African American voters speak out on 2020 race

ABC News Live talks to black Atlanta voters on what they look for in a candidate and the state of politics today.
9:14 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for African American voters speak out on 2020 race
The race for 20/20 now and a closer look today at the battle among the democratic candidates pretty critical African American vote no Democrat in recent history has won the nomination of that party. Without winning a majority of the black vote the candidates this week in Atlanta for that fifth democratic debate honed their pitches. To that community. But are they breaking through to as Joseph Biden have the critical black vote locked up why isn't there are more excitement for the other candidates. And how is it that this important democratic voting bloc. Isn't feeling excited about this race just over two months before those phone first votes are cast well we took a road trip around Atlanta. To find out. There's nothing or you. What's at stake. This coming election. Oh nothing lessens so you. And yeah. Joseph Biden's support network. Yes I am flatten them there's a chance. I think vice president the foods where you're from its connection to Barack. A big question is who could win. And take a long. 16100. To get someone and the White House to get shopper. It's my. On the outlook that's your hello. Yes the consequences defeating trump. Who do you have do you think someone is in the field right now that can do that. A lot of also willing to work until and meaning. I'm what's the hesitation well and needs somebody like the people who did sheds the mayor of South Bend, Indiana could pitcher who is. Who do you think people I think he took I think a lot. Somehow. Elections have consequences of your little luck yet your world. All right if you decide. They'll think it's OK what about Joseph Biden is somebody that's top of the polls most African Americans say he's the guy here you in that camp. Some could get behind these great picture hesitated. Because I'm still think. It what do you think about Elizabeth Warren she somebody that you that you were interested in. Very strong headed I don't know be young fellow plowed through through. Three going to work but few hours. How much I loved pummeled them. Program talking about what what's the most important issue for years of voters generally hardening of the husband built here. Then are they really know moment. Didn't talk about the home. Politics and these are intertwined here in the heart of historic path. Atlanta a top priority is Beatty Donald Trump but many of its African American community sake. They're not sure who the best candidate is. A. Look at that there is taking advantage. Is that. Adam how to edit please and parades couple days and bad that defense three issues and that man. Flash community and. And then again and then. They're still ahead. 11100 candidates running for president. As as people trapped that should keep them so why can't Paul Patrick. Deval Patrick and Bloomberg joined last week great and so it feels a lot of does a lot of ways that it's shaped. Continues to move. People's feet and it. That is why no clear front runner hasn't managed because we don't know who's that I saw in the campaign against Tulsa this part of the city. And a lot of ways Auburn avenue connects. Past Atlanta as a civil right history with its teachers. Black Mecca at each and that Atlanta has been known how critical is the African American vote in the democratic. Decisive it it is in fact yes particularly. Source that actually around the country and the candidate that dad's passed that let him back. Black. A I'm it. We'll likely meet him. And went so isn't that Joseph Biden these guys double digit heavy softened. Among African American ward got locked down. You're not convinced it's game over Joseph Biden is. And now as critical as African American voters are in this democratic primary it's clear here in Atlanta the candidates have a lot of work to. Probably latest. Press. That I. Classes. Mutual life. And friends attend them honest he is also little candidacy. On this person ultimately people to judge. He's. He's on neutered him. Yeah Indiana Indiana is a Ken Pollack has a little bit. So aggressive cuts was with Hussein and I think you're an American candidates in the race pummeling parents Corey Booker and they get appellate look at the business managers can't get pike but it isn't kept. Someone here Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren group. Holly with the Portland. Doing health care. I'm finding that women that I worked with on the lifeboats. And outside through this podcast so we talked a lot about issues that matter to us. And when I'm finding is that black women in particular are uninspired. I think there's reason that black women like myself are not yet excited is because we're hearing about. Now we here just about. Platinum injured. Education got to be top of the list behind them. The seventh grader at public education is clinical and Elisabeth thing I'm doing that today. What issues are most. Are you better here. This is the critical time in this election to talk about things that matter. We want to be excited we want to show up there's some of us didn't matter who's on the ballot we're going to sell out and vote because it's that clinical. But if you want to be the democratic nominee and you have assignments and you got to make some investments in terms. Your messaging but so many black majority of black voters say polls across the board at chilled by. It's the best pick to be the nominee I have a lot of respect for. Vice President Biden I think that he and President Obama did some incredible things during their tenure. But you have to be running on more than that all elections are about turnout right. And we know the difference between having someone that we're excited about inspired by day. Vs someone is his voting for it because it's anti someone else. I've received have to leave them Waxman's of the cars. Love that we are deserving of a candidate whose start was. All right thanks to our producers John Schlossberg and Kate Fallon for that piece.

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"ABC News Live talks to black Atlanta voters on what they look for in a candidate and the state of politics today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67240707","title":"African American voters speak out on 2020 race","url":"/Politics/video/african-american-voters-speak-2020-race-67240707"}