Acting ICE chief defends agents: 'We're not Nazis'

ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence says fervent political activism put his front-line agents at risk.
2:18 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Acting ICE chief defends agents: 'We're not Nazis'
You continually have politicians and media bill fighting sworn federal law forced officers that are doing their patriotic duty many of our officers or our military veterans and they were. A third of our workforce of veterans' they were heroes before the universe put on that. And they're forcing these laws to the best of their ability. But when you have people going out there knowing full well that. We don't want concentration camps. That ice doesn't put kids in cages. That were not Nazis. Enforcing a law and order signed by federal judge on this those kind that that's kind of language and that kind of rhetoric. That results. In people. Who may not be of them of sound mind doing things like. Shooting bullets into a nice facility in San Antonio Texas almost hitting one of my agents or trying to blow to detention facility. And hurt the individuals of their working in those facilities as well the detaining that are contained therein. Indeed much more useful. And with my what my goals for news is to put the facts other people want to have a debate about what. Immigration enforcement should be and those in congress have every ability to change the laws that they don't like them. But they don't have the ability and not let them make up room fax. Anybody assistance as we run concentration and can go to our website. Look artist in the senate we have let more cameras in to a detention facilities both families facilities. And it also is in the past six weeks than in the past six years let them go in there and NC and then we'll see that there clean safe humane environments. That are. People are being detained by us. Again most times as required by congress. Are being kept in environments which are safe for them. They're being afforded their full due process rights while they're there they have access to attorneys. Full medical. If recreational and educational options all these things that we provide these individuals. While they're here and in the country in our care and custody. But not concentration camps we're not Nazis and it doesn't help anybody. Maybe a few in the political class that want to get some sound bites on on the nightly news. To do that when it does do is put our officers or risk. There should be no reason why any of our personnel are subjected to threats. For force in laws that congress holds.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence says fervent political activism put his front-line agents at risk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65725039","title":"Acting ICE chief defends agents: 'We're not Nazis'","url":"/Politics/video/acting-ice-chief-defends-agents-nazis-65725039"}