'Star Wars' Trilogy in 60 Minutes

One performance group's whiplash tale of a dark lord in a galaxy, far, far away.
2:59 | 01/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Star Wars' Trilogy in 60 Minutes
Those of you who have somehow managed to spend the last couple of decades without seeing a Star Wars movie eight. There's one group of diehard fans out to bring up to speed in hyper drive here's ABC's nick walked. We're Gannett company and he knows -- false milk. Folding -- fighter jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. This is Star Wars -- six have been. Onstage low five. In just six minutes we are cutting it up but we're doing with a lot of -- I cannot teach him. The Boeing has no patience Patrick Gorman the Star Wars and -- -- I worshipped it's so much it was it was almost a part of my you know my being my soul and a very sad way. I can tell the expression you gave -- -- over enthusiastic parents. Ever since I was tiny little girl and wanted to. Be taken off into space with Han Solo. I'm assuming heroes a nut case let's just -- in the state of stuff. She even if you've never seen star with the -- edition edited down. The story should get across in a bare bones sort of way every line in the play soon to the original -- the drug -- looking people aren't aren't. You can go about his business nobody's business about business move -- alarm clock iconic moments from the films we -- -- hit every single one of those -- trying to hit him hard no way. Like the delicious Luke and -- -- CD. Yeah. -- -- -- My personal highlights are actually doubled hot. Heat. And Natalie Portman had -- explaining the change it's -- really -- agree that it. Since 1995 -- been staging on and off -- thirteen minute version of the first three movies George Lucas himself. Came to see it it felt like the culmination of a dream for me because again this -- this with the man who created something that. Profoundly changed at George -- -- request -- -- -- the sequels this is the world premiere of the sixty minute show. -- -- Favorite line -- do or do not there is no try it's the worst piece of advice effort I think trying it's really where the magic simply didn't try to display. Back when I was in college we wouldn't be here today still goofing on. Yes mosque. Americas Hamlet no matter what anybody might say one way or the other is Star Wars I'm nick wants for Nightline. In a galaxy. Far from far away and.

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{"id":18157887,"title":"'Star Wars' Trilogy in 60 Minutes","duration":"2:59","description":"One performance group's whiplash tale of a dark lord in a galaxy, far, far away.","url":"/Nightline/video/star-wars-trilogy-60-minutes-18157887","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}