2nd week of impeachment hearings comes to a close

Nine witnesses testified and provided details about the infamous phone call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president.
5:08 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for 2nd week of impeachment hearings comes to a close
OK we begin in Washington did you watch the last three days of televised hearings damning testimony from nine a separate witnesses this as house Democrats try to convince the American public. Presidents from abused his power for personal political gain so to get the recap on how all of this went down. I want to bring in captain baldor is on Capitol Hill and having seen as the likely terror at the White House. And Catherine I'll start with you because after a lot seeing a three straight days I just wanna hear from you what stands out from these witnesses in your opinion. OK Kimberly so we just wrapped up forty hours public testimony with these witnesses coming forward and I think. The big takeaways here are a few things one we learned. Much more about Rudy Giuliani his role and it some witnesses said that they believed that Giuliani was speaking on behalf of the president so. And their mind that these orders about Ukraine policy work coming directly from the president now. Importantly the EU ambassador Gordon silent he. Testified of course that his dealings with Ukraine and then you heard Fiona hill yesterday she's the president's former top. Russia expert she was testifying about all of these different. A channels on Ukraine and her frustration with the what's the perhaps it's that that's me about her testimony. Is she said and that she believes that Gordon someone they and the EU ambassador was. Quote running this domestic political era and that there was no concern. Over foreign policy now the other big take a way to meet. Was somber and kept saying and that everybody was quote in the loop in the administration that he wasn't a rogue actor acting on his and he got emails Kimberly to be hearing he should email that he sent about Ukraine policy that included. People like they're acting chief of staff and it Bellini secretary of state might pump hail all of these people who has said that they've only had no involvement in it that's significant to me because and that's ties. Add to the administration other people who we haven't heard from the White House is blocking who would have direct. Access to this. Information now one other point I do want to make is there's. Obviously that much testimony about the holdup of eight. And what that was conditioned upon now we do know that president trump gave the order to hold the aid but we don't know yet what we haven't heard from witnesses is the motivations behind now and whether it was to her a political patina. Any in as I just wanna turn to you for a second here. Because obviously this will not a good look for the GOP how are they responding to this they've been trying to spin this for awhile. That's right and that's other trying to figure out so we know that White House officials senior White House officials including some of the president's. Close is legal advisors actually met with a group of Republican senators. On Thursday to figure out their strategy going forward when it comes to his senate impeachment trial and we know that lawmakers here. Are split over what to do next and we know there are some like senator Lindsey Graham who are pushing. For a shorter said it trials as a trial they could be as short as two weeks they say they kind of wanna get impeachment overweight they're confident the president not gonna be removed for Bobbitt. They wanna get it over with they want to get back to policy making and to focusing on its one. Political damage to the president on the flip side you have some more pushing for a long drawn out process they say that the president hasn't been able to bring his case to the American people he hasn't been able to defend himself so they want him. To be able to bring in witnesses an evidence. And and show that in their view he did nothing wrong here so we'll see what happens there the president was asked about all of this on the FOX & Friends this morning he said he doesn't want a trial and he says he wants to bring in a couple witnesses he says he wants to bring in the whistle blower. An ad in shift that he wants to quit is Adam Schiff with regards to what he knew and and and president from believes that Adam Schiff. I panic conspired with the whistle blower here since he wants to be able to interviewed both those witness says. I during that senate trial. And Catherine and I mean as a evangelists and there are some people that we haven't heard from from the the witnesses that we have been able to hear from you think that's enough. For the American public to sort of draw their conclusions. Question I mean Democrats. Certainly think that they have enough evidence especially if there's an article of impeachment. On obstruction but as an asthma sang the one key witness here there's a lot of key witnesses but what one of the ones who you know still is up in the air maybe he may be welcome and is. The former national security advisor a John Bolton the White House has blocked him. He was hoping to join onto a court case did to get a ruling as to whether. He had to appear bit but he's come up a lot and test the nanny and his lawyer has actually. Where in the latter saying that Bolden. Has a lot of information that he was in on a lot of these meetings and some meaning that we haven't even heard about yet so a bit of a teaser there and you saw those tweets that he's been swimming out this morning kind of living maintaining a little bit. Wondering if perhaps a come out on Twitter and and say something about math. All right so no more hearings for now so we'll have to see what happens next someone a thank Catherine fall hasn't seen as the secretary thank you guys for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Nine witnesses testified and provided details about the infamous phone call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67231069","title":"2nd week of impeachment hearings comes to a close","url":"/Politics/video/2nd-week-impeachment-hearings-close-67231069"}