TV Repair

Part 1: Find out how experts react to three different cost estimates for three TV malfunctions.
5:24 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for TV Repair
Abc's the lookout continues. The repairman is up now. Young man, do you remember me? I'm practicing my lines. Try one more time. Because I have a date with the tv repairman. A date that's taken a lot of preparation. Too tacky? Yeah, sorry. Do you like it? It looks like something a grandmother would wear. Oh, my god, you're creating laugh lines. This is the anti-botox. Why? We have gotten tips that some tv repair folks have charged for costly repairs. I want to eat right and exercise. And we noticed a trend, many of the victims, older parents and grandparents. The look is not perfected, the appointment might be quicker than we thought. Frankly, I look like my father in drag. But I'm not alone, I'm heading up a team of undercover grannies. We started our operation at this undercover house weeks earlier when we brought in andy and fred. Both veteran engineerss at panasonic. They are helping us investigate. They make the tvs work correctly and then create a minor glitch. I'm calling to see if someone can fix my tv? Enter granny one. She's setting up a service call. Did I mention she's a former private detective? I never get to see the whole picture. Test number one, the zoomed in picture. We check the zoom in setting. According to reputable tv repairmen, the biggest reason older folks call the repair shop. It's fixable with a few quick clicks of the remote. We put putt in a call to steve's quality repair, which has the dubious dissti dubious distinct tings of the highest number of complaints with the better business bureau. Let's see who our technician says. What's the problem? It doesn't have the whole picture. The engineers say it should cost the $65 service fhey quoted us over the phone. There's a board in here that's gone dead. Your picture is sort of stretched out. Wow, that sounds serious. He doesn't mention that it might just be a wrong setting on the remote. You fix it? I bring it back to the shop, replace the board, we have those in stock. Oh, good. Between three and 350. You have it back tomorrow. Really? When he returns the tv, it says on the reseat that the main board has been replaced. But the experts have the serial numbers of the key parts. When andy looks it over -- from what I can see, no boards have been replaced, no real repair of this particular tv. There's no reason for this customer or charged $350. So the company charged 350 bucks for work our experts say was never done. But was it a fluke? Well, we should show you a second test. This is a speaker wire inside the tv. Our experts unplug it and don't put it back all the way. Just pulled up. Hi, we're the people that called about the tv. So when the second repair guy from steves shows up -- I'm rich, how are you? Will he do the right thing and just plug the wire back in? My producer sandra is posing as the homeowner. Yeah, it's probably the speaker to the power supply. What do I need? Do I need like a new part or -- what we'll do is change the part. That's strange, the experts say we don't need a new component. I'll give you an estimate in writing, between 150 and 200. It's up to you whether you want to do that or not. You got to take it -- take it today, hopefully back in a couple days. Bringing it back? This is what he claims to have done. New parts. The same set. But remember, we have the serial numbers of the key parts in fact tv. And our engineers tell us there's no evidence of parts replaced or soddered. And he failed to mention the one thing they did do, plug our cable back in for 200 bucks. Thank you very much. Have a good day. I look like my mother. Strike two. Now it's time for me to wire up and go undercover myself as a granny. Hello, I need to confirm an appointment please. Now stay on abc for lookout,

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{"id":19335895,"title":"TV Repair","duration":"5:24","description":"Part 1: Find out how experts react to three different cost estimates for three TV malfunctions. ","url":"/Nightline/video/tv-repair-19335895","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}