160 CEOs write to lawmakers urging them to pass Biden’s COVID relief plan

Plus, former President Donald Trump is expected to push false claims during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend.
5:13 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for 160 CEOs write to lawmakers urging them to pass Biden’s COVID relief plan
Republicans are still signaling the plans nearly two trillion dollar price tag. It's too high a spring in ABC news political director Rick Klein for more on this Rick Republican senators met brownie and Rob Portman have both written op Ed against. This really plan they say it's wasteful it will hurt job creation it won't help kids get back to school she and they also part of a group of moderate Republicans who propose a compromise bill is there any more middle ground. To be had easier and could the pressure from big business coming in now sway any Republican votes. There's no sign of this swaying and he goes and what Republicans or are doing is digging on their own ability to tell a story around this package it's different. Gonna wanna White House has been telling and the weight of public opinion as well as Zogby CEOs and believe that you need big relief these feel like there are aspects of this package that are announced that it you have enough controversy around the work on popular enough that it oppose them without getting any kind of backlash and so far they've been very few cracks in Republican ranks. Astounding given how much Republicans are often at odds with each other in this post trump Barre but mostly they are singing from the same book right now and saying that they believe this to be too big a package I may believe that Joseph Biden has not done enough to try to reach out across the aisle so yes there's always real brown but as these first key votes approach in the House of Representatives at the end of the week it may be that only Democrats support the packages which would be uploaded to Vice President Biden to president Biden and maybe also a blow to some of these Republicans who didn't think that there was a chance that they be on board. Well let's look at the Democrats who are they united have that slim majority in that house she can they hold that line do they have the votes alone. The past two relief bill without any Republican support. Yes but there's a big asterisk here Terry and this is where things get really weird and in senate rules are the senate parliamentarian is gonna make a judgment on any any day now on whether the minimum wage increase of fifteen dollars an hour can be part of this package and in the fact is if it survives that may hurt the efforts to it to pass this in the senate because we have had a couple of senators Democrats. Say they're not on board if if this is part of and it's complicated by the fact if you take it out there's some progressives including some members of the squad like they're at Alexandria cause you Cortez is indeed he knows on the deal so they're looking for kind of a procedural out that could save them from themselves it's a strange set of circumstances because. They have the narrowest of majorities in bolt the senate and the house they need every democratic know they can get. And speaking of strange circumstances Rick there was a moment today between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy each and congresswoman Liz Cheney after reporter she asked them whether former president Shrum should be speaking. At the Conservative Political Action Committee conference this weekend let's listen. This chip. They're my views about. President fountain and the extent to which not. He's different on January 6. And I don't I don't believe he claims home confirmed. A high note. Good I got very much. So break. Evian people laughter in the room that how divided is the Republican Party over former president trump and kind of role Asian clay going forward. There is so much in that clip but to be honest and I think it I think just looking at that and and congresswoman Cheney and her reaction overstates the divine right now. The divide is is a pretty narrow there aren't that many Republicans will say publicly what congresswoman Cheney said yes she's a number three house Republican but she's won only ten Republicans to support impeachment in the house. Of course we only seven did so in the senate most Republicans. An elected official ranks. Remained foursquare behind president truck and he will be speaking at that conference in the coming days and it will be an Terry trump be occasion that he will be speaking to us that yes there are divisions over whether president trump has a role will be slower but most Republicans frankly in the house and the senate and probably across the country in public opinion totally agree with with the with the minority leader Kevin McCarthy is opposed a list chain. He still has a lock on that party does Naia and even though he is. Considerably under what he in the worst approval ratings from the general public but Republicans still very strong and it looks like dad. Sit back conferences can be if you festival of speakers who echo trumps false claims about election fraud the rest of this conspiracy gears. Is this going to be a Republican Party that has a loyalty test going forward you have to sign onto that stuff. It sure looks like it right now there there isn't a lot of room for a Republican to stick his or her and her neck out and say. I know the election wasn't stolen yes Joseph Biden is the legitimate president those are. Actual answers but they get Republicans in trouble and that's why you see so many who dance around that question the fact that C pac is. I'm gonna be filled with Republican speakers who have loyalty to president trump there are multiple panels they are about election integrity there will be rhetoric trying to re litigate the election is now fully entirely settled. The big lie persists and yes Terry it doesn't look like it will be table stakes for at least some Republicans to make sure you keep that loyalty to president trump even to the fictions that he continues to peddle. Tarrant recline in Washington Forrest thanks wreck.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Plus, former President Donald Trump is expected to push false claims during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76093567","title":"160 CEOs write to lawmakers urging them to pass Biden’s COVID relief plan","url":"/Politics/video/160-ceos-write-lawmakers-urging-pass-bidens-covid-76093567"}