Toronto Raptors takes the lead in Game 3 of NBA finals

Golden State is fighting to make NBA history with a third straight championship win but it has to first topple Toronto. "Nightline" looks at both teams' star players as well as Drake's trolling.
6:15 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Toronto Raptors takes the lead in Game 3 of NBA finals
Oakland, game three. The NBA finals. The biggest stage in basketball. This guy wears a team Jersey and draws a crowd. He's a superstar, but he isn't a player or a raptor. The 67-year-old would say he's the Toronto raptors' biggest fan. He's attended every single raptors home game for 20 years. My love for basketball started in Toronto in '95 when I first bought two tickets, because I could only afford two tickets at the time. This is the most entertaining game on this Earth. Reporter: But tonight. This is our time! Reporter: He is in enemy territory. As his beloved team battles the golden state warriors. For 48 minutes, we are in a competition. Other than that, we are brotherhood before the game and after the game. Go raptors, go! Reporter: From one side, a dynasty, fighting to keep its crown. Steph curry and the warriors, who are playing in their fifth straight NBA final. They've already won three. They play fast. They hit threes. They have superstars. Reporter: On the other side, the new kids on the block, the Toronto raptors and their superstar player, kawhi Leonard. It is the story of the successful golden state warriors versus the upstart first time we're here Toronto raptors. Somebody that worked for the airport told me it's not just a city behind you, it's the whole country. Reporter: Surprisingly, maybe some in America too. Anywhere besides California, I think they're rooting for the raptors, believe it or not. I think it's the patriots syndrome. You see that team at the top so long you want to see goliath fall. Reporter: There's certainly one raptors fan who wants to see the warriors fall. Drake. Started from the bottom, now we're here Reporter: Has been here for his team the raptors during previous games. His courtside antics were in full swing, from giving the coach an impromptu shoulder massage to appearing to smack talk draymond green. It's one thing to be drake. It's another thing to go up touching a guy while he's coaching the game. He has not only injected this sort of celebrity into this whole thing but created a new story line. How much is too much from the celebrity fans. Reporter: During game one of the NBA finals, drake appeared to pick lint from curry's hair. My colleague spoke to curry about the stunts. As players on the court we don't really mind it. We go back at him sometimes once in a while. Reporter: The warriors have played in the finals for the past five seasons. Five times in a row, a streak like that surpassed only by the Boston Celtics from 1959 to 1966. The greatest teams in NBA history have been able to do one thing that others haven't, three-peat. Reporter: Curry is a household name. The greatest shooter of all time. He is absolutely sure, when he shoots the ball, that ball is going in. The world is his. He's a three-time champion, a two-time league MVP. Reporter: Also known as a family man. Every year, it's crazy. Have you seen the ticket prices for these finals? Hm-mm. Reporter: I've seep your salary, too. It's not about how much you make. It's about how much you keep. Reporter: While Steph may be an open book, the raptors' kawhi Leonard is the opposite. He is an interesting figure. We know almost nothing about him. It's crazy. Kawhi Leonard could work for the CIA as easily as he could be a NBA player. He has nothing to say. He ain't giving out any information whatsoever. Nobody even talks trash to him. And they don't talk trash to him, you know why? He won't respond. He has nothing to say. When I'm on the basketball court, that's where I want to I want to take each possession at a time. Reporter: People are so fascinated by him, searching for any taste of his personality. That a simple clip of him laughing went viral last year. Reporter: There have been small displays of humor, tongue and cheek ads for a grocery chain in 2014. I got your cheeseballs. That's all you got? Reporter: On the court, he is a dominating presence. Worthy of his nickname. He's called "The claw." That's for his defense and because he has big hands. The guy is unstoppable defensively. He can play with his back to the basket. Can step away from the basket, hit three-point shots and is an elite defender. Reporter: A three-time all-star who's already won a championship with the San Antonio spurs. But after seven seasons with the spurs, he was traded to the raptors. Kawhi Leonard is the closest thing to Michael Jorden in today's game. A guy who can change the fortune of a team by himself. What I wanted to do when I got to this team is to make history. Reporter: For kauai and the raptors, the time is now. In the arena packed with warrior fans, Toronto claims a 2-1 lead in the series. It's clear that kawhi Leonard's desire for greatness goes beyond the championship games. Want to be top 50 on the all-time list. Reporter: One thing is clear. Two of the greatest players on the planet are making this a finals worth watching. Game four is Friday night, right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Golden State is fighting to make NBA history with a third straight championship win but it has to first topple Toronto. \"Nightline\" looks at both teams' star players as well as Drake's trolling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63522971","title":"Toronto Raptors takes the lead in Game 3 of NBA finals","url":"/Nightline/video/toronto-raptors-takes-lead-game-nba-finals-63522971"}