Anthony Weiner Addresses Re-Emerging Sexting Scandal

New York City mayoral candidate says the inappropriate messages he sent are in the past.
9:55 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Anthony Weiner Addresses Re-Emerging Sexting Scandal
Good. Good afternoon my name is Anthony Weiner democratic candidate for mayor of the city of New York. Have said that other text and photos were likely to come out. And today they have as -- -- in the past these things that I did wrong and hurtful to my wife and cause us to go through many challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from congress. While some of the things that are posted today are true and some are not there is no question -- what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me I've apologized to my wife whom and I'm grateful that he isn't she has worked through these issues with. Had her forgiveness. I want to again they have very started to anyone who has received -- with receiving and these messages and the destruction that this could cause. And my wife decided instead my wife and I think. Moving forward together. To some degree with. 49 days left until primary day. Perhaps I'm surprised that more things to come out sooner. I'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. -- in many ways things are not that much different than they -- yesterday. This behavior that I did was problematic if to say the least destructive. To stay the most -- many stresses and strains and my marriage. But I'm pleased and -- she has given me. A second chance for the past several months I've been asking New Yorkers. Who also give me another chance. Who showed and that I had envisioned for the middle class -- threatened to make -- -- and I wanted to move forward. It is perfectly reasonable for people to ask about this chapter in my life to be curious about it and I mean it beat -- and try to answer those questions as best I can. -- -- is also perfectly understandable that all of you -- doing your job. -- here in these great numbers and I'm sure it's not just because of mayor form we're gonna have been a few minutes. But all that being said let me just reiterate. For my wife. How sorry I am that I do these things and -- -- am to the people that got these messages for any. Inconvenience or embarrassment -- false. Some have asked the question where does this fit in some. Timeline -- timeline of the continuum of resignation. But the resignation was not up points in time that was nearly as important to my wife -- -- as. The challenge is in our marriage and the challenges of the things that I had done. And working through them. Some of these things happen before. My resignation some of them happen. After -- but the fact is that that was also the time that my wife and I were working through some things and our marriage. I'm glad -- things are behind us I know that this was day. Very public thing that we had happened to us. But by no means does that change the fundamentals. Of my my feelings here and that is. That I want to bring my vision for the people of the city of New York. I hope they are willing to still continue to give me a second chance and I hope they realize that many ways. What happened today it was something that frankly had happened before but it doesn't represent all that much that is new. Now I have a chance to do something I haven't had a chance to do and on the campaign yet -- as you know has been out. There with me recently and that she had a few words she wants states. My amazing -- dramatic. And many of you who. -- follow this campaign. I've spent a good feel. On the campaign trail. Churches. And street fairs. Parade. But this is the first -- -- press conference and to it isn't very nervous. -- and I wanted to -- And -- When we faced this couple -- years ago. It was the beginning of -- time. Parents was very different. And it took us. Very long time to get there. Our marriage like many others. It's had its ups and downs. It took a lot of work. And a whole lot of their. To get to a place -- -- forgive him and that was not an easy choice. In anyway. But I made the decision. That it was -- -- it's. That was a decision made for me. For our son and for -- him. I know how it worked out. They didn't know that I wanted to give it a try. -- -- -- -- -- Both before -- I think congress and after. But I do very strongly believe that that is -- And our marriage. We discussed all of those before -- he decided for the from -- So really what I want to say this and want him. I have forgiven him had been losing him. And his he had sent from the beginning. We -- moving forward. Let's take one or two questions the -- I don't know that the government -- Or she knew all all. A long -- this process -- with more and more honest with her. I told her everything. Search and read this is something we knew. Going into decision about whether -- Our earth and analysts uses. This. This is entirely behind me was when we decide -- when I decided to get in and we have this conversation. That is why do you remember. In the early days of the campaign before pressing need for is there more out there I think yes I -- I sent an accident that there was and so. So to some degree this was something that we had in front of us -- -- -- knowledge that we. That we knew might come up and we decided that look this was something that we had worked through together. Something it put behind us -- something we wanted to to keep behind us but as I've. Said it's in our rearview mirror but it's not far we still work every day -- don't -- People knew better than I -- with the statement it was war out. It was war out there what can you. The -- history. It's -- as recent as August last year working. Yeah I think this is this. I said there were more things out there there were. This is you have as a fixed time for his resignation. As the important moment in the public discussion. That was when the public got a glimpse into something that we had been working on before. During and six and this behavior of mind was part of that. And when we. We went through this process and we became closer and work through through some of these challenges. This we put it behind us and I put it behind me and frankly weren't a lot better place today -- all but why would not run for -- yeah. Yeah. -- the last. -- kids I can't say exactly. Some time last summer. After People Magazine on your mind and artwork at -- -- and -- -- -- yes. Oh yeah. When you need those people want you to drop out of the rates I'm sure many of my -- -- job -- a news -- When. I didn't hear that you. Is that something for true on some things were true he -- enough. No I think -- that in my state and one of the things I'm not going to do and I said it to your newspaper -- I'm not gonna. Get into a back and forth with people who are releasing things whether they be true or not. People have a right to say whatever they want and -- were brought that upon myself. I am I'm -- not to dispute anything that is out there but suffice it to say. That people are out there saying things that the dad are that I that are are are not true what I. That's not the point I accept the responsibility. We're having these conversations with people who I never man. We're exchanging inappropriate things in the context of our marriage and that was mistaken I bear responsibility for. That is behind me and we're trying to move forward and we are recognized it's not going to be easy. We knew the moment we got into this race that he wasn't going to be easy but. I believe this is an important thing to -- yeah. All right you -- Why.

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{"duration":"9:55","description":"New York City mayoral candidate says the inappropriate messages he sent are in the past.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"19753417","title":"Anthony Weiner Addresses Re-Emerging Sexting Scandal","url":"/Politics/video/anthony-weiner-addresses-emerging-sexting-scandal-19753417"}