'm for it. For you it's a referendum for the president. Absolutely. Where Rick Saccone went out of his way to align himself with trump. We got to get behind him and support him. . Lohe is a conservative democratic that supports the second amendment and family values. Taking his grandmother to vote this morning and talked with us afterwards. Is this because people like you or are upset with the president. Hopefully they like me and believe what I told them which is that I will work really hard for every single one of them no matter what party they are or who they voted for last time. Saccone also relied on Republican groups and G.O.P. Packs that poured more than $10 million into this race. Connor lamb ralzed more than $10 million more than he did. Saccone wasn't able to raise big national money, a big knock from Republicans. They felt he was perfectly serviceable candidate but not particularly special. Lamb seemed to have enough voters to surpass Saccone in the race. He was buy bouyied in part by the pink wave. I'm here with the campaign how you are you. A network of women made up a large part of the ground "Game night." I been part of the grass roots organization based in south hills area for a year and half now. We are called 412 resistance and have 900 members. We've been gearing up for the midterm race since January 2017. Big part of the ground game was motivated by the women's March. You think it is fed out of the energy of me too. I'm totally new to this. I never done this before in my lifex I always voted. I never worked for a campaign. Never imagined I would be protesting on the streets. But I consider it important work for the future of my grandchildren. So in many ways Donald Trump made you a political activist. Yes. Lamb picked up support in this blue union district. I vote for Connor lamb because he stands for medicare and social security and long as I work for a living that's who I will vote for. Having met Connor and spoke with him multiple times I believe he's for the working class people. There's so much attention put on in this case in district 18 for good reason but may not matterx the Pennsylvania court has redrawn the congressional district maps for the state. . This time lamb would need to be in the new 17th. And Saccone in the 14th. Both men have wikileaks wikileaks a week to decide where they will be running, it's possible they will be both running this time next year. No doubt, Connor lamb consistently out performed Hillary clinto for night in southwestern Pennsylvania. And you can find continuing coverage of our mid-term elections on ab or on the ABC news app.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"It was a tight race between Trump-backed Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb in the 18th Congressional District special election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"53732058","title":"Pennsylvania special election so far too close to project","url":"/Nightline/video/pennsylvania-special-election-close-project-53732058"}