Pete Frates, who helped launch ALS ice bucket challenge, dies at 34: Part 1

Frates, a former baseball player, battled the rare neurological disease for seven years. During that time, he and his network of athletes, helped launch the ice bucket challenge.
8:44 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Pete Frates, who helped launch ALS ice bucket challenge, dies at 34: Part 1
Going back his Grammy. Genuine. Hard working. For an honest and after stones learned through experience he's not very often come across somebody who actually change the well three easy swinging today an awful lot. Few people can say they change the world. He strays. Was one of those people. Young guy like myself to being diagnosed hopefully can use money money you've been in the networks and part of through a little somewhere and it's the solid raise awareness for LS. Face. A father a husband. A game changer in the world of ale lass whose courageous battle inspired move. Helping launch a tidal wave of iceberg. 200 million dollars for a seemingly. When these diseases stopped which it's going to happen this will go back to peace and I sparking a challenge for being the beginning of the this disease. Today after his seven year battle with dale less that defied doctors' expectations. Pete Brady's left this world news he was just don't be fooled me. On line of flood engineers. Red Sox star big hobby posting part Kurtz along today but your name and legacy will live on forever rest easy. The outpouring painting a portrait of a life that touched so many. He was born in suburban Massachusetts. A Boston through improved. Hi have a kid that I knew was chosen to do something great I've known it since he was a boy he used was an idyllic childhood. That compete on his first two wheelers and hitting pop flies off dance. Al I'll. He paying yeah. He videos capturing hints of the charismatic star college athlete he was destined to become. In high school Pete was a three sport all stars captain of the football and hockey teams. He was exceptional athlete you special that way I think that's what. He made other people that are around them. But each was baseball that would become his life's passion. For it. He snagged a scholarship to play center field for Boston college's yup. Division one Brady's is the leading base stealer it is our vocal leader team he'd be that guy it late night fit nagger bed. Play an AC DC Metallica every night that was. Always wearing his lucky number three and but it wasn't just that athletic prowess his personality was larger than life to then he'd certainly someone that puts out this like infectious energy and he was friends with. Everybody has marked his he's just like it's bigger than life guys that have the following. Beloved by his hundreds of friends all of whom would say they were his dangerous. When I first start dating him he would always like I would like you to meet my best friend silence how and Thailand's place. How many best friends you have because I met fourteen best friends so far. He's many densities we'll tell you the strapping hometown hero was a hit on and off the baseball diamonds in the addendum that my wife makes every story is. He was the best looking guy that ever walked. On the Boston College campus and when I remind her that I too went to Boston College it makes her a couple awkward problem. Step up. His final years BC Pete was named captain of the baseball team. During a grudge match against rival Harvard he hit a monster home run in Fenway Park. Who hits a home room at Fenway Park you know. This candlelight. Every kid's dream. After a short stint playing pro ball overseas Pete settled back in Boston to start a nine to five job selling insurance when he met the love of his life. Julie walling. What to follow along. He's. Very hand some that's and it hurt but. From the beginning he was constantly taking care of me and you know catering to my knees as a curly it's very flattering and that's just the kind of guy he is. Eaton Julie had just fallen in love dreams of marriage and children in their future. But within months Pete started feeling on I'd having trouble with simple tasks like buttoning a shirt. After a series of tests doctors asked him to come in. And bring his parents. The doctor walked in and he went like this would this handy said this is not the common cold. This is not Lyme Disease not parkinson's it's not and mass. I hate to tell you PMRMRS. Brady's. You avail us. It was a death sentence. Eight L packs and you traffic lateral sclerosis and more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease and the rare neurological disease affecting roughly 30000. Mostly. Older Americans robbing patients of their movement's voice. And eventually their ability to breathe all while the mining and stays alert. Nancy. Ran screaming. Out of the office she knew exactly the magnitude of this thing. Devastated. I didn't know if we should run after her. We'll stay with. Outside and that is seen out faced with the press I wanted to spent my whole life went. Being you know given as high line. Payless currently has no known cause or cure. Most patients live only three to five years on average. But almost immediately around them wallowing in the Ronnie baseball star started looking at the diagnosis them as a. Pete since the darker. How much money do you need to cure this thing she puts her hand on his name is Pete. I just sent a billion I don't having knowledge then going to have to I think they'll make a big impact. A billion dollar challenge to cure his disease and astronomical figure for sure but that didn't deter Petri. So he sent to areas like Iowa that should million dollars and all rich delegates. And I think that's I think on the ground laughing that's absurd. We just a middle class family what are you talking about. Ever the team captain Pete took the reins of this disease from day one he set the tone he got diagnosed and articles are they were chancellor. What else are from salt it was what can I do to help other people walk I do to help and make sure other. Go through my family gone through. Peak became a man on a mission his loved ones quickly rallying behind him but he knew it would be a brutal past. Pizza do you you know you're young you have your whole life different view I'll understand if you leave. Yes and it was a very short conversation because I am pretty sure it told him to oh basically shut out. Rounds and tear them apart for months after the diagnosis Pete and Julie promised to spend the rest of their lines together. Knowing that you're in get married. Knowing that you're about to save for richer for poorer in sickness and health. What went through your mind before. We got married I was so nervous about the actual ceremony and saying those words a you know on blankets on optional. That's. This is. Peter Pace. Sun flake empower those like yes we aren't doing us the sickness and health and I'm not. Crying about it because this is the choice I made. Piqued by this time in a wheelchair. Ever the fighter and standing up to walk his wife down the aisle. At cell kind of lake in grocery aisle that think about because he was pretty much always in a wheelchair at that point quick to some moments are about he. That he literally can make himself walk if he wants to go. It's that same fortitude along with his Abby social media skills that helps fund barred your face. On Summers ago. He's watching all the videos on the silly friends doing the funniest things. And he was laughing hysterically. So he challenged two's hundreds of best friends. Plugging into the network of athletes with massive social do you follow this you right away was tagging behind tagging people that he knew of influence I accept the ice bucket challenge. Almost instantly a big name athletes stepped up to the plate former Boston College quarterback. Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Will Julian settlement of the patriot staff records laws is that person that this president. And the next thing you know your home this changes things like challenges. Her lawyer what I think it must spend Bill Gates. Peace promise came true the world's richest man and perhaps most powerful philanthropist. Shivering for his calm. And that billion dollar prediction and they were almost a quarter of the way there in just six weeks.

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{"duration":"8:44","description":"Frates, a former baseball player, battled the rare neurological disease for seven years. During that time, he and his network of athletes, helped launch the ice bucket challenge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67617582","title":"Pete Frates, who helped launch ALS ice bucket challenge, dies at 34: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/pete-frates-helped-launch-als-ice-bucket-challenge-67617582"}