Police searching for apparent serial killer terrorizing Tampa neighborhood

Tuesday's fourth homicide follows three unsolved killings that occurred within blocks of one another last month.
7:17 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for Police searching for apparent serial killer terrorizing Tampa neighborhood
down the elusive suspect. Reporter: It was the news Tampa residents had been fearing for weeks. Police here speculating that a possible serial killer may have struck again. The fourth family in mourning over a senseless and random killing. Reporter: Shortly before 5:00 A.M. When police receive a call of shots fired in the Seminole heights neighborhood. The officers arrive in seconds and find body of 60-year-old Ronald Felton shot dead. Someone came up from behind and shot him. Police believe his murder may be -- They're going door to door, trying to track down the killer. Witnesses telling officers they missed the suspect by five seconds. Describing him as a thin black man. About six feet tall. This has to stop. We will hunt this person down until we find him. Police stay killing spree started with the death of 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell. He was shot while waiting alone at a bus stop. She didn't have a chance to get marriedful? Have the body of 32-year-old Monica is found down the street and around the corner from where Mitchell was killed. Monica's uncle, devastated. Her interest was everything, the deaf community, she loves everybody. We don't want Monica to be forgotten but we don't want everybody to forget there are two other families just as bad. Following the death, a third murder. That of Anthony. It was really close. Just five minutes later, the paramedics came. He was a recent high school graduate who had autism. He was killed on his way home from work. His family, heart broken. It is a shame that I won't be able to see him no more, talk to him no more. Then this morning fourth victim, Ronald Felton who was on his way to feed the homeless. I love him. He'll be in my heart. Police point to each victim being gunned down within a half mile of each other. In each case, the victim was alone but not Ronald. I keep stating the past day, whoever knows anything. Stand up. Do not be afraid. Because this has to stop. We are in the hunting mode. Police have been searching for this person of interest. Here he is walking in the direction. They believe this shows the same person strolling casually that night, flipping a cell phone in his home. Police hope someone recognizes what could be a significant clue. If they take the tone and flip it. So anything that may trip somebody's memory and help them recognize that person. That's what we're trying to bring their attention. Didn't he just talk about how scary. This is the first time anything this horrific has happened. He said he won't be caught off guard. Now is the time the of I have to protect my family. Some parents say they prefer to drive their children to school rather than having them walk alone. I have never seen this many police officers. It is unsettling but settling. Late last month, I joined the officer as he conducted nightly patrols. Are you heading home? Checking on neighbors. We're passing right by the spot where Benjamin Mitchell was killed. That's why we're out here. We want this guy. We really do. So does neighborhood. The sentiment is all too familiar to the residents of the Washington, D.C. Area. We're interrupting your nightly news program. Back in October of 2002, what was believed to be a lone sniper tr terrorized the beltway. In the end there would be ten murders this three weeks. People can't understand how someone can do this. A seemingly random gunshot. In each shooting, the victims were killed by a high caliber rifle from a distance. When I talk on people who are getting gas or going to the gym or eating in a diner. They weave when they walk. They won't wear red or yellow. No one is going to play grounds. You just want your children to be safe. The eighth victim was a 13-year-old child walking into school. Someone is so mean-spirited that they shot a child. Now all of our victims have been innocent, have been defenseless. The number of victims and fear on the rise caused then president bush to step in. I've ordered the full resources of the federal government to help local law enforcement officials in their efforts to capture this person. More than 1300 federal officers were assigned to the case. The ABC cont@ibutor, an FBI agent at the time, was one of them. Literally this case had thousands and thousands of leads. People were scared. Some of those leads began to pay off. We got a vehicle description. Then a tag number. That tag was spotted at a rest area in Maryland not too far from D.C. By a guy going to work. He called it in. The police surrounded the car at some point. Pulled them both out. 41-year-old John Allen Mohammed and Lee. I mentioned the movie the matrix. His eyes just dropped and immediately connected with mine. It got him to a point where he was willing to talk to us. We got him to walk through a number of the shootings. We got a pretty decent confession out of him during those five six hours. 15 years later, he's#hoping Tampa police get a similar break in their case. The terror in the community will be similar. And the utter importance it is for the public to continue to feed the police with information to figure out who this guy is. That's ultimately what caught the D.C. Snipers. Police promising to keep their community safe. We need catch this killer before we have to notify one more family that one of their loved ones is dead. Not in our town. Not in this neighborhood. Not now. And we're going to stay on this until we catch this guy. For "Nightline," in Tampa, Florida.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Tuesday's fourth homicide follows three unsolved killings that occurred within blocks of one another last month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"51160125","title":"Police searching for apparent serial killer terrorizing Tampa neighborhood","url":"/Nightline/video/police-searching-apparent-serial-killer-terrorizing-tampa-neighborhood-51160125"}