Voters react to Trump's 1st State of the Union speech

ABC's Tom Llamas talks with a group of voters about issues Trump brought up in his address and reflections from his first year in office.
4:02 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Voters react to Trump's 1st State of the Union speech
Tonight on "Nightline" we have a panel of Republicans and Democrats to weigh in and watch the president's state of the union speech in the battle ground state of Arizona, a state so important when it comes to mid-term elections, senator's seat up for grabs, and so many things president honed in on, including DACA effecting those who live in this great state. First who are Republicans? All right Democrats? Okay this should be easy question let's see who voted for Donald Trump. All Republicans. No Democrats voted for president trump. Okay. I want to talk to you. You teach at a school that likely has dreamers. That was a big portion of the speech giving path to 1.8 million dreamers when he said he would put them on a pang th to citizenship you don't buy it, why. Because people think he has a big heart but truth is he doesn't because if he did wouldn't have repealed it to begin with. He set the community in a pan. I have students constantly worried, hey when I go home are my parent going to be there or not. Your first generation immigrant but you like the line Americans are dreamers too, you like it, why? Because it's true everybody comes here has a dreams, everybody has a dream, even trump has a dream to be successful in his life. I think it's a label when he said we're all dreamers removes that label. I'm a dreamer. Everyone in this room is a dreamer. Why's it have to be another group that's a dreamer. Let's talk about the rip roaring economy. This group was cheering like it was the super bowl. You were excited about the economic wins. Yeah I think the economy is roaring and you can give credit where credit is due. Trump has taken unemployment to unheard of lows. Stock market to unheard of highs. The tax breaks we're all going to see in the next month. And checks going into people's bank accounts are real. One of the goals of the speech was to unify America, it's very divided as we see in this room, did he do anything to unify America in the speech. I think one, he talked about giving criminals a second chance. Think I saw everybody applauding for that. That definitely made me feel better. Another was pay family. Another thing everybody in this room could support. Going the mid-terms will be heated for Republicans, you have three candidates all pretty qualified with somewhat large support groups throughout the state. Listening to the state of the union speech do you think it will motivate Republicans in Arizona to vote Republican now senator Jeff flake is stepping down. Momentum is the economy if I'm Republican candidate a want to continue to push the agenda that trump has through. As a college student what did you think of the speech? P the party vote Republican? One of the things I really took fromhis speech is there is a lot of hope in America if you're looking in the right places for it. If the election was today fast forward to 2020 you would vote for president trump again. Oh, yeah. No doubt. Democrats are you motivate snd. As much as I like a democratic to win that seat at the rate we're going we don't have a platform that fires people up in the way that trump's speeches and slogans do. You're looking for the rock star candidate. Absolutely. Do you think trump won over independent voters. I think time will tell. We need to do better job unifying the message and having tough discussions to see what we're going to fight for.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"ABC's Tom Llamas talks with a group of voters about issues Trump brought up in his address and reflections from his first year in office. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52732245","title":"Voters react to Trump's 1st State of the Union speech","url":"/Nightline/video/voters-react-trumps-1st-state-union-speech-52732245"}