4th Democratic presidential debate held in Ohio

A look at the big topics covered at the debate and the most interesting exchanges.
5:00 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for 4th Democratic presidential debate held in Ohio
I write question for everyone did you watch the debate last night it was a Ford. Democratic primary to made hosted by CNN in the New York Times and westar bill Ohio twelve candidates on the stage this time. And a number of exchanges that got a little tense of take a look. I will not sign a bill into law. That does not lower costs for middle class families a yes or no question that didn't get a yes or no answer your signature senators to have a plan for everything. Except this. No plan has been laid out to explain how all multi trillion dollar hole. In this Medicare for all plan that senator Warner's putting forward is supposed to get filled again I appreciate it was best work but again. But the difference between a plan and a paid to rain is something that you can actually get done. The slaughter going on in Syria is not a consequence. Of American presence it's a consequence of a withdrawal Eddie betrayal. By this president of American allies and American bouts. He's so really what you're saying. Mayor key is that you would continue to support having US troops. In Syria for an indefinite period of time dirty you can put an end to endless war without embracing Donald Trump Alan regime is doing viewers to question what we're doing an analyst Laura for a lot yeah mine regime change war I agreed with. The great job she did and I want on the floor and got you votes. I've got culture that bill. I convince people to vote for so let's get those things straight to. I am deeply grateful. To President Obama who fought so hard to make sure. The agency west's passed into law. All right so are Rachel Scott was there. Both born during and after this debate and she joins us now with the latest. Racial. What do you feel like was that issue the conversation that dominated the stage last night. Secondly I think I might be the last woman standing here in Questar valve. But I got you what I did tell you what can fly is you do not about that much was in impeachment because. I'm not subject there really is no debate about it every single candidate on that stage last night all twelve. Agree and support the impeachment inquiry against. The Donald Trump about what issue that wasn't relevant with health care because of much of the for the fight for Democrats to beat president trump and 20/20. It is also a battle over the future of the Democratic Party. And that is one of the biggest abides. In the Democratic Party right now this issue of health care on one side you have progressives like senator Bernie Sanders an Elizabeth Warren supporting Medicare for all that. Near people to judge. Britain at the break up version of that Medicare for all for those who wanted and you have folks like Joseph Biden who want to expand the ECA the Affordable Care Act of aaron's so you saw those testy exchanges last night Warren. Taking a lot of heat for not answering one question on whether or not taxes will go up in the middle class under Medicare for all she hasn't made a promise that. No tax no taxes will go upper middle class families under any of her plans. But that is not her plant that is senator Bernie Sanders plant and even he admits that taxes from middle class and weld a lap. Although overall costs will go down Kimberly. Yang and Rachel do you think that she was getting most of the he'd because she is leading the polls she is the front runner right now. Well there is no denying that the senator Elizabeth Warren has certainly received a lot of momentum she's one of the only candidate that has seen a steady surge all summer now trickling. Into the fall I actually just touch base with her campaign just now a campaign official tells me that they believe she got so much of that heat last night because of that moments and then we've seen happen. In debates before right the first debate Joseph Biden took the brunt of most of those attacks and last night it was Elizabeth Warren's turn what was remarkable though is that she was able to stay on message for the most part they are even while fending off those attacks. Overall we counted six teen separate attacks from her democratic rivals on that stage last night at definitely a sign that they see her at the threat Kimberly. Again we can't leave without talking about Bernie Sanders. In the way that he handled on how his health is doing now. Yeah that's correct age was certainly discussion on that stage but for senator Bernie Sanders it was the first time the first public appearance in stepping back into the ring after that heart attack. And he need clear that he is up to the task he wanted to reassure voters last night that he can handle it that he is all in. And so that is going to carry forth this week. Senator Bernie Sanders will be holding a big rally in New York. And this comes as well we're hearing of two key progressive endorsements for senator Sanders. Congresswoman. Alexander real costs you'll quartet is is expected to endorse the senator so according to two campaign. Officials. And represented Belmont home or as well aid launching her support. Behind his bid for the White House. All right Rachel Scott last month standing in west you know thank you for joining us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"A look at the big topics covered at the debate and the most interesting exchanges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66321825","title":"4th Democratic presidential debate held in Ohio","url":"/Politics/video/4th-democratic-presidential-debate-held-ohio-66321825"}