Alabama city elects first African American mayor

Steven Reed is the first African American to be elected mayor of Montgomery, Ala.
3:48 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for Alabama city elects first African American mayor
Historic milestone we want to take note of today the city of Montgomery Alabama the State Capitol. In that state with its dual history of slavery and Jim Crow also. Being the birthplace of the civil rights movement this week elected the first African American mayor in that city's 200 year history. And Stephen Reid joins me now via Skype from Montgomery mayor reed it is great to see you congratulations on your victory. Has the victory sung in an am what do you make of the history of this moment for your city. There and I thank you for having me. Is a pleasant is being reviewed daily the mayor led the Montgomery Alabama. It is not son Kansas yet has been a whirlwind since late Tuesday night we. We're declared the winner and we've been going. Fast for pretty much since then but I think the historical significance of this is not lost on me. Nor my campaign would we start to understand is we're knocking on doors and as we're talking to people in churches. I community centers and just out. I in the streets here bow. What this election was was really. And Bob dealers was important to them what we wanted to do to maintain. All of the opportunities vehicle that type of narrative who want to create. For the city among governments so. Of being born and raised in Montgomery I understand it I got a better lesson and it throughout the course of this campaign and I realize. You know what amazes so many people across this country. You know I was stunned to learn that Montgomery was one of just three major cities in the deep south that has not had an African American. Mayor in its history obviously you can cross Montgomery off the list now but I'm what to what took so long. Yeah isn't paid a number of events I think really there's been some systemic things that have been in place. Always had not help are holding efforts here I think we've been very. Archaic and our approach to voting we don't have early voting we don't make it I accessible as much is recent and our relative to other communities I also think that in the past we tried to navigate that they Avalon oh racial all. Politics in this and so whether or not electing a black mayor might be actually worse when the city didn't stand with a man here. That may not have been doing 101. Of them to do I think the last couple may have had had been you know billions of people. But I think there always is are a little bit different than mine and I think we were able to capitalize on the fact that. Are we get the message and we had need to momentum through catapult us in this race we thought that Tom was right. And probably let's just say this right to your first requested. Is not lost on me dead and 1619 the pros laser brought this country and an 1819. Other city among Germans founded and now it's win I think we're we're getting our first black mayor so that does have a lot of significance to me. And I certainly understand the importance of that. And though when you start today and with the other issue that I mention. I think Knowles says those that would plays the mindset that was employees. Really helped his back for some time. Because the city of Birmingham elected his first black mayor. In 97 not so. Alabama has seen that big cities and how embarrassing that the Montgomery says there's been an out liar in that case. But in and out liar no more elect teen use Stephen Reid is the new mayor of Montgomery Alabama the city's first. African American mayor and its 200 year history of storied history. Mixed history slavery Jim Crow obviously civil rights history as well and those many years thank you so much for coming on the brief and sharing your story good block any of a lot of work ahead EU. I'm mr. mayor hope to see you back percentile on ABC news five. Thank you so much every day.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Steven Reed is the first African American to be elected mayor of Montgomery, Ala.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66195108","title":"Alabama city elects first African American mayor","url":"/Politics/video/alabama-city-elects-african-american-mayor-66195108"}