Rose McGowan wants to put a stop to the Hollywood 'system': Part 2

Taking on the naysayers, hoping to never act again.
6:59 | 02/01/18

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Transcript for Rose McGowan wants to put a stop to the Hollywood 'system': Part 2
How does the rose who walked into that hotel room in 1997 differ from the rose bhwho is sitting here with me. We are two different people. Two different people? Yeah. You become. You either have to become a different person or you perish. This rose Mcgowan says she's not about to be bullied into silence, not by Harvey Weinstein, the man who she says raped her, nor by anyone else. I have been S lrlut-shamed, harassed. It's time to be whole. To be brave. By 2016 began working often her memoir "Brave" when she unleashed these tweets first public hints of the attacks, writing this -- When I released that I said soak come find me reporters I gave you everything but a name. Let's go. She began talking to the new York Times and the new Yorker. Meanwhile Weinstein began trying to silence her. The monster was already coming after me. When you say after me. After me to shurbsh me, to steal my book. There's a ring of spies. That can't be. Yeah well it can in fact the investigation revealed just that. Weinstein hired black cube a firm largely run by former M Assad agents in attempt to stop the publications after abuse allegations against him and one of the former spies from that firm pretended to be woman's rights advocate it befriend Mcgowan. Spent days guys her and cried with her and her job was to get my book. Black cube delivered to Weinstein more than 100 pages of transcripts and descriptions of the book. You were quoted that you don't trust anybody. No. This is life or death for you. It is. Do you really believe that. I do. Do you have former masad agents coming after you? In a report told the TV channel -- it's of apologized adding it's a shame we took this job. News broke last fall, causing dozen EVAS and dozens of others who spoke out against Weinstein. What do you say to these women who came out with you. Thank you. Are so many are having nightmares. It's so necessary whether you want to look at it or not. You say Hollywood is a cult. It is. What do you mean by that? It has its leaders. He was the defacto leader. He states equally with god. And god, Harvey Weinstein. What's you're reaction when it happens. Every time was a blow. A bullet. Which is why Mcgowan takes to it Twitter mobilizing the #rosearmy to call out Hollywood and singling out Meryl Streep calling her a lie. You took on Meryl Streep. It's more like she's the establishment. She denied knowing any of the misconduct. I think a lot of people file it under he does stuff to women. Maybe she doesn't know. Maybe she lives in such a rarified ether that she didn't know. Maybe her sworld so perfect she didn't have to. But that's not my world. Streep unequivocally she didn't know. What happened to rose is unbearable. I have nothing but empathy and a hope that she finds a way to heal. I really do. And just this evening Mcgowan reacting to that on CNN. I praise her for what she said and I thank her and it means a lot to me. As a result of the New York Times and new Yorker investigations. Harvey Weinstein fired from the company bearing his name. Weinstein lost his studio and his status within Hollywood. The once mighty, now disgraced. Do you feel justice has been served? No. Losing their job. What does justice look like to you? Bars. This man should be behind bars. For the rest of his life. He has stolen, he has hijacked, smeared, lied, purchased, has done die a bolical things in the name of being able to stick his face between women's face and literally eat their essence. It's chilling and it's real. One scene currently under criminal investigation in los Angeles, New York and the united Kingdom but for Mcgowan the story doesn't end with Weinstein. I don't believe I owe Hollywood a thank you letter I owe it a kick in the proverbial head. She want it'ses to put a stop in the system. Saying that there's a form of human trafficking. It is if you can negotiate how long my left breast can be seen for while someone's filming negotiating how long I can be in a room for. The naysayers are saying are you biting the hand that fed you. Done. Yeah I am. They didn't save me. At all. I took what I could get and I took and I did what I had to do. Mcgowan says she no longer wants to act. Is releasing an album "Planet 9" and earned critical debut. Tell me about "Dawn". It's metaphorical what happens in the world to girl when we are sent out to be polite. The film takes place in the 60s centers around a girl name dawn being aggressively courted by a I boy she doesn't know. Hi. I saw you at the station today remember. The moral is the predator can either be a monster, look like a monster or be a beautiful young man but they're doing the same psychological damage. Even through all of the pain Mcgowan's vision of the future remains hopeful. We are pure. We are strong. We are brave. And we will fight. It's not like this forever. We just have to look at it and acknowledge it and then we'll be free.

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{"id":52759195,"title":"Rose McGowan wants to put a stop to the Hollywood 'system': Part 2","duration":"6:59","description":"Taking on the naysayers, hoping to never act again.","url":"/Nightline/video/rose-mcgowan-put-stop-hollywood-system-part-52759195","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}