52 million Americans have already voted, shattering records

With 11 days to go before Election Day, six states have already surpassed 1 million in-person votes as people continue to wait hours in line to cast their ballot.
2:46 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for 52 million Americans have already voted, shattering records
The virus, the impact on lives, families and the economy, front and center. Record voting, as I mentioned, more than 52 million votes already cast. That's 5 million more than all of the early vote four years ago. What's driving some voters? Tonight we hear from them. Here's Rachel Scott from the key battleground of Florida. Reporter: Tonight, with just 11 days to go, record-shattering turnout across the country. More than 52 million Americans have already voted. Voters today in Virginia trying to stay cool. In South Carolina, this man waiting an hour and a half to I'm fine. I'm fine with the wait. I'm retired so what the hell. I have the time. Reporter: And in California, election officials unsealing thousands of ballots, preparing them to be counted on election day. Tonight, six states already surpassing 1 million in-person votes. Texas topping the early voting list with more than 6 million cast. Across the state, curbside voting. Cars packing into parking lots. Here in the battleground state of Florida, the president touching down to rally senior citizens. Tomorrow morning, I'm voting here as opposed to sending it in. You know, those mail-ins. I like being able to vote. I'm old fashioned, I guess. Reporter: As residents headed to polls with their minds already made up. I voted for president Donald Trump. I volt voted on the Biden Harris ticket. Reporter: Older voters are more likely to turn out and have leaned Republican in every presidential election since 2004. But in the final stretch, seniors appear to be shifting towards Biden. In the nation's largest retirement community, these registered Republicans tell me they're backing the former vice president and that last night's debate did little to move the needle. He's done too much damage in this country. Reporter: How would you rate the president's handling of the pandemic? Is there a number less than Let's get to Rachel Scott. You're in the villages where the president just wrapped up a both the president and Joe Biden know how crucial this state is and some of the recent polling shows the race tightening between these two, Rachel. Reporter: The trump campaign knows if they lose the state of Florida they are likely to lose the entire election, but in the final stretch of the campaign, the president is on defense, spending most of his time campaigning in states like Florida that he won in 2016. Tomorrow, former president Obama will be here in Florida campaigning for Joe Biden. As we watch the voters leave the trump rally. Rachel Scott, thank you. With early voting under way across the country and so much concern how to vote safely during this pandemic, our partners at 538 put together the guide. Go to abcnews.com/wntvote2020. We are learning a teenager is

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"With 11 days to go before Election Day, six states have already surpassed 1 million in-person votes as people continue to wait hours in line to cast their ballot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73796528","title":"52 million Americans have already voted, shattering records","url":"/Politics/video/52-million-americans-voted-shattering-records-73796528"}