1-on-1 with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney

2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney talks President Trump, North Korea and climate change.
5:57 | 05/28/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney
I back you're Washington now president proper term from Memorial Day weekend trip overseas arriving just a short time ago back at the white house with the First Lady. Are they traveled back from Tokyo Japan where they received a state visit match of the new Japanese emperor as the first foreign leader to do so in talking. In meeting with Japanese officials about the threat from North Korea. The president even said at a press conference the other day that he doesn't isn't bothered by the yet missiles that are fired off by Kim Jung moon. Number of Democrats running to replace president trump in the last couple of days have taken issue with that including. Former Maryland congressman John Delaney who stopped by the briefing room here just a short time ago. Or bother me if they've that they Fargo's project all salaried I wanna denuclearization North Korea. I was supportive of the administration having discussions with North Korea. I think you have to have dialogue with people but you also up to understand the goals what I worry about with this president. Is in some effort to a kind of score a victory. He will greed is something that hurts the long term interest the United States of America foreign policy in many ways is the most important job of the president of the United States aren't. Voters don't often vote on foreign policy you may have the best foreign policy views be you know better than anybody that it has not traditional lives and top of the list. Which is an offense that it's different. This year I listen I think we need a responsible leader. Right I think that's the theme of our country right now we need responsible leaders who will do the right thing. Lead with dignity and respect unify our country and put forth real solutions that you by also their habitats voters' minds that they that they let us responsibility as. You know I think they're looking at what's going on a White House now and they're realizing we have an irresponsible president. He's in decent he's immoral we got to turn the page on that but I also have the best climate plan. I also have the best immigration plan in my opinion I did have the best health care plan I think I have the best infrastructure plan I think I'm the best plan for dealing with as a lot. Let a lot about that plan to do just a failure clever plan yet or trillion dollar plan one of the features of it is this cap and dividend. Mechanism which is unique gifts are to your campaign it would give all Americans in your view a dividend gifts from the cap Zach price record Carvey exactly. I'm a lot of liberals a lot of progressives in the climate this year received this week to moderate. No I want to green new deal I mean isn't this a tough sell in this competitive primary with a lot. In your party on the leftist. And by green new deal this. Since climate lobby which is one of the most successful grassroots. Climate groups in the country. They gave me the legislator of the year award for introducing this exact bill in the congress on a bipartisan basis. I think what people who really care about climate understand is we have to do something right away. And I believe I can get this massive carbon fee and dividend bill. Put in place as law and my first year as president it'll cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. And I can do what with a coalition. Of all the Democrats in the congress. And Republicans who live in coastal states because they have to deal with this issue and that's how is elegant in a produced on a bipartisan basis. In the congress so what matters on climate is getting something big done. Right away. It is part of your argument congressman deadly it pays for itself. That there's not going to be a tax add on here that as it has so many of these the grand plans James Lee we've talked to last week had a very big climate plan. Obviously the green new deal all of those have sort of extreme pay forced but your argument is that this is more pregnant. Purcell I don't think you can solve climate change on the backs of hardworking Americans. Right so many Americans are struggling right now we can put forth plans like many of my competitors are doing the just crushes working families. We have to have a totally different approach. That's why this is the path and I'm choosing I think is most successful which is why can get done my plan is also huge bet on American innovation we. Your breakout moment why are you lagging behind in so many of Paul's not to be downer in his early in the campaign totally should say. But verbal as you look forward we've got the first debates coming up. You know what would win he gonna pop. So look I'm playing along game. My whole life is a story of just working harder than everyone else having better ideas are groping a blue collar family. My parents didn't go to college I became an entrepreneur or I was the youngest CEO in the history New York Stock Exchange I created thousands of jobs I don't toda told us president on business and economy any day. I served in the congress the United States. I think working hard in new ideas who really matter since the most. I haven't been any candidate in Iowa and New London on county event in 99 counties not above historic US Australia and outlook it learned that she didn't know before about Iowans about New Hampshire and knew what what has surprised you were heads can kind of captivated your imagination wolf we'll what has made me. So optimistic about our future is that most Americans remain optimistic. Right but they want us to solve problems they're just tired of all this partisanship. BS when they see partisanship what they see is people who were not putting them first. And that's what most vehicle ran on where you go to these 99 counties so many small towns have lost population they've lost jobs. The main employers have closed there's a talent terrain there's an opportunity drink they want someone who'll put deer needs first. In an unstoppable this partisanship. So someone like myself who's a problem solver is what most Americans. Are looking for my campaign in some ways is about reestablishing the center. Right because I think we've allowed. In many ways the loudness voices in the room on each side of the dial to hold the rest of the country hostage. Our thanks again John Delaney of Maryland running for president one of the 23 SP closely watched later in next month that the first debate taking place down in Miami.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney talks President Trump, North Korea and climate change. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63331175","title":"1-on-1 with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-presidential-candidate-john-delaney-63331175"}