Looking ahead to Joe Biden’s path forward in upcoming primaries

ABC News’ Chief Political Analyst Matt Dowd and former Hillary Clinton Political Director Amanda Renteria discuss the candidate's chances of scoring the Democratic Party’s nomination.
3:56 | 03/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Looking ahead to Joe Biden’s path forward in upcoming primaries
For more online Biden had such a big night and what that means the race going forward let's bring an ABC news political analyst Matt Dowd and former Hillary Clinton political director Amanda ran to Rea. So welcome both of you to the show is still lightning round here and that Amanda what are your top takeaways from last night now let's start with you. The first one is that when you look at money machine and momentum. You that you ought to choose momentum. And as we saw in the last two weeks that if the money and time Styron ammonium Michael Bloomberg the money of Bernie Sanders made it had no real impact Joseph and Joseph Biden. Basically spent no money in half the states that were held yesterday in almost one every single one of the states. He spent no money and so that's the other one. Be that one of them the other thing is. In this race is as we have a tendency to look at. Different people model ethically and we're finding out that it's just not the right way to do we shouldn't let look at African Americans model ethically we should look at. Latino or Latina as monolithic way we should look at white voters monolith the plea because if you look at the cross tabs and and bake break them out. I'm there's much more of a generational backer breakdown on this then there is a a pet ethnic background so. Those are my two big takeaways there's a hundred great takeaways from this but. This is a comeback story this isn't mr. comeback kid this is Lazarus. What hazards are in a man and tough night certainly for Elizabeth Warren today are campaign says it she is. Assessing the situation so it he'll put your campaign hat on for a shot what do you think the internal conversations in her campaign might look like today. You know every candidate goes through what is my path to victory how can I get there and for her it really is how do I make sure my plans go forward she has spent so much time. Building each of those plans very carefully and where does she think she can really move forward on those and so obviously the campaign is taking some time. I agree with you on the earlier segment when you said it's unclear where all for voters are gonna go I think that's right I think there will be a very. Good base interest in England and Biden around and others interest in going in the Santa's route so it's not this is not an easy choice for her. And men in Texas turn out there outpaced 2016 by far should Republicans be feeling uneasy today as they look ahead to November in the possibility of that state. Going purple. Well I think they were feeling uneasy starting in 2016 when did Donald Trump only be Hillary Clinton by a single digit in the state and then. When batch or Rourke almost unseated came very close to unseating Ted Cruz in the state this is a state. That was a democratic state became a Republican state is now trending back. To be more of a swing state. Added that Democrats here picked up house seats in 2018 they picked up congressional seats and Forney eighteen so. I think they have a concern and if the Republicans now determined that Texas is a swing state it makes it very very difficult for them. To compete in the other traditional swing state so yes I think they are concerned and should be concerned. Amanda hadn't met sandy you know in general and the different groups are not a monolith but let's talk about the role of diversity and what how that played across the country last night biting dominated with blacks and older voters and Sanders. One Latinos in used by large margin so how the eventual nominee bring those blocks to their base. Feel as I looked through the data I was surprised to see the generational gap is actually true throughout every single group whether it's our African American voters are Latino voters. You see the young folks going for us Sanders and morally older folks going with Biden you also saw that in the endorsements as well and so whom ever goes forward. You've got to be thinking how are you gonna bring that generation gap. How you to close at forty continue to excite people and we all know that the primary count looks very different than the general and we've got to make sure that we have some excitement. In this race as we going to point one because it is gunning going to be intense snowed out. All right thank you both men and Amanda.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"ABC News’ Chief Political Analyst Matt Dowd and former Hillary Clinton Political Director Amanda Renteria discuss the candidate's chances of scoring the Democratic Party’s nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69398826","title":"Looking ahead to Joe Biden’s path forward in upcoming primaries","url":"/Politics/video/ahead-joe-bidens-path-forward-upcoming-primaries-69398826"}