Roger Ebert, The Movie Man, Dead at 70

Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic reached celebrity status in the early '80s.
3:00 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Roger Ebert, The Movie Man, Dead at 70
For more than four decades Roger Ebert its name rang out in millions of homes across America anywhere movies were being discussed. His -- -- thumbs up thumbs down. -- the choices and opinions of millions tonight we say goodbye to Roger Ebert the voice of a movie going generation. Roger Ebert loved. He -- all kinds of movies high and low classic in -- serious and silly. Passionately arguing about -- on -- with gene Siskel and their iconic show. The movie what about the movie. I didn't want to let it character what about the -- Hebert this spectacle wouldn't be sweater and became attached. Towering presence in the movie industry from the 1970s -- on the first movie critic to win a Pulitzer Prize and -- two thumbs up from him and Cisco. Could mean millions in ticket sales. He always tied it Roger -- that's -- go to find out who -- Tommy what's a good movie it's not a good read his secret. Ebert loved movies like we do not like some high full -- in critical but as a Smart and engaging man who just loved going into the dark. And dreaming the dream along with the rest of us -- -- -- When it came out in 1977 some critics -- Star Wars is empty juvenile escaped this. Ebert went on Nightline and told Ted Koppel why they were so wrong. -- but I spent a lot of my Saturday matinee is watching science fiction movies -- -- having a great time being stimulated. And having my imagination stimulated and having all all sorts -- -- take place in my mind that helped me to become an adult then to still stay young at heart. And that it's something else about Roger Ebert he loved movies and he loved life to. These are my words but this is not my voice in 2006 cancer robbed him of his voice his ability to eat and -- his face. But with the help of technology he kept talking using a computer generated voice to tell -- for a bit inside. He was still marveling at the world and sharing -- -- that's just like I was in life. You could never shut me out this terrible hole cancer took on and simply could not put him down this is the way I look. And my life is happy and productive. On Twitter today where he found another 21 century voice and had 800000. Followers an outpouring of sorrow. Michael Moore the director tweeted Roger Ebert millions of thumbs up for you -- IP. And from director Spike Lee. I missed my dear friend Roger Ebert was one of the first major movie critics to support my joints as -- calls his films. Richard -- the critic who joined Ebert on TV after the death of Gene Siskel summed up the unique connection his old friend had with so many for so long. I think everybody felt like they knew him from seeing him on TV and reading his work and that was Roger that kind generous. Passionate wonderful full of life individual use on TV that's what it was like -- real life. -- Roger Ebert last public utterance appropriately was online a final -- two days ago linking to his blog. Where he announced the recurrence of the cancer and wrote. Thank you for going on this journey with me I'll see you at the movies. So now cue the music. -- --

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{"id":18885691,"title":"Roger Ebert, The Movie Man, Dead at 70","duration":"3:00","description":"Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic reached celebrity status in the early '80s.","url":"/Nightline/video/roger-ebert-americas-film-critic-dead-70-18885691","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}