Transgender student athletes on their fight to compete as themselves

A new Hulu documentary looks intimately at the lives of trans student-athletes. Eight states have passed laws restricting trans athletes from playing on teams consistent with their gender identity.
8:00 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Transgender student athletes on their fight to compete as themselves
Would it be fair for me to be competing boy's no. I am a girl. That's who I am, no matter what Sarah rose huckman is grace Trans athletes and trans individuals humans too and we want to with our lives live as authentically and discrimination-free as possible. For transgender athletes like Sarah playing is not about winning it's about kpeetsing competing as yourself. The new documentary on hulu intimately follows the lives of three transgender athletes. Think of us being humans and teenagers, most teens are doing sports are doing it because they love it. Filmmakers elevating the voices of teen activists, eight states already passed laws restricting teen from playing in the gender in which they - identify and dozens more in the We made this to support trans youth that was the intention from day one. When a lot of legislation is being introduced it is not actually centering the experiences of these trans youth. Sarah said she expressed her gender before she could even talk and at 12 she came out as trans to her family, friend and classmates sharing on social If you accept me for who I am that's great, if you don't I'm sorry and hope in the future that you find that I am the same as any other girl. So what kind of response did you get? I got a standing ovation. It was just amazing to see that outpour of love and support from people I trusted and loved. When Sarah skis in high school the New Hampshire rules required trans athletes to have gender confirmation. And argued she didn't have to prove her identity. The policy was discriminatory I need the policy to change and to compete on the girl's team. Please welcome one of the bravest girls I know. I want to fight for what's right. That's when I started talking with the community saying this is not right. We need this to change. In 2018 she testified in front of the state assembly on behalf of a bill that would make workplace discrimination on basis of gender illegal. -- I can be denied entrances to colleges, partners and jobs simply because I'm transgender. She's now a junior at university of New Hampshire proud of her victories on and off the slopes and hoping to have paved the way for athletes like her. Welcome back. I have something amazing to tell you guys. Hp139 is a law that will protect transgender citizens of new Hampshire from discrimination, love you guys, bye. Matt begs has taken big steps as a trans male wrestler from Texas who dominated in high school but forced to wrestle girls. I love it. Last season when I was wrestling, and say, there was a huge uproar and controversy with me being trans, I am a male, so I should compete with the male. 17-year-old Matt begs a junir born a girl now in the process of becoming a boy wins the girl's state wrestling tournament, wanted to wrestle the boys but he wanted to wrestle the boys. Texas university wouldn't allow it. Always in his corner his grandma This is my dumbbell I wear to work, my Sam brown. I'm a deputy sheriff and I work in Dallas. I have been with him if them 25 years. She originally had a hard time accepting his identity since has become his fiercestfiercest ally. She's a hard core Republican and gun-toting sheriff and it doesn't get in the way of her love for Mack. Now Mack on the men's wrestling team. He said this is all I ever wanted, to be seen, respected and be me and do what I love to That's not about medals and ribbons is. No, not at all. And she agrees sports has helped her through her transition, she worked hard to be blazingly fast on the track. I knew all along I was a girl but didn't know what to call it, 733. If no one supported me, I don't think I would run track because why run on a team where you don't feel comfortable or accepted. "Nightline" spoke with Andrea last month. Some of it can be hard to put on a smile all the time for the camera but I continue to do it for those athlete who's need this and who maybe don't have a voice. Connecticut does not restrict participation in sports on the basis of gender identity but Andrea has still faced harsh criticism. A Lana Smith a top runner joined others in a lawsuit sponsored by the alliance defending freedom, hoping to ban trans girls against sis gender girls like herself. I just realized how much ahead they were then the other girls. She's forced to compete on an unfair playing field we're talking about equal opportunities. That lawsuit has been dismissed because Andrea and others have graduated. To me it's more about the team and doing what I love and me being who I am. In a sport that I love. The filmmakers hope their stories ask serve as piration for other trans athletes and be an eye-opener for everyone else. Especially legislatures. You got a 15-year-old trying to laws to allow her just to right? That is not healthy. And outside of Sarah rose who has the fortitude, the intelligence, the resiliency, right, to go actually do that work, that's not work we should be asking of a teen, right. So I would like to see really a federal policy with a lot of clarity, inclusion and equality. What would you say to trans kids out there who are feeling perhaps either under attack or at least under scrutiny. I would tell them that they're loved and accepted by many people. Even if it's not like your immediate family or immediate community. Just know that there are people out there like me, Mack and Andrea who love and accept you for who you are. And that it takes time to find the family -- the true family. And in time you'll find it and you'll find them and you'll be forever loved by everybody out there.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"A new Hulu documentary looks intimately at the lives of trans student-athletes. Eight states have passed laws restricting trans athletes from playing on teams consistent with their gender identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"78352925","title":"Transgender student athletes on their fight to compete as themselves","url":"/Nightline/video/transgender-student-athletes-fight-compete-78352925"}