Searching for 'Ice Cold Gold' in Frigid Greenland

In Animal Planet's reality series, miners brave rough elements in hopes of striking it rich.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Searching for 'Ice Cold Gold' in Frigid Greenland
Humans do a lot to get rich these day. Tonight we're going to introduce you to seven guys trying to get rich the old fashioned way, going on a treasure hunt. They're doing this in one of the last pristine spots on planet Earth. Here's ABC's David Wright. It is cold, remote and inhospitable. Oh, my god! Oh, my god. One of the last frontiers on Earth. For a few intrepid minors, Greenland might just be the color of money. Got a ruby here. Probably a 2 carat ruby. This team went to Greenland, hoping to strike it rich. Their journey documented on the animal planet show "Ice cold gold." Last season, their first trip was almost a total bust. But then on the very last day as winter was setting in, they hit pay dirt. Look at this! This is it! No way! Yes! A previously undiscovered area they call the red zone. The rocks, studded with rubies and other gem stones, a claim that may be worth millions. The second season, airing now, is all about their effort to make that claim pay off. How much did you find? None of your business. Reporter: For thee of guys, Greenland is a world away from home. A place that a century ago was the U.S. Frontier, the wild west of the American gold rush. "Nightline" caught up with brothers josh and Jesse Feldman and their fall Zach, at their centuries old gold mine in a western boom town. They even gave me a lesson in mining. Fulfilling a boyhood fantasy. Yeah, I think you're good. There we go. We're striking it richs. After we dig up the rock, we have to crush it, see if there's any gold. Look at that. See in gold? Not yet. Go through the crusher and shake it out. All of this is nothing compared to the hardships in Greenland. Setting up camp for two months on an uninhabited island to prospect for gold. There it goes. Reporter: The modern equivalent to the klondike. Here, global warming is uncovering deposits of minerals unseen since the ice age. Oh, my god. Everywhere. But the miners wither not quite prepared for the hardships. Everything you do there is hard. The boat trip, helicopter trips, all that kind of stuff, it's extremely hard. It's always dependent on the wet per .it's 50 dth fahrenheit and it's nice. You're in a t-shirt. And then you won what happened? Are you going to make it? The process is the same, but the stakes aren't quite as high. There is gold in them there hill, but the easy stuff is long gone. You get the first honors. Right in there. Don't screw this up, David. Put it in here, not over there. There we go. See anything yet? Nothing. Not yet. This is where the action happens right here, end of the table. Looks like a chocolate river now. I think you have another trip to Greenland, guys. Talk me through the red zone. The first year when we discovered it, we immediately knew we had something fantastic. When you land your helicopter, we trudge out through the snow and we're wiping the snow away from all the rock face where is we think this should be. W we're following the geology and then boom, we hit it. There are rubies littered all over the place. This is one of the last pristine spots on the plat et .. Is it going to wreck it? No. Greenland is the last frontier, but with rules. And we're all too happy to follow those rules. They're important. Still for a greenhorn like me, Arizona is plenty challenging. They took me down the old mine shaft for the lesson in the delicate art of the chisel. Here's a rock hammer. Are you sure this is safe? Hell no it's not safe. This is mining, man. After I get my helmet, josh tells me where to tap. Anytime you see copper, gold can follow it. Same thing up in here. There's nice pieces of quartz. And that's good, hard quartz. And that quartz carries old. Don't swing away like an animal. Just break it out of there. A little harder would be all right. Right there. There it is. Here's your piece of ore. Got some green on it. Yeah. Copper in it. You got a good spot. Put that in your pocket. You are now officially a high Dra tor. I may not have struck it rich like the boys on "Ice cold gold" but I now understand a little bit better what it means to hit pay dirt. Go for it. Steal some more of our gold. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" at the mammoth mine in apache junction, Arizona. Clearly too much work to be worth it. "Ice cold gold" airs on animal planet on Thursdays.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In Animal Planet's reality series, miners brave rough elements in hopes of striking it rich.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23154389","title":"Searching for 'Ice Cold Gold' in Frigid Greenland","url":"/Nightline/video/searching-ice-cold-gold-frigid-greenland-23154389"}