Teens Plan Elaborate Prom-posal Stunts for Social Media Likes

Getting those Insta-likes has helped increase the drama and the cost of how to ask someone to prom.
8:27 | 05/03/16

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Transcript for Teens Plan Elaborate Prom-posal Stunts for Social Media Likes
It's that time of year. American teenagers going through the ultimate high school right of pass taj. Prom. The date is old as the dance itself. Now the proposal is rising to dizzying new heights and creativity, costs and increasingly social media pressure. Tonight we ask what's the real motivation behind the epic asks? Reporter: For high schoolers it's the ultimate public display of affection. The proposal. The simple act of asking for a prom date. Now the latest social media ritual going to extremes. From sweet serenades to flash mobs. Featuring over the top choreography. To famous political faces. Niko it would be K sick if you would go to the prom with Julia. Reporter: Getting millions of views, shares and likes, but this quest for social media fame is leading some teenagers to lay out elaborate amounts of time and money in an escalating game of one upsmanship. I knew I wanted to do something big. Other people had done big things but I wanted to top them. Reporter: In the olden days the best prom moments aftered at the dance. The kiss at the end of the night in "Pretty in pink". But now the prom drama starts well before with the ask. And it's not cheap. The average proem pose costs more than $300. Once you at the dress, flowers, limb Moe and tickets, prom spending can easy top $1,000 or more per couple. One expert thinks it's fuelled by social media. It's not a surprise they'd want to get elaborate with their first romantic gesture. That being said, in a world where everyone likes and clicks on your proposal, it ups the anti. The guy is putting the finishing touches on his proposal. Tomorrow he'll hand this oversized prom ticket to his girlfriend at the end of her high school performance. I'm going to use it to get her to come with me instead of go with the captain that she's been in the play with. Reporter: He's convinced the pay off on social media will be worth it. Go big or go home, I guess. Reporter: The next morning his nerves are starting to show. I'm sweating a little. Reporter: Friends and faculty give him a last-minute pep talk. At last, it's time for his P prom proposal. He strides to the stage. His girlfriend's jaw dropping response, worth the wait. Move over, there's a new captain. Mcken in a, I have your ticket and your suitcase packed. Will you go to prom with me? Yes. Reporter: Once a proposal is posted online it gets an instant viral boost when Twitter handles and hash tags are around them. A 17-year-old proposal is the kind people love to like on Twitter. Everyone comes up to me the next day at school, thanks a lot. Now ours will look not as good. Reporter: He rented a plane and then flew over a street where he'd written prom in chalk. The object of his affection was thrilled. I got 160 likes on insta gam. That was cool that it got that many. Last year I got her a sign that said I meant to ask you prom, and I had a bunch of peppermints. That was homecoming. Last year for prom you wrote it on my car. Right. Reporter: As extreme promposals become the norm, an author worries it can ad to the pressure of fitting in and or being popular. I would want them to do it because they care about them and want it to be meaningful rather than how many likes they're going to get on Facebook. I have an announcement -- Reporter: Not to mention the pressure to say yes. When this young woman turned down her would be prom date in this youtube video, he was harha harshly criticized in the comments. If a guy asked the girl and she said no, she's shamed. The other way around, she's not. Reporter: In an era of girl power, proposal can be sexist. It's a subconscious bias that the boy always has to ask the girl. I think if a girl asked a guy it might warrant a different response from people. Reporter: He handed you flowers. Was your heart pounding? Sometimes when a boy flips for a girl, literally -- the crowd can't help but cheer. That's so cool. Reporter: Your boyfriend is doing back flips for you. There's nothing more romantic. Is that you? That's me. Reporter: Look at him. Oh, that is so cute. They're throwing confetti on you. He's so handsome. Thank you. Reporter: This senior has been on the hunt for a dress ever since her boyfriend made that tumbling proposal a few years ago. Reporter: Ytoday she's getting this one for free thanks to operation prom. A nonprofit started 13 years ago to help offset the costs of prom. I think it's out of control. With the expenses senior year to begin with, you're going to college and paying for college applications and then you pay for prom and that's a ticket, a dress, limo, it's gotten out of hand. The group gives away racks own dresses worth hundreds of dollars each. These came from Macy's. Reporter: These are dresses were girls who can't afford to buy one or their school counselors recommend them. I wish it didn't cost so much. I think with social media, the competition of everybody try to do something bigger and better, it's almost impossible to pull back. Reporter: It's like a prom arms race. So much so that she says her organization may get into the proposal game. Operation prom would sponsor some of them and the money the students would pay for it would go back to students that were in need. Reporter: Over 2 00 girls came to the event. Including this one who found her dream gown on the first try. How many dresses have you tried on? This is the first. Reporter: You're done. Her mom, a single mother with six kids, loved it too. It feels like Hollywood, doesn't it? She's going to feel rich. Reporter: She says the fact that it was free is just the icing on the cake for this aspiring nurse who tells us she was accepted to eight colleges. Reporter: Did they give you good scholarships? A full scholarship. Reporter: A full ride. Mom, you did well. Back in Ohio Mcken in a says she was most impressed by how much thought was put into her proposal. Some promposals, they spend so much money. Something like this, it means a lot more. I agree with that. My budget was solid. I like my budget. Reporter: How much do you think you spent? 30. Maybe. It was priceless. Reporter: And before we left, kaple had one more message for promposals. I challenge you to top me. Do better. I'd love to see it.

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{"duration":"8:27","description":"Getting those Insta-likes has helped increase the drama and the cost of how to ask someone to prom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"38833363","title":"Teens Plan Elaborate Prom-posal Stunts for Social Media Likes","url":"/Nightline/video/teens-plan-elaborate-prom-posal-stunts-social-media-38833363"}