'Queer Eye's' Fab Five on how Season 1's big moments will carry over to Season 2

The cast of the Netflix reboot said the show has been an important source of personal reckoning for them, covered topics from religion to racial profiling in policing.
7:19 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for 'Queer Eye's' Fab Five on how Season 1's big moments will carry over to Season 2
Reporter:ackson from Georgia had los the love of his I'm butt ugly. Reporter: And his own self-confidence. Yan't fix ugly. Reporter: Until he got a visit. Ws yeah, how Y doing? Get up, Tom. Great to meet Yo Reporter: From the new fab five. Hey! Reporter: It's thereboot everyone is talking about, "Qeye" on Netflix. This is sol that you guys are touching M willy-nilly. Oh my god! His is a bathroom. Eight people, one bathroom. The bathroom. Go. Reporter: Time the S is down south. N Georgia does her section mean the same as it does in California? Reporter: W a little social awakening. Re you the husband or the wife? Let's break that wn. THA a misconception. Let's unpack . Reporter: New fab five ING off radical makeovers. We've still got some work to itewalk. A piece got to still fix. It will show that you've put some thought into your look. Oh, god, yes, balance. Yes, symmetry. Who gave us permission? Reporter: Andays a side ass. Look his! All right! Oh, yes! You loo so cool. O ts what shorts that actually look LI Oh, yeah. He was sh an amazing ma reporter:nd a lot of love. You guys areaking me cry. S ok Oh, Tom. You're such a Goan. Rr: The first showas so ground-breaking in so many ways. The fir Tim a large audience ha seennly G men lead a show. Ee where get your hairstyle from it's perfect. What was it a the reboot that made you say, absolutely, I'm ? Back then people were acceptof gays if they were decorators, cooks, in shion. God forbid any of theere my husb my children wasn't accepted then. I wanted to bring that part of R to mainstrm. Reporter: In the first season we meet a crop of new heroes, includinga.j., who the fab five helped to come out to hiswn stepmother. Then you alnow that I'm Y. I realizeith a.j.'s episode, I'd never spokeno like an audience or any group of pe AUT sort of like coming or what that's been lik for me or my sexuality. It made me realize the avity. We have a voice here, wble to tell our stories. It's not about being preachy, it's a sharing those personal experes bse there's relatelity in that. That's how we tie them in. Was grnd-breaking television, running four years. Forhis reboot, a big Chan They T me, come back when you're let. And I was terrified to go in E alone again. So really K you for going with me, I appreciate that. I not just for the straight T' more incl S a really awful experience trying to get that changed. Orter: Incluty that opens the dooror discussions on tough social and pical issues of the day. Hi, see your license, please? I don't have. You don't have your license in posi? Reporter: In one epis karamo is pulled over by a white lice officer You mind stepping out of the vehicle for me? What had? You had no idea? I H N idea. What kind of show isthis? We make ovetraight guys. Is his nam Corey? You can'to that to me! Reporter: The prank started a dialogue between karamo and hero Corey, also a cop about listing -- policing in america This other officer that kicked T guy in the face after he was handcuffed, there's nog makes it all right. In our cou the tension between cops and african-icans, peo are not communicating anymore. ING that moment with him E triggered as an african-aman man in this country, I said, either I can stay closed off, or I can all myself to be open to this who's different than me, and you ow we talk? Re man to man, father tofather? Everybody wants to talk, nobody wants to listen. Are there moment THA you do pull back? For me on the Bobby camp EP one of thirst things I said to the producers when I got cast, I'll deal with anything -- ex religion. I grew up see relis. Drew line on religion. It's a very stive topic for me because it was such AIG part of my life before. You said no, I'm notng there? I sai no but I thought it was realportant to ask bobbyow he felt about homosexua as a very religious person. I just saw T rules. I didn't she grace. I spe everayer meeting and every Sunday cryand begging god T N make me gay. I've gotten countless dms from even pastors who have said to , you have literally changed my entire VI on homosexuality. To hearou say, you begged G not T make you gay, still are, made realize it's not a choice. Reporter: The show's ncerity and soft touch made it a succ audiencebers responding to moments in whiharacter strugggive way to self-love. In to thing we could that was wr with them. But goaleay was to walk in and try toind everything that was good about them, so that they could see that, because the couldn't see that. They couldn't themselves did. The only way you get to that P iing strain the T. Men a so often told to close it off. Think about evyoung boy that startshow emn. A coach, afather, mentor, a teach, op that Y're acting girlieou're a this. Y that?for me it was deconditio em from that minds and T behavior to them know, no, it'say.showing a little emotion makes you more confident makes you a better human be Reporn April we caught up with cast New York along students fro the city'sgay/straight allia clubs. Hi, I'm bobby,ic to meet Reporter: They prepared for glsen's natl day of silence. T do you say to all the kids your who are in ps where there isot area functioning lgbt straight/g alliance? Who are feeling not acce by their family? Hough you may not feel like Y Fam ate is supportivehere's people erywhere who are there for you. Social media is such a big thin it can be used for V product things. Talk taking a medium that could be aedible waste of time and turning it into something soeffect When we were kids we didn't have a click of button in our cket, somewhere where there was a common you have the advantage of community in your pocket, your smartphone Nobody is really alone, you aren't E. Repr: That idea snglytheir mission, leaving characters ahose watching feeling a lot les alone. One, two, three -- Freak out! Repor for "Nightline," Gloria Riviera, ABC news. Lgbtq youth across the nation. "Queer eye" comes to Netflix

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The cast of the Netflix reboot said the show has been an important source of personal reckoning for them, covered topics from religion to racial profiling in policing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55603488","title":"'Queer Eye's' Fab Five on how Season 1's big moments will carry over to Season 2","url":"/Nightline/video/queer-eyes-fab-season-1s-big-moments-carry-55603488"}