Weinstein attorney dismisses accuser allegations: 'You have to see the full picture'

Donna Rotunno is representing the disgraced movie producer, who could face life in prison if convicted on sexual assault charges. He pleaded not guilty and says all sexual encounters were consensual.
9:02 | 12/07/19

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Transcript for Weinstein attorney dismisses accuser allegations: 'You have to see the full picture'
Reporter: It's been two years since the start of Harvey Weinstein's highly-publicized downfall. He has been accused by 80 women of sexual misconduct. More than a dozen of whom allege rape. Literally a nightmare, and I'll never be the same. Reporter: Once a Hollywood king maker. I would like to thank Harvey Weinstein. Thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. Reporter: Now cast out in The biggest scandal in Hollywood in years. Reporter: The flood of allegation cat putting the me too movement. He will stand trial for five felony charges and this morning was in court on a bail hearing. Weinstein faces a possible sentence of life in prison if convicted. He has pled not guilty and consistently denied any allegation of non-consensual sex with anyone. By his side, the attorney who will try to convince the jury and the world of his innocence. Do you think he wanted you because you're a woman? I'm absolutely certain that was part of it. Reporter: You're currently defending what many would regard as the most-hated man in America. Why are you defending him in. Number one, Harvey has a right to a defense. I am not the moral police on Harvey Weinstein. That's not my job. It's not the jury's job either, if they really look at the evidence that's going to be presented to them, I think they're going to find him not guilty. Maybe the most important thing for Donna is picking a jury. She's going to have to find people who can evaluate the evidence objectively. And with a guy as unpopular as Harvey Weinstein, that's not easy. Reporter: Robert Boyce led the investigation. I think the overwhelming detail, given by these ladies will convict him of what they said he did. Reporter: The trial will examine the allegation of two women. Mimi, who says Weinstein forced himself on her in 2006 when she was working as a production assistant. Women have the right to say no. And that was a no. Reporter: And an unidentify woman who alleges Weinstein raped her in a hotel room in 2013. She will cite apparently friendly e-mails that these women engaged in. In always friendly. Sometimes romantic. It would be any reasonable person to think that the claims are untrue. There are plenty of experts out there who say it's fairly well documented that a lot of times when women are assaulted will communicate with the person they accuse because they're trying to normalize something traumatic that happened to them, and that this isn't unexpected behavior. There are some doctors that will say that. We will discredit the fact that there no research to, to prove that. Reporter: So you don't believe that that's the case. I don't. Reporter: In a statement, her attorney said once the jury understands the context, they will understand why they were sent and communication after an assault does not mean no assault took place. You will see time and again victims will maintain some kind of relationship with the person who committed the crime against them. Reporter: Many of the 80-plus women have cited things beyond the statute of limitations. The M.O. Is eerily similar. You have Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe with the promise of a career boost or asking for a massage. Going to a hotel room and having someone ask you if they'll give you a massage is not rape, not sexual assault and it's really not even sexual harassment. People have a right to make a pass, and you have a right to say no thank you. Reporter: If you go out on a But you're not in a position of power when someone wants something from you. Reporter: But it doesn't necessary mean you want to give Harvey Weinstein a massage or see his naked body. There are many things that lead up to that point. And those are the things they don't want to say when they come forward and make these claims. In when someone in a position of power over someone else's career makes the pass with the either explicit or implicit promise of career. Reporter: Do you think it's inappropriate for a boss to show up in a hotel room with a robe on and ask for a massage? I don't, but someone you work for is a different story than someone you want to work for. Reporter: Some of the women who directly worked for him say they experienced that exact situation. Some of those situations did lead to an assault, according to them. If you want to give me names, I can't comment on generalities. Reporter: Rowena chew. She alleged that he attacked her in a hotel room at the Venice film festival in 1998. She says she left mere max shortly after and had suicidal thoughts and difficulty finding work. She's violating that nda by coming out and talking. I don't think it's appropriate for me to talk about it. Reporter: Ndas are why women remain silent. If I thought I was in a position where someone was asking me to sign an nda and I thought the better thing to do would be to go out and talk about it or report it that would be a choice I would make. There's no doubt all these ndas protected Harvey Weinstein from being, posed earlier from being a serial offender in some way or form. Reporter: Three others will testify as prior bad acts witnesses to show that Weinstein demonstrated patterns in his behavior, among them, actress She says he shoved her onto the bed, locked her arms over her head and raped her while she kicked and screamed. Annabella has told so many different stories. Her first line of conversation was that absolutely nothing ever happened with Harvey, then it evolved and the story kept changing. Reporter: She says the chances of charging him would change her life. There was real intimidation going on. Did they feel intimidated or were they more concerned about what could potentially happen to and were they willing to play a game that they decided they weren't willing to play? Reporter: In a statement, Gloria Allred said she will testify under oath and the jury will understand. Her focus is on her client. Do you think he's sorry for his sins? I do think he has a level of remorse for the devastation that even these allegation themselves have caused. Reporter: Some people might say he's sorry he got called out or caught. I think if that were the case I don't think he would work on himself to the point that he is working on himself. He went to rehab. Reporter: For sex addiction in. He went to rehab, therapists. Reporter: You have people say here you have a woman representing Harvey Weinstein, have you been accused of being a traitor to your own gender? There are circumstances where women don't want to take certain responsibilities for their action, we infantlize our is selves. When you make certain choices there's a risk when you make those choices. Reporter: There are a lot of people who would say that's victim blaming. If you don't want to be a victim, don't go to the hotel room, don't sign an nda, go out on fifth avenue, take a mega phone and talk about what you want to talk about. To suggest it is the alleged victims' faults for showing up where he asked for the meeting to occur seems like a stretch. Blaming victims who've agreed to settlements with someone for not going out and talking about it is absurd. Reporter: Do you ever worry that maybe you'll be on the wrong side of history on this one? No. And I think what I worry about is the outcome for him. I don't worry about the outcome for me.

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{"duration":"9:02","description":"Donna Rotunno is representing the disgraced movie producer, who could face life in prison if convicted on sexual assault charges. He pleaded not guilty and says all sexual encounters were consensual.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67562664","title":"Weinstein attorney dismisses accuser allegations: 'You have to see the full picture'","url":"/Nightline/video/weinstein-attorney-dismisses-accuser-allegations-full-picture-67562664"}