Young chef hopes to make a name for himself in the cooking world with new restaurant

At 19 years old, Flynn McGarry is younger than most of his staff at Gem, his restaurant in New York City.
5:54 | 08/09/18

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Transcript for Young chef hopes to make a name for himself in the cooking world with new restaurant
For me it's ho day in the cy with pg my life around food. ??? tkigas, foodh marks, F Dini every block in every borough packed with its own flavor. A restaurant surviving the frenic scene of the big minds have been kic the curb. King. Literally. Ente Lynn mcga Arel dish -- Reporr: Aust19,n has the keys to oitchen at gem in downtown Manhattan. This is the stew. THAs las night. We're going to give it a try. This is delicious, man. G for it Yeah. Reporter: The kid malibu start chasing his dream rly. This is all ever wanted to do. Thwas Nev a moment where I was like, do I do this, sothing else? It always felt natural.orter: Aty 10 years old, before most kid are allowed to use an oven unsurvised,an teaching himself to cook through some of world's mostex cookbooks. Take me into old. Ther-old, INT sportsvi games. Why 10-year-ol S enthralled by coong ohe culinary arts? The weirdhings I didn' start cooking by creating dishes. I waseainspired by LE ree michigan Sr high-levcooking. At the time I didn' know any O techniques the first two years O learn to cook only learned how to en stock. Reporter: Those lessons turnedo dines for friends andfami sonough wd got around town. By 1 mcgaryas serving full tasting menus to pg customers. Right at his diningoom table. It to start workingt restaurants in L.A. I W learn all thistuff and absorbing like a sponge I ted alace where I could ore my own way ofhinking of things. On my days I WOU want experiment. Part of that was wanting to come E the food too. Reporr: And they did. At 15, he'sded the the "New York Times magazine." By 16, ou popup in the big city. Befo kids couldrive, Gary was a full-blown cebr with came industryritics saying he hadn'td enoh dues to he earned his stripes. E never, ever done anything toisfy anyone else, truly, in mycareer, O myself. Hat'm doing, I ha I have to live with all my decisis, they don't. Fortaurants WRE no on isjoying it? Everything's Flynn's done,easured and premeditated, has led himo point. Hirestrant, gem, only six hs old. Just receivedts first review frthe New York T." Calling Mcgary more polish as a area that his cooking was anced, his plating was Cal. Wted thave my HD in everygle PARTF this. In T design, in finding the space inoinghe deal foe ace, in every little part of it. Eporter: Litereveryect of threstaurant. I want all the O L od. Reporter:he starts his morningshere, a Sha at the farmers' market square it's LE grocery this is wh ive Tim a week to buy allhe ients for restaurant and to figure out we're E cooking for thy. Tw bunches of two morethanks. Evything we're king is fm themarket. Restaur every day? Yeah. Do you toucery dish? H. Reporter: From the furnishin to T table settings,he restau is anage to the early Dr party days. And every inch side is his vision. So H Flynn is this restrant? Aesthetically, in terms OFOOD? Eone walks into gem, a getting thelynncgary experience? Are they getting their own? I mean,s abouts spot-on as you canget. Goes, diggoes. By theme yothisaurant,you feel lewme. Reporr: Pct or not, Mcgary is swinging for the fences even on York term up T 15 tofu that we made mackerel.just cure a little T here in salt. Smoked and dried tomat -- Reporter: And it's not a meal at gem willun you over $150 a Pers a dis pretty enough to frame.but D't E this chef to buy into the a-hype. What is the trendou're seeing right now? Heger wit Mac cheese. Like let's stack everything that'srossly decad onop each other. I've never liked tt -- THA makes me Cring is younger ant of his S. I work N days a week. That's not sustaable in th sliges. Andhat's ne. If all this went away tomorrow, I'd be fine. Etter to do something kind of more darg and bold when U' Reporter: THA all he seems to want. Not to be theoyonderf the kitchen, but to oneay just B known and respected as chef. Have we pe? Ha W reached themountaintop? No ink I an insting butlsoreeing thought to have reached the's aeryesting poi to , especially when you're 19 yearsldha now this dictates anything comesxt. Reporter:or "Nightline, I'm ashan Singh in New York City.

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{"id":57119448,"title":"Young chef hopes to make a name for himself in the cooking world with new restaurant","duration":"5:54","description":"At 19 years old, Flynn McGarry is younger than most of his staff at Gem, his restaurant in New York City.","url":"/Nightline/video/young-chef-hopes-make-cooking-world-restaurant-57119448","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}