Anthony Scaramucci on why he chose to stand by Trump

"He was going to win," the former White House communications director told "The View."
5:18 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Anthony Scaramucci on why he chose to stand by Trump
This is what I don't understand black we've spent the morning with you. Did you are Smart. You are Harvard lawyer. You are well informed I do not understand. How you can support someone who says that they can grab women by their giant. Hoops who says. Who insults the disabled. Who runs this campaign on racial resentment and Dolores who lies to the American copies all. Who had a Justice Department settlement. Against him for not wanting black people in his buildings. How can someone like you supported somewhat I don't Emmons who. Or 500 feet to distance himself from the Charlottesville. Racists don't. We're gonna answer please. But you guys are not gonna like my answer but that's okay I'm when he unity anywhere that. He was gonna win. And I saw that and animal by running out of time but those quick story when I what got you see that I'm gonna tell you I sought it was may 23. 2016 I boarded a plane at LaGuardia Airport trust trump force one we were heading for Tom barracks house and violated due the first fund raiser miniature tonight. Lew Eisenberg we landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I took my Secret Service to date pin off because that's where were they gonna start shooting would shoot me took it off. I went up around the security perimeter. And I went into the audience and I started shaking hands with the people weary from why are you here what are you doing and people were desperate. My father had a job at the factory for 25 years I was working there for twelve years I just lost my job. I'm at the Loews pork time I'm working at the Domino's Pizza delivery at night I've got three children money BT court. Ladies and gentlemen we've lost 70000. Factory since we signed NAFTA where do you agree with math where you disagree with NAFTA it cause an economic dislocation. In the society and telling half. Looking at I'm going I'm going one person to the next. And it's dawning on me oh my god the country's separating like he did ET ninety to 1912. It's separating in if we don't I was there by the way. And straight into that way and look better now you look good in control. But but the but the point I'm making is if we don't agree nit the social fabric of this country and force or the lower and middle class. We are in trouble and now Unita like me answer. I knew we was going to win. I really felt it my way or she might win him votes but he became the president he's the air I have like president. It really do I change the rules and gave me but let British yeah exported just finish the answer so. They said okay Mike got if I can somehow help incrementally. Whatever the flaws or this man and we all our flaws when simply may have a phone book of them for myself. But over the flaws or. I wanna beat air is an American patriot to try to help them aren't you listen listen. Aren't you currently sit in has -- I would say I would say that I'm not because I don't agree with everything that he says and hype I think him when when George Stephanopoulos one of your colleagues talked about the straws Phil Singer said there's no -- equivocation on Nazis. OK I believe in the rainbow. Did you know or believe in Iran will come on like ElBaradei and auditing I have I have audit I'm pro gay marriage mostly guys don't know that. I spent fifteen years in the gay marriage community. Pushing gay marriage in New York State to make sure that my friends that are gay had the opportunity and I have is true. Liberty of the Pacific. Since the declaration actually straight puzzle. What we don't understand what you backing I don't get it you don't need Schilling told and he is only TV is some slot a seat at the table so that they want oh and meeting that was there really good he said I'd rather know this fact has Smart people like me around him but he's got a rabbit I wanna be at the told us this morning I don't I'm going into that year I just I think that we need more people in the room you that I wanted more Smart people around and there are going up why there's another present. Since its anyway I resist I took a lot of weren't doing okay that. Now there happen. I say something funny freeze effect. Now have when they went a President Obama was president I'm a Republican number one never attacked him personally. Number two and I was overseas are on the air never said any disrespectful the American president. Number three when he when he invited me in eye off them when into the White House and they asked my opinion I keep it to him. In a collaboration. We are not doing that right now OK we are polarized. And we are killing each other. And I'm gonna take a right only alike to present you don't like the president we got to meet somewhere in the middle to get things done for the American people we have. Five and a half seven year you don't know. It was still here. Up up up up without a guy who are you gonna be here baby. You told going to be here and listen and when rocket man and don't try get together I want him rot away though that was close to upset when he went to hang and hang your family also for being so lovingly. That's very I think.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"\"He was going to win,\" the former White House communications director told \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50029443","title":"Anthony Scaramucci on why he chose to stand by Trump","url":"/Politics/video/anthony-scaramucci-chose-stand-trump-50029443"}