'A Wrinkle in Time' cast, director reflect on the evolving Hollywood industry

Stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Storm Reid and director Ava DuVernay spoke to ABC News' "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang.
8:59 | 03/02/18

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Transcript for 'A Wrinkle in Time' cast, director reflect on the evolving Hollywood industry
This is the backyard for the murrays. When I first met with Oprah on the set of wrinkle in time just outside L.A. Action! We had no idea that just one year later she would come to embody the hopes and dreams of a new movement. The best part of the me too movement is not just what is happening in Hollywood, but that across the land and across the world even, we have been able to encourage and inspire other women who are waitressing who are nursing, we have been able to let them know that their voices matter. Hi. Hi. This interview with four of Hollywood's most powerful women, Oprah, alongside Reese Witherspoon, Mindy kaling, and director Eva dunervea. We will no longer be silenced by harassment in our industry or any industry. It is about Hollywood needing to reflect the real world. I am a leader and manager. Part of employing people is making sure it represents and a world that you want to see behind the scenes as well. We heard a cry out in the universe. Reporter: These women are more than the stars of the film. To be a warrior. They have formed a sisterhood, bridging age and race. It is about saying the boorish, broodish behavior that we have tolerated in the past will be no more. There is a new day. On the horizon. It was that speech at the golden globes that got the world talking with the billionaire mogul run for president. I am definitely not running. I know that you say it is not in your DNA. Uh-huh. Not in your spirit? It is not. Wouldn't Oprah Winfrey say go out of your comfort zone? Do what scares you. You have to always be led by your inner gps regardless of how many millions of people are telling you to do one thing. Inside yourself, there is your own personal guide that says, this is the way. I was with her, I was there in the room that night. And I talked with her the next morning. And, I think she considered it for about two hours. It was so brief. And she just made the decision. Two hours? It's hard when you have people like Eva, my dear friend. You have Gayle, going, what I think it is a sign. I don't think it is a sign. A sign of what? It was a speech. Okay. Have you guys talk to her. Reese and I are rung her campaign. She would say so now. It's part of our campaign for her to say, no, no, no. Presidential run or not, Oprah want shying away from politics. Recently donating half a mlion dollars to the March for our lives, that gun control rally in washington or into issued after a mass shooter killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida. These young activists remind you of the freedom riders of the 60s. Yes, these young people have said enough. We are fed up and we are not going to allow -- the kind of violence and -- and the killing of ourselves and our friends, to, to continue in the way it has. Awe all it is a message that may resonate with fans of a wrinkle in time. The children's classic about a girl named meg. This is her father. And her quest across the universe to find her dad. And herself confidence. It's epic fight of good vs. Evil. What does, is this a parable for our times? You know really a love letter to young people. About founding the light within yourself in these dark and divisive times. Cut, nice. She presided over the massive operation. It is like beak the general of an army. 900. 900 people in charge of. The Oscar nominee the first woman of color to direct a live action film with a budget topping $100 million. We are in search of warriors. Her first big statement, recasting the book's young heroin as an African-American. You are kidding. Played with 14-year-old storm Reid. Well-rounded stories in HOL hl should be inclusive of people all off colors. Don't see that hardly enough. For myself there were no the Disney movies with little girls that looked like me and storm. They play meg's parents. What if we are not just in the universe but the universe is within all of us. Pine once again surrounded by strong women. As wonder woman's boyfriend, directed by Patty Jenkins. And now this. I found with Patty and Eva particularly, I guess a concentration and awareness of something bigger. That they're putting something bigger out into the world. It's pretty much like Christmas. Every day. What is it like working with her, seriously? 24/7 inspiration. Mrs. What's it. Mrs. Who? No, Mrs. What's it. Mrs. Witch. Be a warrior. And Mrs. Who are the supernatural goddesses played by Reese, Oprah and Mindy. You are Hollywood powerhouses, writing, directing. How does that reflect on the movie and reflect back on you. I was ecstatic when I knew I was working with these two. They are the definitions of that. Their costumes and makeup, channelling their powers. I want some one to dress up for me as Halloween. That's my dream. I was going to say somebody hopes the three pack of us as dolls. Girls get to play with us. From the first time we saw our costumes, we said I want that doll. Now they have one. This moment right now is my dream come true. I loved Barbie and my ladies are holding the barbies. I was saying this. This is your most proudest moment. I went, you have no idea. When you started out with a corncob doll, this its -- like out of this world. Yes. Yeah, a lot of talk about what they represent, the body sizes. One of this. They're all different body sizes, shapes, face sizes, cultures. Is there such thing as a wrong size? Oprah is really enjoying playing with her doll. Ha-ha-ha. Yet all that on-screen diversity and inclusion matters most in communities where families may not be able to buy tickets. Which is white AMC theaters and color of change are offering free screenings. Where are we? So many inner cities there is no movie theater. I'm from Compton. Until this day, no movie theater in M koptocompton. One of the great joys was to see her, experience the film for the first time. I was thinking of not just her, but all the brown girls around the world. Who will see this incredible image and images of adventure and wonder and, and empowerment, in a way that, that, no one has experienced before. Reporter: Despite all the progress, women are still far behind in screen time. A new report found only 24% of leading roles in 2017 went to women. Down from the year before. Even fewer of those roles going to women of come lore. As the the leading lady, storm says she realizes the benefits of having these women as fairy godmothers. You were quoted as saying you thought of Eva as a second mom. Yes, she -- Oh. Oh. I'm sorry. Don't be sorry. She has really fought for me. On set she was just there for me. And, she made me feel comfortable because this is my first lead role. Means me so much to hear her say that. I don't have children by choice. Then I met storm, she is the only young person I ever felt that way about. With Eva when I told her I was pregnant, she started to cry. You know, for some one to just have that instant joy for you. I'm a sing M mothle mother. To have that was very moving. Reese, what are your tears saying? I just love all these aomen. A real gift to be surrounded by women, sentient and caring. I remember storm said, thank you for, making me the lead and not the best friend. Oh, my gosh. See, this is maternal energy. This, this is, strike one, two, three, four, five. I have never seen that happen. Where five people were crying in an interview. Sorry. Sorry.

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{"id":53457916,"title":"'A Wrinkle in Time' cast, director reflect on the evolving Hollywood industry ","duration":"8:59","description":"Stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Storm Reid and director Ava DuVernay spoke to ABC News' \"Nightline\" co-anchor Juju Chang.","url":"/Nightline/video/wrinkle-time-cast-director-reflect-evolving-hollywood-industry-53457916","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}