Superheroes: Why Are We Obsessed?

Was is it about Batman, Superman, Iron Man and others that keep us wanting more?
5:37 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Superheroes: Why Are We Obsessed?
So does the world need superheroes. Modern day disasters and tragedies often make us wonder when bad things happen if only some -- some hero. Incumbents save the day for us back man and -- -- -- those avengers superheroes. Even if they are real give us someone to root for to hope for instance David Wright. Uncovers why. On any given day you can easily find them. Prowling the pavement on Hollywood boulevard they're -- kids are grown. -- -- -- Posing for pictures with fans and administrative complaint review -- -- no better commitment in other. We don't pick fights these guys we love them. -- the retired man the biggest story of the moment. Just good old fashioned revenge. We're Superman about to renew his brand. -- the dark night. -- Struggling to keep it together in the chaos of Gotham city yeah. We need superhero. Tackle problems that are too tough premier -- to handle. Superheroes for the Greek gods of secular modern life. Otherworldly figures able to tackle the problems of this war. The gods of mythology they can be -- I. In fact we need them to. You called on to something. We recently visited Hans Zimmer who scored the music for the Dark -- trilogy and the new Superman movie. With that man he started with a simple musical idea that -- but -- -- -- theme. Oh suddenly we -- home. -- the possibility of -- it. How -- -- describe them any profits off while parent -- it was just to note. The super heroes themselves have changed their tunes ever so slightly over the years of the -- -- In response to the challenges we need them to tackle. Superman first derived from the planet Krypton. In the gathering storm before World War II. In the cartoons in those early days -- fought Nazis. I read somewhere that Superman was originally -- -- it's not quite that Superman's Jewish but you're close comic book professor Jim Higgins says the two men who created Superman. Part Jewish she wins sort of a metaphor for the Jewish immigrant experience was vulnerable in his own country will -- children. And now he's a separate that's -- -- come to America the land of opportunity. The later Vietnam and Watergate made a cynical straight narrowed do gooders suddenly -- -- And that's why the bat man of the sixties. Wouldn't dare treat -- -- too seriously. And for diehard fans admitting you like men in tights -- about his -- is attending a Star Trek convention. Someday -- just -- -- -- for a long time it was comics that had this -- -- -- that changed on September 11 2001. And the attack on the World Trade Center. The world once again divided into good and evil. Either you're with us. Where you -- with the terrorists. But still morally complicated. Flawed and vulnerable suddenly superheroes came back in a big way to see Captain America standing at ground zero sort of being like. Not like that -- like will get them you know it was like now he was there helping get. People out of the debris and all that -- the 2008 economic collapse doubled down on the chaos and uncertainty. The by the time you get to the Dark Knight rises -- -- -- A troubled billionaire in a bat costume battles -- villain who might as well be from Occupy Wall Street who do you root for -- that's -- area. I recognize you know you're brilliant Everest lane Adam West is now mayor west on the family definitely. -- rooms. To most folks he'll always be. The caped crusaders -- -- -- that's not your life anymore Houston of the blue constant. In the back cave somewhere. Rumors are warm -- -- my about -- in fact he spent years trying to escape being a superhero. -- It was difficult. And about five years after doing a lot of theater and dumb films and the little films -- ever. And a few good ones I decided people -- So why in the hell showed monologue that map you know why -- and great. So I kind of the planet would Batman again and I became rather fascinated with -- and the how to keep that particular cultural thing going. Super heroes never grow old. There's more where that came from mr. -- that they do change with the times I'm David Wright for Nightline in Hollywood.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Was is it about Batman, Superman, Iron Man and others that keep us wanting more?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19345095","title":"Superheroes: Why Are We Obsessed?","url":"/Nightline/video/superheroes-obsessed-19345095"}