Behind the Scenes of Cirque Du Soleil's Broadway Show 'Paramour'

Ruby Lewis makes her Broadway debut in the show about a singer in a love triangle with a composer and a director.
7:16 | 05/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes of Cirque Du Soleil's Broadway Show 'Paramour'
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain Cirque du soleil with the acrobatics has become a global phenomenon, but can they make it here on Broadway? It's a multimillion dollar gamble, and we go behind the scenes. Reporter: When you think of Broadway, you don't think of aerial summer salts or glidiing through the air. They are hoping to change that at cirque du soleil with the upcoming Broadway debut. It's a marriage of the classic story telling of musical theater. ♪ Reporter: Broadway has never seen anything like it. True to cirque du soleil form, there are countless stunts that make your jaw drop. Like the strap artists who fly through the air without a harness in what is a display of strength and grace. It's a $25 million gamble resting on the shoulders of this young woman. Less than two weeks before we have an audience. A lot of work still has to get done. Reporter: Ruby plays a lounge singer. ♪ Reporter: Who gets caught up in an old Hollywood love triangle. Torn between two men. She has been performing for 24 years, but this is her Broadway debut. And the stakes don't get any higher. Cirque du soleil has tried twice already to tackle Broadway to mixed results. Do you feel the nerves? Do you feel pressure? I think I'm in fight or flight mode a little bit. This is your debut. It's the first impression. Reporter: Her day begins almost like anyone else's. I drink a lot of coffee these days, especially today. I know it's going to be a long one. Reporter: To fuel her ten hour workdays, the Kentucky girl goes for comfort food. Let me show you what a southern broccoli casserole looks like. That's an entire stick of butter and Ritz crackers. You can see specks of green. You're still getting your vegetables. Reporter: How do you train for something like this? There's athleticism for you as well in all the dance? Yeah. I say singing, dancing, acting, it's all working a muscle. If you do it enough and get comfortable enough in it, then you become one of the best. Reporter: We're behind the scenes with ruby and the cast. Split roughly down the middle between actors and acrobats. Many oh limb bik level gymnasts. The world class a K kcrobats train every day. Reporter: Most of them have specialties and represented their countries. On their final week leading up to their first preview show -- here we are. Reporter: Everyone is working around the clock. Backstage producers, costume design designers. Even hair and makeup. All hands own deck as they're near the final hours of preproduction. First up ruby checks in with her co-star. Ruby. Hi. Hi. Reporter: Brett plays rob by plays her confidant. We've become pals. I think it's a southern thing. Our accents come back in full force when we're together. I'm from Texas. Reporter: She needs to mentally prepare for her acrobatic stunlt. Today she's testing out the harness that will hoist her 25 feet in the air. Is it physically more demanding than most musicals? In a different way it is. Reporter: You have to fair on all pistons when you go on page stage. You don't realize how tiring it was until the end of the day when you're like, that was a lot. Reporter: This guy plays joey, the composer, one of two men her character is torn over. ♪ Such a shame I have been to be fought over. Two lovely men with beautiful voices. The director represents fame and fortune. The composer represents the simple life. Reporter: Or maybe just love. Next stop, wardrobe. Hello, everybody. Reporter: A huge team is still designing and creating more than 250 costumes. Especially crafted to allow for the rigors of a cirque du soleil show. A lot of the costumes like this one has wires built in. Reporter: To keep it from flipping over her head when she's up side down. Unfortunately ruby doesn't speak any French which can make things tricky when working with the Canadian cirque du soleil crew. Then a stop in hair and makeup. Ruby alone will have more than ten different looks. Ruby, you're going into costumes at this time. Reporter: At least I look pretty. It's time for her to practice her flying. She gets into her harness and heads to the theater. It's an exhausting process. Reporter: They attach cables to the harness through holes cut in the especially crafted skirt. A quick last minute safety check and slowly but surely she's up in the air. ♪ Reporter: Is it ever scary? It is scary when I get loaded in. You start thinking what if the hours. ♪ Once the curtain goes down at the end of the show, we're all going to feel such elation. Reporter: For "Nightline" in New York. It opens on may 25th. Coming up next, Channing Tatum pulling out all the stops to get

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{"id":38918899,"title":"Behind the Scenes of Cirque Du Soleil's Broadway Show 'Paramour'","duration":"7:16","description":"Ruby Lewis makes her Broadway debut in the show about a singer in a love triangle with a composer and a director.","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-cirque-du-soleils-broadway-show-paramour-38918899","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}