Andrew Cuomo Tells the Democratic National Convention That His Father, Mario Cuomo, Loved Being a Democrat

The New York governor criticizes Donald Trump's rhetoric, saying "fear is not strength, fear is weakness."
15:17 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Andrew Cuomo Tells the Democratic National Convention That His Father, Mario Cuomo, Loved Being a Democrat
Thank you. Thank you. Good evening. There's a great convention or loud. I would like to begin. With your permission I'd like to begin this evening. By acknowledging. My father. Who we lost last year. He was a twelve year governor of the great State of New York Mario Cuomo. He gave me. A keynote speech he's been 1984 Democratic Convention. That for many people define the values. And the principles of the Democratic Party and instructed me on how to leave my professional life. I date as an elected official. And he loved being Democrat. He spoke about the 1984. Election. And the 1984 election was important because there was a crowd. Tool opposing philosophies. More than two people. Even more pro family at stake this November. Is not what it's personal party wins or loses. At stake in this election my friends is the very soul of America. Now. Last week we heard. The Republicans laid out their strategy. I mean unfortunately. It offered no new solutions. But it's clear that there line. It's did fan the flames of fear and took off first scapegoat for all our problems. That's mom can't. The trump campaign is marketing a great distraction. Using people's fear and anxiety to drive news ratings. That message comes down to beds. Be afraid of people who are different. Be afraid of different religions and different colored and different languages. Stop emigration. And they believe the nation will automatically rise. It's not right. It's the best. It's the illusion no. And we need mod and suppose the thrown to the people love that name him. Now. Republicans. Republicans those suffering from short term memory loss. Unless the Republicans are all native Americans. Then they are immigrants do. If we listen to the Republicans. They would cut this nation in half and turn one against the other. It would take our greatest strength. Woods is out diversity. And it wouldn't make it a weakness. And we are not going to let that happen to wall or America. Now my friends. Here is a powerful weapon. It can excite and motivate you can't get people to Yemen this Bernie beer can even bring you into power. But fear has never created a job. And fear has never articulated a child and he had never have been Oklahoma. And beer was never about their community and feel will not look. And then sit. And let them remember. When they faced fear. Fear is not strain. Fear is weakness. I know my back power allowing you yeah I'll. Our America is never a week. Republicans. Republicans say they want to make America great again. They say they want to take us back to the old days the good old days. I want to know what good old days that they want to take this back still. They want to take has backed up Florida's civil rights that. Is backed up for minimum wage and were Debra Jackson. Part of they want because back up former Rhode be way. Well we have a different vision when not going back. Wind blowing hard. Very savvy. They say they want to make America a greater than ever apple corps. Reads today. You haven't seen any yet. You'll watch what. You'd think that marriage goes right now. You think America are as great now imagine how great America has been me when every job. Richie and pool our Ed fully educated to their god given. Beyond it. Right now he has gone through we are to education system. Not public and private but rich and more. And you go to a stronger Rick Snyder. And then we'll show you how in the first grade. All the children are on laptop computers. And you go to school to school on the course I'd have to have. I you'll see the most sophisticated use of electronic equipment at the metal detector that you walk through on the way to the classroom. That had not. Haiti every child the equally. You thing. You think America is the wrong. I imagine how strong we will be when we threw only he. Martin Luther King's wish them. And we judge people like nonsense doesn't Carriker and knocked on Earth Day. Imagine how strong we woke. When we hundreds. Her greatest needs is the one that is enjoyed by the most people at that table. I'm not didn't have strong we will pay. When our government has this drink to fight for freedom. But the intelligence and hope got the strongest form letter word is not hate but love. Am. We know where you know what the Republicans will say. The Republicans was Edward of those Democrats. That Johnson dreamers. That they can't make it happen. Well maybe we are dreamers. But we are also due rulers have beyond left it and nation from the president. JFK and launched our mission to the moon LBJ and acted voting rights for all Americans. Bradley in an Obama of the leather jacket comrades. Books were. The cure in America and and I. And merry go home home wouldn't dream of two. But out progressive government is working in New York. We raised them. Com waged a fifteen dollars the highest. And Williams. We enacted paid. Today. We armory building on middle class and we're working here. And went on the night labor because them. Bono did just. We offered. We are protecting the environment by banning wacky legal. Now we. A. We've we've fought the NRA. And we want. I'm and we are outlawed assault weapons they keep them. Man who are. But soon it did. And we passed marriage of equality agenda. And we did it. Not because the Supreme Court said. We must lead the lady. But because people believed we sort of morally. Now. You cannot dream. These are realities. Progressive government works and we prove that progressive government works. And we did. Leaving anyone behind and without leaving anyone out. Because we believe that we are all into connected and we are all the related. We faced almost alone all we all bond. We say that there are deplored that connects you do you do you do me. I'm not scored weave the fabric. I'm when one of dozens braved we are already been when one of us is love what we are all lower. The Republicans say I'll be. You know community can't work. But we know we can and we know it well and we've seen it happen. And we've seen it up close. Fifty years ago. On September 11. We still have that then we saw this drops it and we storm unimaginable. Horror and cruelty. But we also saw something else my friends. We saw this nation come together like it'd never come together folklore. We were not Texans in California Arizona New Yorkers. We were Americans. We weren't Democrats and Republicans and independents. We we're Americans. We weren't Muslims and Christians are. We were Americans. We want. Why. Brown we will red and white and boom. Right. In that moment we all long. And we achieved community. And we with the for each other and we were they had their way up and leave it there. We cried together we mourn together and then we got up and we rebuild they gather. And that North America at its best. Today. Today the freedom flowers stands taller than ever before. And needed no monument. Though the fact that when this company comes together they ever had nothing we can accomplish. And there is not. We can't know. We say. Eve more pleasant wound. I got maybe one that is our founding premise it is our enduring promise. And that is our goal for this nation. And Hillary. The person doesn't make got. Our reality. Now. I spent eight years in the Clinton administration and our work when Hillary Clinton every day. I've been all over. With her I've seen during that strategy that's scenery in the good days I've seen her in a bad day. She stood on the world stage and she glad that human rights women's rights and women's rights are human rights. Seaport my health care for all Americans. I secretary of state she repaired America's reputation. Worldwide. And my friend. She won't just shattered the glass ceiling. On my daughters and your daughters and verbal provide a new role model. Burning tire new generation of women. She also have. The qualifications. That he would as an informant of course toward this nation. She would unify not goodbye. And she will move. Oh lord again. One that's why we must made Hillary. Then next. These united. And last point my friend. That was the accident. Of my father's message in 1984. And that message. Is timeless. My father was the keynote speaker. For this nation's better angels. And he was beautiful. And tonight mop. Wherever you are. And I think I know where. At this time of fear please help this country remember what truly makes the grade. That we are one nation. Under god. Indivisible. With the let ready. Just beds flow. Back.

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{"duration":"15:17","description":"The New York governor criticizes Donald Trump's rhetoric, saying \"fear is not strength, fear is weakness.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40975860","title":"Andrew Cuomo Tells the Democratic National Convention That His Father, Mario Cuomo, Loved Being a Democrat","url":"/Politics/video/andrew-cuomo-tells-democratic-national-convention-father-mario-40975860"}