Women confront USA Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar in court

Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting seven girls in November, and was already sentenced to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges.
8:17 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Women confront USA Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar in court
I testified to let the world know you are a repulsive liar and those treatments were pathetically valid sexual abuse. How dare you what kind of person has audacity to sexually assault a child in front of their mother. Angered and full of regret. I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. Dozens speaking out about sexual abuse by an adult they trusted. I experience flash back nightmares of the abuse. This courtroom is the latest example of women speaking up forcefully against men who have been abusive this time a four day sentence hearing. Larry Nassar did to make me feel comfortable second I met him but turned out to be a monster. The doctor for the gymnastic team confronted by victims for second day in court. I remember laying frozen stiff on the table utterly mortified, confused, scared, powerless to control what was happening. Almost all victims were young girls sent to Nassar office. Without my knowledge or consent I experienced my first sexual encounter by kindergarten. You upsed my body for six years for your own sexual gratification. Their stories all too familiar. More than 150 women accused Nassar of sexual abuse among them some of the biggest name of usa gymnastic, members of the fierce five, most recently Simone B Iles writing this -- alley said she too was abused by the ESPN doctor. It's not anything we are happy or want to share, it's not something we want to think about but usa gymnastics is ignoring us. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and bell said they would pay any fine show spoke out to break nondisclosure agreement. Perfect speaki in November 54-year-old Nassar pleaded guilty to 7 counts of first degree criminal sexual assault an ten girls three under the age of 13. For those involved I'm so horribly sorry this was like a match that turned into a forest fire out of control and I pray the rosery every day for forgiveness for their -- I want them to heal. Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 125 years. It's breath taking, very upsetting that he has had access to so many women, girls in so many different venues. Very upsetting. John manling represents more than 100 of the accusers says Nassar had a different face to his patients. What Nassar did was he came in with a sunny personality, I'm a nice man, you can trust me, and they trusted him and he used that trust to disguise sexual harassment as medical treatment. He was someone we trusted, our friend neighbor and doctor and someone who ultimately abused her on a daily basis for many, many years, starting around the age of 10. As part of Nassar's plea deal the judge is allowing any of his accusers to confront him in court. More than 100 victims are expected to do just that. I am no longer a child and further I've never been more disgusted or disappointed by any human being. One mother spoke on behalf of her daughter who took her own life. I said I was right in the room she goes you couldn't see what was going on mom. She said he hurt me. Then there was 17-year-old Stephanie Robinson. So young she needed permission from her father to testify. Today he was right by her side. I am disgusted by your actions. May you never hurt or abuse another person again. The father of three was arrested in 2016 after this woman Rachael came forward. It was just after my 15th birthday I saw him for approximately a year he abused me between 10 and 13 times penetrated me vaginally and anally. Within ours we had from women calling the tip line set up and by the end of the day 12 other survivors came forward and have over 160 now. Dan Hollander is going to testify on Friday. Testifying is not easy says this former gymnast. You deceived me, manipulated me and abused me. That's how I was going to start to heal to stair this than the face let him know I got my power back. She first came in contact with Nassar in 1997 when she was member of the U.S. National team. You used your hotel room as a personal playground to treat us, you used my innocent body as your sexual play toy. The limb girls he molested are gone. Yet she says the wrongdoing extends much further than Nassar. I know for a fact this abuse had been reported and just people turned a blind eye to it. The only way I will feel okay the entire board of usa gymnastics gone because all those people knew and did nothing about it. Team usa has pledged to protect athletes releasing this statement that says in part -- several gymnasts and their families claim that usa gymnastics was complicit in turning a blind eye to Nassar's abuse, the organization has not commented on those accusations. Thomas Brennon accompanied Anderson as she spoke in court. Our coaches were pliek our family and couldn't protect us from him. Brenn an then spoke directly to the man he says was a mentor for years running clinics together. For the record, go to hell. Wasn't just gymnasts speaking out against Nassar he also treated athletes at Michigan state university for nearly 20 years. Today many were stunned with university president offered her support in person. The focus of attention should be on the people who are telling the story and not on me or Michigan state. I think there's steps being made towards accountability and other steps will follow. Nassar has already been sentenced to 60 years on three federal child pornography charges and now the county court judge is expected to announce Nassar's additional sent evaence on Friday after all victims have been heard. He will never be free. The next judge he faces will be god. Perhaps you figured it out but little girls don't stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world. We've never seen anything like this, this many women come forward, able to put their names and faces to it, to take back their voice and put the guilt and blame where it belongs. For "nightline",I'm Lindsey Davis in New York.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting seven girls in November, and was already sentenced to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52426984","title":"Women confront USA Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar in court","url":"/Nightline/video/women-confront-usa-olympic-gymnastics-team-doctor-larry-52426984"}